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Reneé Phoenix “Godless” Premiere and Interview

Reneé Phoenix Discusses Her New Single and Forthcoming EP

You know Reneé Phoenix as the dynamic singer of Florida’s hard-rocking Fit For Rivals. Today, Phoenix is about to expand her impact, as she’s about to release her debut solo effort.  I had the opportunity to sample the new  EP and it is fantastic. Last night I sat down to chat with Reneé on the cusp of the premiere of her infectious first single, “Godless,” which you can hear at the end of the interview.

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Freak Machine Album Review

Fit For Rivals – Freak Machine Album Review

freak machine“Judge me now for what I do,
I’m coming at ya,
Nothing left to lose,
So come on motherfucker”

Buoyed by that defiant proclamation, Jacksonville’s Fit For Rivals tear through the explosive “Hit Me,” the first song off of their long-awaited follow-up to Steady Damage. The new album, Freak Machine proves that good things do indeed come to those who wait, as the offering showcases the band’s diversity with a killer mix of new creations and recent favorites.

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Reneé Phoenix of Fit For Rivals

Fit For Rivals are a talented band out of Jacksonville, who have toured the world and had their fair share of hit songs.  They’re about to release a new album, and we were lucky enough to corner their charismatic vocalist Reneé Phoenix at a recent festival.

Renee Phoenix Interviewx Fit For Rivals - rarasfarm

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Sugar – Sweet Nectar for Metal Fans

Fit For Rivals – Sugar EP Review

This album grabbed my attention from the very first spellbinding keyboard notes ushering in the opening track, the fantastic “Special Kind Of Crazy.”  I was hooked immediately and the quick four song journey just got progressively better.

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2014’s Best Albums According to 2014’s Best

2014’s Top Artists Share Their Favorite Albums

Every year, I painstakingly research the best albums of the year and confidently reveal my Top 25 Rock Albums. But, I’ve always wondered what those talented musicians thought were the best offerings. Now, I know.

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After compiling this year’s list, I reached out to a dozen of the artists that were included on either our Best Albums or Best Songs lists for 2014. A handful (the cooler, more intelligent ones, of course)  happily provided their thoughts, and they had some intriguing selections. Check the picks below and remember to come back next week to see where these artists landed on our Best Of lists.

John Humphrey, Seether:
Great Western Valkyrie by Rival Sons, my favorite new band. Soulful vocals; classic ambient, rock production with a Zeppelin-esque vibe. Bring on the guitar solo! Seether’s Isolate and Medicate will be featured on our Top Albums of 2014.

Leanne Kingwell
My top album of the year is La Petit Mort by James. I believe this group of humans make music for the right reasons; to make sense of the weirdness, worry and wonder of the world. I love Tim Booth’s voice. I love knowing James are still out there, 14 albums in. Waving their wand. Catching my feelings. An honourable mention goes to Camilla Sparksss for daring to do different on her album For You The Wild. And a big thank you to Jonathan L, whose weekly radio show “Lopsided World of L” is my gateway to a world of vital new music makers.  Kingwell’s Choking On Halos will be featured on our Top Albums of 2014.

Renee Phoenix, Fit For Rivals:
Voices by Phantogram is the only album that comes to mind for 2014. I dig electronic music and listening to all the different synth textures. Its fun to sing and dance to in the car… It’s a really interesting album. Fit For Rivals’ “Freak Machine” will be featured on our Top Songs of 2014.

Michael Ian Cummings, Skaters:
My favorite album of this year was by Broncho, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman. Usually when a record connects with me immediately it burns out in about a week. Not this one. It’s been on repeat and I’m nowhere near done with it. So good… Skaters’ Manhattan will be featured on our Top Albums of 2014.

James Durbin:
The last full album I bought was the beginning of this year. I got Arctic Monkeys AM. Technically, it came out in late 2013. The record is incredible. Alex Turner’s vocal prowess is off the hook. Come to find we share the same birthday, give or take a year or two. I have difficulty picking just one track as this is one of those rare records where every song is worthy and capable of being a hit single. I trust my 5 1/2 year old Son Hunter; his favorite track is “Knee Sox”.  Touché Arctic Monkeys. Touché.  Durbin’s “Parachute” will be featured on our Top Songs of 2014.

There you go, interesting choices and some damn good music.   I may need to do some last minute reexamining of my choices, which you can see published here Christmas week.

Rock On!

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Fit For Rivals New Single: Freak Machine


Fit For Rivals New Single: Freak Machine

Philip Snyder

They’re garnering tremendous buzz in the music industry, tearing up youtube, and impressing audiences across the country, and they are from our own backyard.

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Fit For Rivals, a fresh, young band hailing from Jacksonville, released their new single titled “Freak Machine”, the title track for their new album set to be released in early 2015. Vocalist Renee Phoenix’s throaty growl, comparable to the vocal style of the legendary Joan Jett, blends perfectly with strong guitar riffs and a punchy beat bringing a song that could be overly upbeat, almost pop-like, back to a proper rock-n-roll sound.

This song will get into your head in a hurry, and you will find yourself moving to the beat on the first listen, and you will soon find you want a new fix of this sexy song to satisfy the itch it creates as it gets under your skin. You may find that you, as the lyrics say, “can’t shake it off. ”

I could only hope that “Freak Machine” gains much deserved radio play, but until then I know I can grab it on iTunes (Freak Machine – Single) or get a fix on Youtube:

I’m looking forward to the next time that Fit For Rivals finds their way to a billing at an Orlando venue.  In the meantime, fans in the Midwest will get the next opportunity to see them live, as they’ll be touring with Adelitas Way and Framing Hanley this Spring.

Philip Snyder

Florida’s Own Fit For Rivals Return Home

FFR-PressPhoto01 (640x330)

Fit For Rivals Florida Tour

Finally, Florida is becoming a hot bed for original rock music. It has literally been decades since we’ve seen this many talented, popular Sunshine State bands dotting the rock music landscape. Alter Bridge, A Day To Remember and Shinedown are carrying the torch, but there’s plenty of other talent nipping at their footsteps, including Jacksonville’s powerful Fit For Rivals.

The quintet offers raw, gritty rock ‘n roll, featuring urgently passionate vocals from Renee Phoenix. They’re Paramore with an edge, Volbeat with a chick, a hot band with a pulse, and they’re coming back to Florida for a three day tour through North and Central Florida.

I have not had a chance to catch one of their shows yet, but they have an excellent live reputation. For an idea of what you can expect, check out their tremendously popular video of their last single “Damage.” It’s hard, edgy rock, but it oozes slick mainstream potential.

It’s killer rock ‘n roll, and Phoenix’s vocals are captivating.  She doesn’t boast incredible range nor the most powerful voice, but she’s an absolute addictive blast to listen to. As much as you’ll enjoy her voice, this band is about so much more.  She’s surrounded by tremendous talent, and her band mates’ guitar driven rock is both smooth and deliciously ragged at the same time.

Make sure you check out our rocking Florida natives, as they tear through the state later this month.

  • Thurs., 6/19 @ Aces; Brandenton, FL
  • Fri., 6/20 @ Ringside; Tampa, FL
  • Sat., 6/21 @ Atmosphere, Tallahassee