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Live A Thousand Lives With Wild Wild’s New Album.

If you’re looking for a song that will enrich your life and give you an epic case of the feels, then look no further than “Caspian” by The Wild Wild. The song is from their upcoming LP, Into The Sea and into the Stars, due for release on January 22nd.

photo: @shervin lainez
photo: @shervin lainez

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Radkey Releases Scorching New Single


Photo Credit: Andy Hughes
Photo Credit: Andy Hughes

Meet The Next Royal Blood / Black Keys

These three brothers, 20 year-old Isaiah Radke (bass), 17 year-old Solomon Radke (drums), and 21 year-old Dee Radke (vocals/guitar) from Missouri are about to change the rock ‘n roll landscape. They deliver fresh, pure rock music with an absolutely distinctive and powerful sound.

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A few months ago, I was headed out to see Rise Against, and got there early enough to catch the evening’s opening band, and they blew me away. “Radkey are three young brothers from St. Joseph, who defy categorization. They absolutely embody everything that is great about rock ‘n roll. They are different for sure, and in rock music, different is so damn rare these days, and in this case, oh so welcome.” Read the full show review HERE.

Today, they take the next step in their rock ‘n roll odyssey with the release of the title track from their forthcoming debut full-length Dark Black Make-Up.

The brothers Radke are not your typical rock band, they’re from Missouri, they’re home schooled, they’re brothers, they’re young (all under 21) and they’re African-American, but the most critical trait is that they are passionate about their craft and true to themselves, as we see on “Dark Black Make-Up.”

On the single (available here: Dark Black Makeup – Radkey) we witness them beginning to mature as artists on a gritty rocker with socially conscious lyrics. It’s a hard-driving rocker built around Dee’s deep voice. It’s a hard-driving aggressive track with ample touches of punk and garage rock. “That song is about how much of your teenage years can just be such a waste,” says Isaiah, “If you spend all of your time not caring about anything just because you think you’re not supposed to then you’re probably leading such a boring life… Do something. It’s annoying that you can’t necessarily change the fucking world at that age, but you can make your own situation better. Stop wasting time;” incredibly mature for a trio of their age.

Check out “Dark Black Makeup” here:

The album produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys) will hit the streets on August 21st, and will feature 13 tracks including a few reimaged tracks that may be familiar. “We wanted to show people that you can still make a proper rock record,” explains Isaiah, “Something that is both super catchy and super heavy. We want people to hear it and think Fuck Yeah! Mostly we just try and only write songs that we love—that we love the shit out of—and that way it never gets boring and it never feels like a drag to play them live. It seems like a simple thing, but we really just want to make the music that we want to hear.”

Dark Black Makeup Tracklisting

1. Dark Black Makeup
2. Romance Dawn
3. Love Spills
4. Parade It
5. Best Friends
6. Le Song
7. Hunger Pain
8. Feed My Brain
9. Sank
10. Song of Solomon
11. Evil Doer
12. Glore
13. Feel

Pre-order the album below:

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Stock up on New Music Worth a Listen

New Music Selections

We get a slew of submissions each day here at RARA’s Farm headquarters.  While our Rock And Roll Animals graze around the farm, this is some excellent new stuff we found worthy of gracing our speakers, and all groups that are generally not yet getting well-deserved local radio play.  It’s a diverse, eclectic mix, but there’s some excellent stuff on the playlist.

Support new rock music from passionate talented musicians, click on the song title to buy the track, or at least search it out on youtube (some of the videos are killer) and spread the word. And, we’d love it if you would consider supporting our efforts to build our rock music community, by Following us on Twitter or Liking our Facebook page.

(If the song is available on iTunes, you can click the song title to access.)

God of Small Things – The Burning Of Rome –  Such a unique sound, both comfortable throwback and cutting-edge creativity… simultaneously. Their publicist introduced them to me thusly: “they’re like a warped version of Abba who like Gogol Bordello and are influenced by The Flaming Lips.” That’s pretty damn intriguing and it’s fitting as hell. Grab the single, and see for yourself.

Parachute – The Vinyl Kicks – Florida-based Indie rock that is definitely worth a listen. This quintet from Tallahassee keeps creating creative, distinctive Alt-Rock.  They’re destined to become a household name, so jump on the bandwagon now, while there’s still room.  Joey Farese reviewed their last album here : Ambitions Don’t Age Well

Like I Need You – Kan Wakan – Not really sure how to classify this music, but it has a bluesy alternative feel to it, and it quickly draws the listener in. It’s a slick, dark journey with an edge, something you could easily hear on a Twin Peaks soundtrack. I could listen to the gritty vocals of Kristianne Bautista all day long. (This is one with a killer video)

No Good – Knuckle Puck – This one is easy to classify: Energetic pop-punk. The powerful punk offering is hard-driving with a good mix of melodic and dirty vocals. They look like they’d be a blast live, and are coming to Central Florida with Senses Fail in a few months: o9/24 at Underbelly in Jacksonville and 9/25 at The Social in Orlando, FL

Bored With You – Jacob Thomas Jr. – Singer-songwriter with a warm folksy feel. It’s just Thoas and his acoustic guitar, and it feels like he’s playing for you in a cozy neighborhood bar, and I just love Thomas’s voice. This one might not be rock, but  it’s an excellent track, with interesting lyrics from a performer with a distinctive voice.

Wasting Time – Matthew Szlachetka – Another talented singer-songwriter.  This track reminds me a lot of The Thorns, which is a good thing.  Just like that semi-superstar line-up, this is good old American acoustic rock.

Sister City, Brother Bone – Jesus On The Mainline – Rock ‘n roll with soul, and from a fifteen piece band. It’s a fun romp that crosses many musical genres. Blues, rock, soul and funk…

One More Night – Go Wolf – It’s a slick pop-rock tune from Northern Ireland. It’s a more melodic smoother Bastille.  Definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of the current UK Alt-Rock scene.

There you go; eight new tracks you probably never heard of, but ones that should be pouring through your speakers. What do you think?

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