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In-Flight Safety Debuts Destroy Video


In Flight Safety. Photo credit: Meghan Tansey Whitton
In Flight Safety. Photo credit: Meghan Tansey Whitton


Excellent New Music from Canada’s In-Flight Safety

They’ve established a strong track record over the past decade North of the border, but truly haven’t achieved tremendous success here in the United States… yet…

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As legend has it, back in 2003, they received a two word email from David Bowie. “Nice Album,” it was the impetus they needed to pursue their rock music dreams. Now, more than a decade later, they’ve released their third full-length album, Conversationalist. “Destroy,” the second single from the album has just been released, with the accompanying video hitting the streets yesterday.

“Destroy” is a stylistic rocker that’s just a blast to listen to. From the first dulcet notes to the rousing finish, the song envelops you and pulls you into a vivid musical journey. The song kicks off with lush, soothing harmonies before building to a crescendo and exploding through the speakers. The music is comfortably reminiscent of in their prime Echo & The Bunnymen – soaring vocals, catchy atmospheric guitars and hard-driving, freight train drums. Yup, it’s pretty damn good, and it’s a rock song that fits wonderfully in 2015.

It’s a polished hit waiting to happen and an infectious song worth a listen or twelve.

Check it out here:

Rock On!

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