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Rivergazer Offers Random Nostalgia

Rivergazer – New Music From Kevin Farrant

As the album title suggests, Random Nostalgia is a broad selection of diverse memories and flashbacks. It’s fertile ground for lyric writing and the result is an entertaining, if at times sobering debut from Brooklyn’s Rivergazer.

The band revolves around the familiar voice and songwriting of Kevin Farrant of Porches fame. In Rivergazer, we see Farrant’s sound evolve as more of a true band project, and the results are captivating.  At times, the album feels like the perfect summer, toes in the sand accompaniment; while at other times offering more somber tracks better suited for contemplation after throwing down your sixth margarita on the back porch.

Random Nostalgia hits the streets on August 12th on Father/Daughter Records, but the first single, “Safari Jack” is out now.  It’s a fantastic song that simultaneously puts you in a chipper, bright mood, while subtly hammering the listener with melancholy lyrics.

The sound that dominates the album is a comfortably produced low tech approach of Indie Rock, at times evoking familiar memories of past favorites like Ocean Blue and Sondre Lerche, particularly on the fantastic “Whimper.” At other times, we hear something totally different; there’s no better example than the introspective tender “Pour Me,” a nice spotlight on Farrants’ vocals.  The album is an eclectic mix of feel good summer tunes and morose somber tracks; truthfully an odd approach for an album, but there’s no denying that Rivergazer offers strong contributions in either vein.

The album is out on August 12th. In the mean time, check out “Safari Jack” now and let us know what you think?

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Stock up on New Music Worth a Listen

New Music Selections

We get a slew of submissions each day here at RARA’s Farm headquarters.  While our Rock And Roll Animals graze around the farm, this is some excellent new stuff we found worthy of gracing our speakers, and all groups that are generally not yet getting well-deserved local radio play.  It’s a diverse, eclectic mix, but there’s some excellent stuff on the playlist.

Support new rock music from passionate talented musicians, click on the song title to buy the track, or at least search it out on youtube (some of the videos are killer) and spread the word. And, we’d love it if you would consider supporting our efforts to build our rock music community, by Following us on Twitter or Liking our Facebook page.

(If the song is available on iTunes, you can click the song title to access.)

God of Small Things – The Burning Of Rome –  Such a unique sound, both comfortable throwback and cutting-edge creativity… simultaneously. Their publicist introduced them to me thusly: “they’re like a warped version of Abba who like Gogol Bordello and are influenced by The Flaming Lips.” That’s pretty damn intriguing and it’s fitting as hell. Grab the single, and see for yourself.

Parachute – The Vinyl Kicks – Florida-based Indie rock that is definitely worth a listen. This quintet from Tallahassee keeps creating creative, distinctive Alt-Rock.  They’re destined to become a household name, so jump on the bandwagon now, while there’s still room.  Joey Farese reviewed their last album here : Ambitions Don’t Age Well

Like I Need You – Kan Wakan – Not really sure how to classify this music, but it has a bluesy alternative feel to it, and it quickly draws the listener in. It’s a slick, dark journey with an edge, something you could easily hear on a Twin Peaks soundtrack. I could listen to the gritty vocals of Kristianne Bautista all day long. (This is one with a killer video)

No Good – Knuckle Puck – This one is easy to classify: Energetic pop-punk. The powerful punk offering is hard-driving with a good mix of melodic and dirty vocals. They look like they’d be a blast live, and are coming to Central Florida with Senses Fail in a few months: o9/24 at Underbelly in Jacksonville and 9/25 at The Social in Orlando, FL

Bored With You – Jacob Thomas Jr. – Singer-songwriter with a warm folksy feel. It’s just Thoas and his acoustic guitar, and it feels like he’s playing for you in a cozy neighborhood bar, and I just love Thomas’s voice. This one might not be rock, but  it’s an excellent track, with interesting lyrics from a performer with a distinctive voice.

Wasting Time – Matthew Szlachetka – Another talented singer-songwriter.  This track reminds me a lot of The Thorns, which is a good thing.  Just like that semi-superstar line-up, this is good old American acoustic rock.

Sister City, Brother Bone – Jesus On The Mainline – Rock ‘n roll with soul, and from a fifteen piece band. It’s a fun romp that crosses many musical genres. Blues, rock, soul and funk…

One More Night – Go Wolf – It’s a slick pop-rock tune from Northern Ireland. It’s a more melodic smoother Bastille.  Definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of the current UK Alt-Rock scene.

There you go; eight new tracks you probably never heard of, but ones that should be pouring through your speakers. What do you think?

