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Matthew Logan Vasquez Live Review

Show Review: Matthew Logan Vasquez, The Social, Orlando

Matthew Logan Vasquez is rock ‘n roll.

Best known as front man for Delta Spirit, Vasquez is out on the road playing with a blistering new band under the MLV banner. Somehow, they never hit my radar, so I didn’t know him as a member of Delta Spirit.  To me he is an indie rocker with a penchant for writing blistering, relateable rock. His new music is a treat for ears which at are so often tortured by the cesspool of crap on commercial rock radio.

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Matthew Logan Vasquez Gets “Personal”

Matthew Logan Vasquez, former frontman for Delta Spirit, has just released “Personal,” an invigorating, catchy rocker that will have you instinctively reaching to crank up the volume.

Matthew Logan Vasquez
Matthew Logan Vasquez

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