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Windows Down, Highway Screaming, Sun Setting – Tom Petty

There is nothing more American than a Tom Petty song.

And…. those perfect moments when it’s mid-summer, top down, two-lane highway straight ahead, “I Won’t Back Down” on the radio would come along and make that picture perfect moment that much better. And most of the time you didn’t realize it, you just sang along to the song. But like a songwriting ninja, that 3-minute moment became indescribably better because Tom Petty filled the air.

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My Bowie Life

There has been a flood of David Bowie everything this week, and rightfully so. His offering to the art world will be sorely missed.


He transformed the cultural landscape musically, and dramatically, touching all aspects of culture, fashion, and art. Many artists become artists with the assistance of inspiration of the Bowie aesthetic.

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