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Ghost’s Popestar: Preview of What’s Coming?

Ghost’s Popestar Album Review

I have been a fan of Ghost since I first heard a song called “Ritual” off their debut album Opus Eponymus about four years ago. So naturally, when the chance came to review their new e.p. Popestar came up, I was super excited. New Ghost, I thought, this is gonna be great!

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Metal for the Masses: The Fall of Summer

bfv2016 (753x753)I waited for this show the entire month, eager to see the finest metal bands Central Florida has to offer. They showed up and rocked it, much to my delight. The Haven in Winter Park was the venue for this free show, small and cozy, but with enough room between the bar and the stage for all the concertgoers to enjoy the show and even enough space for an impromptu mosh pit.

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New Music Friday: Crank It Up Edition

metallica hard wiredIt’s Friday. Let’s celebrate with some killer new hard rock that has just recently hit the streets. A few tracks from some big names and a few from some bands you probably need to get to know.

All of these tracks can also be heard on our new Spotify Playlist, “RARAs Crank It Loud” which is linked below.

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Mayfest Hits Melbourne Today!

Join me today, Saturday May 21st at the County Line Saloon, located in Melbourne, as I take in the fifth annual Mayfest, presented by Chris Marsh Productions. A total of eleven local bands will grace the stage, starting at 5pm with genres ranging from hard rock, to heavy metal, and whatever sound the genre-crossing MekaNism claims.


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Anthrax – For All Kings Review

Anthrax holds a special place in my heart. Branded in my brain, 10 years old, snowy, Cleveland, OH winter evening, watching MTV, more specifically Headbanger’s Ball, as most 10 year olds did in 1991. On screen come Anthrax, a band I had heard of only in the most darkened circles in the 5th grade, usually reserved for the kids whose parents let them out of the house past 8 on a school night. And Public Enemy who drove the bus for bringing African American youth politics to the forefront through hip-hop. Quite an exotic mix for a white kid from the suburbs whose cassette tape collection consisted of Milli Vanilli and Madonna.


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Baroness – Purple

Brian Furman

Baroness is just…… pretty awesome…..

Their high-energy, pop sensible, Appalachia rock- metal finds new ways to cut a path in even the most saturated markets. Their last record, the brilliant Yellow and Green Records earned them high praise from various outlets, landing them firmly in the spotlight, on 2012 best-of lists, and a throng of followers marching to the swampy, sludge metal.


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Here Comes Slayer

Still going strong after 30 years of tearing it up on the metal scene, SLayer is heading back on the road yet again, as they tour in support of their scorching 2015 release of Repentless which hit number one on the charts shortly after release.

See the first leg of tour dates below.

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