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New Album from TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb

TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb – Dancing Out the Door

TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb are a sweltering, sweaty, August New Orleans evening. As the humidity smothers the Decatur Street denizens, this is the soundtrack for the locals ducking into a cozy neighborhood bar where they are greeted with filthy, soulful music.

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TBT: Beru Revue Style

Beru Revue: Trouble – Our TBT Song of the Day

Beru RevueYou may have noticed a tendency on Facebook these days for miserable people to incessantly bitch and complain about anything, especially their friends’ political viewpoints.   But amidst that constant stream of crap, there are often nice little nuggets that make navigating the Facebook cesspool worth the effort.  Earlier this week, I saw a post on a friend’s timeline that made my week.

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The Hippest Thing in Philly

Punk Rock Girl Recreated

I recently wrapped up my album review of Soko’s new release, My Dreams Dictate My Reality, and was slammed with a few wonderful memories of my early years in Philly. (Read it here, especially if you remember The Revival).

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Then coincidentally, in my InBox that afternoon, arrived the latest offering from In The Pocket, a special project that screams Philly Rock Royalty.

David Uosikkinen of Hooters’ fame put this concept together a few years ago, and it’s been a fun journey ever since. For rock fans still in Philly, I am sure it is even more of a fantastic experience, but rock music fans everywhere will enjoy this creative rock music.  Check out our interview with Uosikkinen from 2012 to learn a little bit more about this cool collaborative endeavor.

Uosikkinen’s brainchild was to assemble a group of Philadelphia music legends, lock them in a studio and have them collaborate on re-imagining a hit song from the city’s rich musical past. Each musician is given the musical freedom to put their own distinctive spin on each recording. Every few months, they release a new offering, and follow that up with a live show or two. Over the past few years, I’ve become a big fan and have enjoyed the musical ear candy, including their cuts at “Open My Eyes” (Todd Rundgren/Nazz), “Beat Up Guitar” (Hooters), “Change Reaction” (Robert Hazard) and “Disco Inferno” (The Trammps).

l-r: William Wittman, David Uosikkinen, Pete Donnelly, Tommy Conwell, Richard Bush - Photo by Dallyn Pavey/Dish Public Relations
William Wittman, David Uosikkinen, Pete Donnelly, Tommy Conwell, Richard Bush – Photo by Dallyn Pavey/Dish Public Relations

The new song, the 12th in the series, is an under-appreciated punk classic, “Punk Rock Girl” originally recorded by The Dead Milkmen in 1988. On this version, we are treated to Richard Bush (The A’s) on vocals and he puts his unique and pleasing spin on this angsty rocker. The song is less edgy than the original, and more of a feverish party version highlighted by a some killer guitar riffs from Tommy Conwell that actually boast a bit of a cool rockabilly vibe, and he’s accompanied nicely by William Wittman (Cindy Lauper) also on guitar.  Uosikkinen and bassist Pete Donnelly (NRBQ) drive the aggressive, rollicking rhythm throughout.

I always loved the lyrics on the original, including nostalgic references to Zipperhead and Mojo Nixon, as well as the mistaken reference in “…someone played a Beach Boys song on the jukebox,
It was “California Dreamin’…” and Bush delivers them in that distinctive voice and style that made the A’s so poignant a few decades earlier.

In another nice twist, Uosikkinen and In The Pocket are joined by two of his Hooters’ brethren. Rob Hyman’s melodica is a wonderful and noticeable addition to this version, while Eric Bazilian’s hurdy gurdy is a bit understated, but still a nice creative addition.

The 1988 original was a masterpiece, and this one might just be a bit better! It’s a blast to listen to and a song that’s even better if you’re personally connected to the Philadelphia music scene of the 80’s and 90’s.

Check out a video of the song with recorded in the studio below, as well as a slew of killer photos here: “Punk Rock Girl” recording session.

I highly recommend you snag their music now on iTunes now:

Punk Rock Girl – Single – David Uosikkinen’s in the Pocket

And just for good measure, the original from The Dead Milkman: Punk Rock Girl – Beelzebubba

You can catch Uosikkinen and friends on March 28th at the Ardmore Music Hall. Get tickets here. For those of us in Florida and outside of the Philly region will need to pop on their music, enjoy the flood of nostalgia and wonder what their next offering will be – always a fun trip down memory lane…

Rock On!

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Around the Rock and Roll Farm – Philly Style

We’re sitting around the farm cranking The Drowning Men and trying to organize all of the random tidbits here at the end of the summer, and we noticed a Philly slant to a few of the topics. So, grab your exhaust-seasoned soft pretzels and mediocre over-priced South Philly cheese steaks and check out this stuff.

We love The Last Royals. Yeah, we know they’re now from New York, but their lead singer Eric James grew up in Philly, and they’ll be in the City of Brotherly Love at the cozy North Star Bar this Friday, September 14th.  These guys are going to be huge; take advantage of this opportunity to catch them playing a smaller venue while you still can. Pick up a free download of their new single “Only the Brave” via our Free Music Friday feature on 8/10/12.

In The Pocket is Philadelphia Rock and Roll.  David Uosikkinen, of The Hooters, leads this all-star cast of Philly Rock Legends as they cover iconic songs from the city’s storied musical past. They’ll be premiering their sixth single “Disco Inferno” on October 2nd at World Cafe Live. Uosikkinen is an interesting guy and is a walking encyclopedia on Philadelphia music and he’s assembled a kick ass band.  Check out our recent interview with Uosikkinen here. and visit his website for more info on the cool new single and upcoming show.

Finally on the Philly front, we reviewed some fun new techno / electronic rock from City Rain, a local duo with an interesting entree into that realm. Check it out here.

Heading North up the New Jersey Turnpike, we were recently introduced to On the Fifty a punk pop band from The Big Apple. They’ve released their first single off of their upcoming EP, Fast Hands, Bad Timing. The song, “The Future” is excellent, and the video even better.  Check it out at AltPress, it’s just a bit twisted, but oh so fun…

There you have it, a quick and dirty run down of some cool stuff on the Philly and New York music scenes.  And, even if you’re not close, do yourself a favor and check out the music from these four bands.

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City Rain and that New Sound of Philly

The Philadelphia music scene has turned over a new leaf. I recently had the chance to check out Montage, the brand new release from Philadelphia’s City Rain.  As a former resident of The City of Brotherly Love, and a long-time fan of the Philly music scene, I was in for a pleasant surprise. City Rain is a talented duo playing a fresh electronic rock. The EP is dominated by clever lyrics, catchy synthesizers and drum machines of Ben Runyan, but also offers some smooth guitar from Jarrett Zerrer.

The title track is a fun techno dance track that reminds me a bit of the now defunct Handsome Furs. It’s a hip song with hit potential.  “I Remember” is another fun poppy track along the same vein and was my favorite cut on the album.  It brought back pleasant memories of late night techno rock under the booming speakers of The Revival, the legendary Philly after hours haunt of years gone by.

“Hearts On Fire” is a bit less techno, and a good song that slows the beat down a bit and features some nice keyboards and piano from Runyan.  There are two versions of “Big Boys Do Cry.” I’d recommend the remix version which is a good instrumental, and avoids the over-the-top three minute introduction on the original version.

I’m typically more of a five piece guitar band fan, but this EP is a a fresh new sound from The City of Brotherly Love that’s worth a listen.

Rock On!