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SOTD: Milky Chance – “Ego”

Milky Chance is a multi-platinum German pop duo that writes the most infectious melodies that sting like earworms on a Spring morning.

They continue this pattern on their newest song “Ego” from their highly anticipated second album Blossom, out March 17th on Republic Records. The song is a soulful, energetic, mixture of electronics and glittery guitar that is instantly infectious.
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Milky Chance Ego Review

Milky Chance Ego Single Review

A unique singing voice and clever lyrics highlight”Ego,” a catchy new tune from Milky Chance. The song makes the listener think; and anything today that requires thought is refreshing. Is the singer talking about his ego or someone special in his life? It comes across as both in a sort of stream of consciousness battle within his thoughts. Of course in the end it doesn’t really matter how we interpret the meaning. The band has forced the act of interpretation and that is much more valuable.

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Milky Chance Riding Wave of Success

Milky Chance Announce New Album Details

We’ve all heard their captivating, addictive single “Stolen Dance” (you do read our song of the week posts, right?); now this uniquely talented German duo is riding that success as they announce their first stateside mini-tour and their debut full-length release. (If you don’t already check out our Song of the Week posts Follow Us on Twitter / Facebook, and check them out here: Fresh Music.)

The long-awaited full-length hits the streets on vinyl on September 30th and digitally on October 14th. The album titled Sadnecessary is now available for pre-order (below). The band has generated tremendous buzz both with critics and the masses, as the success of “Stolen Dance” has exploded. You can check out our choice for the Song of Summer 2104 below – and while you are there notice that the video already has 60 million Youtube views.

The song is apparently also quite the rage within the music community. Here’s one of our RARAs’ Farm favorites, Imagine Dragons taking their spin on a recent night in Germany. Lower quality recording with about 60 million less views, but pretty damn cool, nonetheless.

In addition to the album release, Milky Chance quickly sold out a three stop mini tour later this year, their first in the States. The shows at New York’s Bowery Ballroom [October 13], Toronto’s Virgin Mobile Mod Club [October 16], and Los Angeles’s Troubadour on [October 20] sold out within minutes. We can expect a more robust North American tour early next year.

In the mean time, pre-order the album here:

Sadnecessary Track listing:
Flashed Junk Mind
Feathery (slow version)
Down By the River
Sweet Sun
Stolen Dance
Loveland (studio version)
Feathery (bonus track)
Loveland (bonus track)

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