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SOTD: Myles Kennedy – Year of the Tiger

Alter Bridge Singer Releases Sweet Solo Effort

For the past decade, Myles Kennedy has displayed the best voice in rock ‘n roll.  On his new single “Year of the Tiger” we see Kennedy breaking off into a jangly, acoustic vein.  The song demands attention the same way Chris Cornell’s “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart Did.”  That track went on to be our Song of the Year…

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SOTD: Alter Bridge Cradle To The Grave

They are one of the best rock bands on the planet, and today, Alter Bridge release the powerful new video for “Cradle To The Grave.” The track is their latest single off of their killer 2016 release The Last Hero, and the video features snippets of live coverage from their forthcoming live album, Live at the O2 Arena + Rarities.

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Citizen Zero’s Josh LeMay

Citizen Zero’s Josh LeMay Interview

Every once in awhile I discover an old fashioned rock ‘n roll gem of an album in my InBox. Believe me, it’s becoming a more rare experience as the market is flooded with either overly pretty or dirty rock, but I still thirst for straight-forward rock ‘n roll. Citizen Zero has delivered exactly that on their new album State Of Mind, and I took a few minutes to chat with frontman about the album, the Orlando tragedy, Chris Cornell, and a bunch of other things.

Detroit's Citizen Zero
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