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Terence Jack Rises Up

My InBox was recently gifted with a fantastic new song from Indie rocker Terence Jack. I know it’s only the Spring, but “Eastern Rise” is quite possibly the song of the year thus far in 2016.

Terence Jack Photo Eastern Rise

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New Music From Journalism

My true appreciation for rock music started as a late night DJ on an alternative rock college station. Until that time, I was your typical teenage fan of 80’s hair bands – that music was good stuff at the time, but the music I discovered dripping through my headphones each night was something special. The music that grabbed my attention back then wasn’t beautifully polished, but instead raw and passionate, and just a little bit dirty.
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Oxenfree New Music You Need to Know

I recently posted a quick note on Oxenfree, an intriguing new band out of Brooklyn. who caught my attention with their sweet new single, “Captain.”  This week, I saw their captivating new video for the song and just had to learn more.

Oxenfree Logo Brooklyn
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Sick Puppies News

Our favorite Australian Alt-Metal rockers, Sick Puppies are getting ready for a big summer, including new music, a new line-up, and greatly anticipated appearances at local venues.
Sick Puppies Logo
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New Indie Music

We’ve scoured our email boxes to find some hidden Indie gems available for our listening pleasure right now on Soundcloud. Take a few minutes to check out this RARA’s Farm’s crop of fresh new music and discover some excellent new stuff – that we call Gnu Rock.

The best new Indie rock!
The best new Indie rock!

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New Music from Three Cities

Just last week I received more than 100 music submittals from rock bands all over the world.  I listen to the stuff that intrigues me, and then decide to share less than 10% of what I hear.  This week, I got an email from Three Cities that intrigued me.

three cities

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Clear As Black And White

Gary Lazer Eyes are a talented quartet and intriguing new band from Melbourne, FL, who need to be on your new music radar.  They just released Black And White, their debut EP – Good news for local rock fans, as it’s a refreshing serving of distinctive rock ‘n roll.

Gary Lazer Eyes 2015 Florida Music Festival
Gary Lazer Eyes at the 2015 Florida Music Festival

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Meet Gardens & Villas


Digging through my disaster of an InBox and I noticed two emails I had flagged for follow-up from Gardens & Villas a unique, distinctive duo from Los Angeles moving in a new direction on their recently released third album, Music For Dogs.

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