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Vans Warped Tour Interviews: State Champs

“I feel like the art of being a DJ is dead; no one cares anymore.” Tyler Szalkowski, State Champs

At this year’s Orlando Vans Warped Tour stop, we snuck backstage long enough to snag a few interviews with this year’s most compelling bands.  Over the next five days, we’ll feature a different band from those sessions, starting with the red hot State Champs from Albany, NY.

State Champs' Tyler Szalkowski at Vans Warped Tour
State Champs’ Tyler Szalkowski at Vans Warped Tour

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Reneé Phoenix of Fit For Rivals

Fit For Rivals are a talented band out of Jacksonville, who have toured the world and had their fair share of hit songs.  They’re about to release a new album, and we were lucky enough to corner their charismatic vocalist Reneé Phoenix at a recent festival.

Renee Phoenix Interviewx Fit For Rivals - rarasfarm

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New Chili Peppers Music

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to release their first album since 2011 and today we get our first taste of the new title track with the official debut of the catchy new single “The Getaway” which is provided in the Youtube audio clip below.

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A New Direction for Candlebox

In 1993 Candlebox grabbed the world by the balls and proclaimed they were the new bad asses on the block. It isn’t every day you can find an album that you can listen to from beginning to end without skipping over a single song, but Candlebox made that happen.


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Oxenfree New Music You Need to Know

I recently posted a quick note on Oxenfree, an intriguing new band out of Brooklyn. who caught my attention with their sweet new single, “Captain.”  This week, I saw their captivating new video for the song and just had to learn more.

Oxenfree Logo Brooklyn
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Sick Puppies News

Our favorite Australian Alt-Metal rockers, Sick Puppies are getting ready for a big summer, including new music, a new line-up, and greatly anticipated appearances at local venues.
Sick Puppies Logo
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Filter – Crazy Eyes

…Backed by a brutal, punishing band… and a massive fan base, Filter is set to release their best collection since, dare I say, Short Bus…


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