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Fresh Music Worth A Listen from Pack AD, Krill, Mogwai and More

A nice crop of interesting new rock music in the RARA’s Farm fields. Each of the albums and EPs can be previewed and purchased in the snappy iTunes widgets to the right of our summary. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Pack A.D., Do Not Engage – A unique blend of captivating garage rock. The album features raw hard driving rock with slick riffs and catchy pop hooks. The vocals, at times reminiscent of Hunter Valentine, have an alluring edge which were nicely juxtaposed against tight harmonies.This talented female Canadian combo features Becky Black and Maya Miller. They’re two women who play with an edge and create passionate rock ‘n roll. The pair have been described as “a fantastically gritty rock duo” (NPR) and “the equivalent of a sonic knuckle sandwich” (Exclaim).If you only download one song: Animal – Do Not Engage – it’s a nice rocker and the only song available at the present time, but the best track on the album is “The Water” where you’ll be immersed in fuzzy distorted guitar and hellacious drumming.
Krill, Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts Into Tears, I was intrigued by the title of their first single off this their second album, as soon as I received “Turd.” The single is excellent. At times the lyrics are a a tad bit disturbing, yet at the same time quite compelling.  What we find on the rest of the EP, is a semi-diarrhetic. The EP is garage rock, that in its finest moments reminded me of early Replacements or current Cold War Kids; yet at its weaker spots was generally bland and forgettable. But, all that being said, I like it and love that the band is offering new interesting rock ‘n roll. These guys are a band to watch. Check out the album and make your own determination. If you only download one song: Turd – Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears – EP It’s a crappy song, in a the most positive sense. The lyrics surprisingly poignant as they reflect on a shitty day, and the music excellent. The title track is pretty damn good, too.
Mogwai, Rave Tapes – We don’t really have any experts in atmospheric music, and I personally don’t know what to compare it to.  What I can share is that this veteran Scottish quintet uses their talent to create unique interesting music that’s definitely worth a listen. Simply put, it’s an ominous foreboding sonic journey.  “I think the feel of Les Revenants seeped into Rave Tapes a little bit,” explained Stuart Braithwaite of the band’s recent score for the cult TV show in an interview with Mojo Magazine. “We were listening to an awful lot of horror film soundtracks – Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Morricone’s theme to The Exorcist II….”  If you only download one song: Remurdered – Rave Tapes – it’s a dark addictive seven minute journey that I can’t stop listening to.
Modern Baseball, You’re Gonna Miss it All – From Andrew Corbett’s review on RARA’s Farm: Front man Brendan Lukens sings with a distinctive voice, one you could pick out in a crowded basement. Nasally and rushed, the lyrics come across as inner thoughts put to music, not always fitting into each measure. But that doesn’t mean that they are not well versed, they are sincere, coming from a real place of remorse.Most of the songs follow a similar construction, starting with a melodic verse, then erupting into a pop punk break that leads into a catchy chorus, before finally settling into a calm sectioned outro that leaves you feeling as if you have arrived somewhere.  If you only download one song: Rock Bottom – You’re Gonna Miss It All
A Perfect Circle, Three Sixty – This metal super group kind of disappeared for a few years, and we weren’t sure when, or if we’d see them re-surface.  Three Sixty is basically a Greatest Hits album which is often the death knell for a rock band, but on this one, there’s definite cause for optimism.  The new offering, “By and Down,” is a powerful track that leaves us craving for more. Read the full RARA’s Farm review here: Three Sixty Album Review.  If you only download one song: By and Down – Three Sixty – it’s the only new one and it’s a strong offering.


Midnight Reruns – Midnight Reruns (2013)

Midnight Reruns Album Review

mr (496x249)

Midnight Reruns – Midnight Reruns (2013)

This review was due weeks ago, and I feel like an ass for taking so much time with it.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try harder to see the silver lining in certain things, and the way that pertains to this situation is that this is a phenomenal record.

Hailing from the polarizing city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Midnight Reruns seem to have their stuff together in a big way.  The drums are solid, the guitar work is spot on and the singer’s voice is perfect for the songs.  I attempted to research the band members names because who doesn’t want to see their names in print?  Either they are content with Daft-Punk-esque self-imposed anonymity, or I am just screwing up.  The singer’s vocals border on snotty, and I find that to be a very endearing quality in a vocalist.  I don’t need snotty to the point where it sounds like they’re hacking something up, but if you want to sound like a brat occasionally, but can still carry a tune, I will listen to you sing for a long, long time, and often (case in point: I still listen to Broken Star by the Broadways, at least once a month, ten years after I first heard it).

(Editor: that would be Graham Hunt’s vocals, I know how to use this cool new tool, Google)

Starting with “Going Nowhere,” I’ll be honest, the sung melody makes me a little uncomfortable as it seems to recall something very specific from the late 90’s.  Probably Our Lady Peace, or something similar that was also on rock radio during that time.  After this song, “King of Pop” (which is probably my favorite on the entire album) starts off with a pretty little jangly guitar line, before bouncing into a hook-fueled romper, clocking in at just under four minutes.

