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My Old Dutch Single Review

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My Old Dutch With Unique Spin on 50’s Rock

They’re a unique blend of rock music. A band boasting a creative retro modern feel, and an intriguing sound.

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My Old Dutch, an entertaining two-piece out of Melbourne have released a captivating new track with a clear 50’s vibe. It’s their first single and I guarantee you’ll be itching for more. They are a bit Stray Cats, a bit Social D and they dole out a raucous serving of rock ‘n roll. On “Howlin’ Marilyn” we sample them doling out a sentimental rockabilly beat with a healthy serving of fuzz and distortion.

A 2:49 excursion through the past and future of rock, and a hell of a lot of explosive guitar and drums. The vocals are pure 50’s, while the fuzzy guitar and hard-driving drums are more reminiscent of modern day Black Keys. It’s a fun, invigorating track from two talented guys that leaves me curious to see what’s in store next.

The low tech video is a fun journey, as well, as our protagonist deals with “Howlin’ Marilyn, his monstrous girlfriend. Check out the song and video below and let me know your thoughts.

Rock On!

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