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SOTD: Broken – Falling in Reverse

New Music from Falling In Reverse

“Broken” was the first song announced off of Coming Home, the newest Falling in Reverse album, and was released on March 21st—about two weeks in advance of the full album. With such raw vocals, Ronnie Radke throws all of his feelings into this song, and the lyrics are truly captivating. “And even if the sky comes crashing down / Even if the world was ending now / We are the broken generation / It goes on and on and on”. Radke seems to be struggling with not only how his own life is playing out, but also how the people around him are living, going as far as to call those alive now “the broken generation”.

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Falling In Reverse Photos

Led by dynamic frontman Ronnie Radke, these Las Vegas rockers were one of the highlights at this year’s Vans Warped Tour In Orlando. You can read Philip Snyder’s review HERE.

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