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Cayucas – The New Sound of Summer

Cayucas Bigfoot Album Review

Once I learned that Cayucas is a hip Southern California surf town, I immediately understood the derivation of this intriguing band’s name. The band, the brainchild of Zach Yudin, has an absolutely distinctive Alt-Rock sound highlighted by a cool sixties surf vibe that dominates their intriguing debut album, Bigfoot.

Cayucas - Bigfoot Album Cover
Cayucas – Bigfoot Album Cover

“Cayucos” kicks off the Bigfoot and nicely sets the tone.  It’s a catchy tune that just drips with Southern California cool.  It’s a creative song that just gets better with every playing.  Yudin’s superb writing coupled with Richard Swift’s fantastic production help set this song and the entire album apart from anything else on the market today.

The first single from the album, “High School Lover,” is a captivating microcosm of the album. It’s part Beach Boys, part Vampire Weekend, and 100% original and entertaining. The song features tribal drum beats, fun vocals and catchy lyrics, creating a stripped-down addictive gem.  It’s the spotlight selection on an album that is going to be a 2013 summer highlight.

Two other excellent tracks are “A Summer Thing” and “Will the Thrill.” The first actually conjures up classic images of the late 60’s music of The Crystals with a modern twist, and the latter a more comfortable alternative rock groove with a slick surf guitar. On these songs and throughout the album, we see creative diversity that sets Cayucas apart from anything else on the market today.

Bigfoot should appeal to anyone looking for a cool summer album and is destined for the same breakthrough success we experienced with Jack Johnson’s 2001 debut and Vampire Weekend’s first effort in 2008.  It’s a distinctive and polished debut destined to be a summer staple for years to come.

Check it out and buy it on iTunes below.

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