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Moody Blues Enthrall Orlando Faithful

Moody Blues Orlando Show Review – CFE Arena

On a chilly Philadelphia night on November 20, 1981 my life changed.  Along with a childhood friend, I made my first trek to the aging Spectrum where we caught The Moody Blues on their Long Distance Voyager Tour – my first rock ‘n roll concert. Struck by the magnificence of live rock ‘n roll, I’ve probably seen 1,000 bands since that fateful night, as the Moody Blues sparked a flame in me that still burns strong today.

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RIP Veteran Cosmic Rocker

The Moody Blues’ Ray Thomas Succumbs to Prostate Cancer

I’ve mentioned before that the Moody Blues were the first band that snatched my confused adolescent brain and transformed me into a lifelong rock music fanatic. Today, one of the founders of the legendary band was lost to us, but thankfully, like so many of his disappearing classic rock compatriots, his timeless music will last forever.

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