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New Cold War Kids

Can We Hang On? – New Single from Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids have released a new single from the album L.A. Divine out today, 3/7/17. If you have been anticipating their fresh offerings, it is good to know the wait is over. The single “Can We Hang On?” comes to us with promises of more honest, soul driven fare. The song asks the timeless questions in any long term relationship. Where did our passion and obsession go? Can we survive what is happening? Moreover, what in the hell happens tomorrow?
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SOTD: Amaranthe – Boomerang

Amaranthe – Boomerang Our Rock Song of the Day

In honor of their new album and tour, Amaranthe have released a new video for their track “Boomerang.”  They have just kicked off their North American headline tour in support of their latest album Maximalism with Rarasfarm favorites Citizen Zero opening up for them.

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The Yugos – Ingenue

Ingenue assaults your headphones as a long rush of fuzz and distortion but gradually transforms into a slick indie rock offering. The song is a meandering track that demands attention and delivers a creative vibe much different than anything else on the markets these days.  At times, I felt like I had my ass parked on a huge bass speaker in the corner of the dance floor at The Revival in Philadelphia listening to a killer new wave dance party.

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Gutxi Bibang – Read On if you love Rock

Gutxi Bibang – System of a Gun

True story: I just had diversity training this week at the office, and it was very impactful to me. I honestly never thought of myself as biased against any group of people because of race, ethnicity, religion, etc., and then I saw an email with new music from Gutxi Bibang. What did I do?

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Halloween Treats – New Rock Music

New Rock Music Monday – Halloween Edition

New Rock MusicWe pored through our InBox and pulled out some tasty treats new rock music offerings for your music starved ears. We found selections from old favorites, from huge stars, from emerging talents, and even one from an acclaimed actress. So without further ado, let’s dig through our goodie bag. And, do yourself a favor and check out all of these tracks, discover something new and support rock ‘n roll.

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Fenix TX: Cre.eping Out of the Past

Fenix TX: Cre.eping Out of the Past – Album Review

Fenix TX CreepWhat is it about 2016 that has Fenix TX and other legendary punk bands putting out new material? Perhaps it is the current political climate in America, maybe it is the ice caps melting, or it could be that the message they have been spreading for years has finally become front page news?

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New Music Friday – A Fistful of Rock

snippetIt’s Friday. And as we have been doing lately, we’ve decided to celebrate with some killer new hard rock that has just recently hit the streets. A few tracks from some big names and a few from some bands you probably need to get to know. Check them out and enjoy!

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“In Case You Just Tuned In” White Label Analog Review

wla logoBringing power pop and rock and roll together is a difficult feat. Austin, Texas band White Label Analog ruffles these genres together to get their sultry but dancey sound. Upbeat and tangy, the keyboard synthesizer brings their melodies to another level.

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