“Grand Slam” drops the tempo to slow-dance proportions, and I actually played it at a house party in Jacksonville Beach a few days ago, shortly after midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Drunk couples grabbed their partners and danced (wobbled?) as illegal fireworks lit up the suburban street out front, the German Shepard stole a pork tenderloin from the grill, and the drunkest woman I’ve ever met had to ask which one was her husband so she could make out with him as she rang in the new year in her own special way.

“Summer Smoker” is an upbeat track that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.  Once I memorize all the words, I will almost certainly sing it a cappella whilst doing future mundane tasks.

I apologize again for taking my sweet-assed time with this review.  Holidays are kind of insane, so I’m sure you understand.  If you like mostly mid-tempo rockers, with a whole lot of personality, and want to start your new year off on the right note, do yourself a huge favor and pickup the self-titled album by Midnight Reruns.  What’s up Milwaukee? Washington County? Waukesha? Dane? Door? Sauk? Portage? La Crosse?  I miss you guys, but I thank my lucky stars every morning that I wake up in beautiful Florida.

Happy 2014, y’all,


Luther Let’s Get You Somewhere Else

Recalling comfortable images of Sum 41 and Jimmy Eat World, this talented young quartet out of Philly is on the fast track to rock success.  Their debut album, Let’s Get You Somewhere Else , is jammed with aggressive, bouncy rock that proves hard to put down.  They’ve been together a scant two years, but have already developed a nice reputation in their local rock scene and a growing ardent following.


From the opening notes of the hard-charging “The Concrete Sound,” these guys  grab your attention.  The guitar riffs are hypnotic, Phil Warner’s vocals captivating and the tune fresh, yet also absolutely comfortable.  Yeah, I know comfortable might not feel right for a band with a hard rocking punkish vibe, but that’s what I got.  They’re like an old friend back on the scene with a kick ass new album.

“Heavy Money” is a an absolute blast to listen to and one of the first cuts to firmly lodge in my memory.  It, and songs like “A Quiet Stretch of Weather” remind a bit of a faster-paced Gaslight Anthem. They’re catchy rock tunes through and through that drive uncontrollable foot stomping, head nodding, bouncing and spinning.

My favorite track is the guitar driven “Sunset, Sugar.” The lyrics are interesting and worth a listen and the perfect accompaniment to another addictive track.

The album really never lets down, It’s thirty-plus minutes of straight-forward rock and roll with a bit of a punk edge. It’s both raw and polished at the same time, and truly, it’s just pretty damn hard not to like.

Let’s Get You Somewhere Else is an excellent refreshing offering at a time where we could all use it.  The music is pure rock. It’s consistent, fast-paced power rock; good stuff and something that any fan of fast-paced rock will appreciate.

Check out their album below on iTunes, guaranteed that you’ll find ten or eleven cuts that you really like.

Unfortunately, I picked up this album too late to realize they were just cruising through Florida, but rest assured, we won’t be missing these guys next time through, although it may be in a larger venue.

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Make Your iPod the Coolest on the Block

As I’ve often said when it comes to iPods, it’s what is inside that matters.  iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPhone 5… None of it matters if the music inside is lame.  Here are a couple of cool recommendations for you to spruce up that little old thing.  I’ve provided links to iTunes for each in the title to each selection.

“Default” – Django Django – This snappy tune was released earlier this year, but I just stumbled across it.  Check it out for a cool dance rock track that at different times reminds me of surf rock, classic T-Rex and 80’s new wave. Yeah, it’s a crazy mix, but it’s pretty damn fun.

“Ho Hey” – The Lumineers – Another fun tune.  When these guys hit it big, you can easily picture 17,000 arena fans holding their lighters (errr iPhones) on high, swaying to the music and singing along.

“Young Adult Friction” – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – These Indie rockers from The Big Apple are a slick 80’s throwback. If you like old Cure and New Order, you’ll like this track.

“Poisonous Moves” – Young Rival  – Cool track that harkens back to good old fashioned rock and roll. The Canadian trio gives us straight-forward guitar, bass, and drums and a catchy jingly jangly rock tune.  Good stuff.

“There’s Nobody Like You and Me” – The Wildbirds You can add one more rock ‘n roll staple from Milwaukee to PBR,  This quintet reminds me a bit of  Matthew Sweet and The Thorns – this cut is a sappy, sweet, summery melody.

Reboot the Mission (feat. Mick Jones) – Wallflowers – I never would have paired Jacob Dylan and Mick Jones, but damn this works.  Jones of The Clash, shares the vocals on a tune that actually reminds more of Big Audio Dynamite.  It’s a cool reggae rock mash-up.

“In This Moment” – Blood – Screamo music as my kids say, but this one with a great edgy female voice. Maria Brink sounds great in the LA band’s latest heavy metal offering.

And one classic cut:

“Green Grass & High Tides” – Outlaws 9:51 seconds of pure absolute rock ‘n roll genius. These Floridians were known as The Florida Guitar Army.  This classic shows you why. Definitely one of the best Southern Rock songs ever. Whether you agree or think we’re nuts, let us know your Best Southern rock tracks here.

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