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Panic In Eden – In the Company of Vultures

From the opening lick of the first single from Panic In Eden’s record In the Company of Vultures, It is clear that the swampy quintet is out to make a statement. The dirty fuzz of guitars sound louder than usual on a record that burns bright with the clearcut sound of raw energy. I guess it’s fitting that the band is from the grit of Los Angeles, the sound is vintage LA, but encapsulates a something that could be mid-70’s America. Three part harmonies, dual guitars, and an almost southern delivery, dare I say that it’s a rock n roll revival.

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Vans Warped Tour Interviews: Ghost Town

Ghost Town Interview: Kevin McCullough imploring Warped Tour crowd. Photo by Jackie Creedon.
Kevin McCullough imploring the Vans Warped Tour crowd. Photo by Jackie Creedon.

Ghost Town Interview

When I saw the Vans Warped Tour lineup reveal a few months ago at Full Sail University, one of the bands I was most interested in seeing was GHOST TOWN.  As luck would have it, the quirky last minute scheduling practice on the tour cost me that opportunity, as I was committed to interviewing another band at that time, but a few hours later, the tables were reversed and I got a chance to talk with singer Kevin McCullough and guitarist Alix Koochaki about their friends  on tour, their Ghostly fans, and their distinctive marriage of visual and audible art.

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All of Our Vans Warped Tour Band Photos

On a scorching day in Orlando, we bounced around from stage to stage and took hundreds of photos. Over the past two weeks, we shared some with our Facebook fans and a few collections here on our website. If you missed any of them, here’s your chance, as we have everything linked in one convenient spot.

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Sleeping With Sirens Warped Tour Pix

My first time seeing these lads from Las Vegas and they delivered a memorable set that had the crowd absolutely ecstatic. It was the most passionate I saw the crowd for any performance during the day, and these guys delivered a memorable, energy packed thirty minutes.

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Silversun Pick me Ups

If you haven’t seen a show at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall you don’t know what you’re missing, and if you went this past Sunday you were in for a real treat. The Silversun Pickups played to a sell out crowd, and played well they did!

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Top Grossing Tours Of 2015

For anyone wondering why so many aging rock legends hobble back on stage to reunite for the one final, or “this time we really mean it” farewell tour, take a look at the cash they were able to stuff into their deep pockets. With nostalgic Baby Boomers more than willing to pull a few Franklins from their wallets to rekindle their early life memories, plenty of classic rock artists are cashing in.

The Big Ticket crowd
The Big Ticket crowd enjoying the music.

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Misanthropic Music

It only took one listen to Hy Brasil’s new single “Misanthropic” to realize I has something special dripping through my headphones. The song starts off with a tender guitar before evolving into a passionate, lush ode to our protagonist misanthrope (dressed as a gorilla in the entertaining video).

Hy Brasil
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Mowgli’s Chat About Their Role in the Rock Jungle

“We try to cultivate a culture of positivity at our shows” – Colin Dieden

The Mowgli’s are a blossoming Alt-rock band, touring across the country on the strength of their excellent second album Kids In Love, making new friends everywhere they play, and making a difference all over the world.  They are just the type of band the world needs to hear more of, and we were able to steal a few minutes of their time backstage before they hit stage in Orlando a few weeks ago.

The Mowgli's HOB-Orlando. Photo: rarasfarm.com
The Mowgli’s at HOB-Orlando. Photo: rarasfarm.com

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