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Red Sun Rising Interview

Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville
Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville

Red Sun Rising Quickly On the Hard Rock Scene

This talented band out of Akron, Ohio got our Welcome To Rockville experience off to a powerful and entertaining start last weekend.  Afterwards, we sat down with Mike Protich (vocals) and Ryan Williams  (guitar), the two creative minds powering Red Sun Rising, for a quick chat.

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Cretin: Where’s the name come from any way. I think of Japan, but that was probably not the impetus?
Ryan Williams: Yeah, many trips to Japan.
Mike Protich: We’re both part Japanese.
Cretin: Oh
Mike Protich: I’m just kidding. It’s actually the first line on a Black Sabbath album (“Sleeping Village” off of the 1970 album Black Sabbath). And there are some other meanings; a storm is coming. There’s some political stuff like blood has been shed the night before. We just thought it was cool and sounds great.

Cretin: What did you think of the Jacksonville crowd during your set?
Ryan Williams: It was great, they were really receptive and we worked up a mosh pit at the end, and we weren’t on the metal stage, so that works.

Cretin: Have you played Jacksonville before?
Ryan Williams: No, we have played Tampa, but we passed right through. But it was great to play today and I’m glad we beat the weather.
Mike Protich: Yeah, seriously it was excellent.

Cretin: On stage you talked about a new album on the horizon and you played some music from that album?
Mike Protich: Actually everything we played was on the debut album.

Cretin: And when will we see that?
Mike Protich: We’ll probably see the single June 9th with the album to follow.

Cretin: Who does the writing?
Protich and Williams: We both do.

Ryan Williams of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville rarasfarm.com
Ryan Williams of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville

Cretin: So, you’re touring with Seether?
Mike Protich: Yeah, the first show was last night.
Ryan Williams: A sold out show at The Fillmore in Charlotte. It was great.

Cretin: That’s cool. They get great crowds wherever they are.
Ryan Williams: They sure do.

Cretin: And they’re sounding great again.
Mike Protich: They killed it. They were awesome.
Ryan Williams: Yeah they were great and they’re such nice guys. We played with them once, and we partied with them all night. Our drummer has worked with them before, so there’s a connection there.
Mike Protich: I think it was a good fit crowd wise, because their crowd really liked us a lot, and we did well with their crowd.

Cretin: I think you guys have a sound that’s kind of built for radio anyway. It’s a good active rock sound and fits perfect with what Seether’s doing.

About this time, we were slammed by a powerful storm.  We moved to a slightly drier place and hustled through the rest of the questions.

Cretin: So how did you hook up with Seether?
Ryan Williams: We had the same producer in common. Bob Marlette did our debut record and I believe he did the first two Seether records.
Cretin: Bob Marlette is an iconic hard rock producer, Red Sun Rising is in good company (Black Sabbath, Saliva, Shinedown, Filter, etc…).

Cretin: So who are your influences?
Mike Protich: (as thunder crashes overhead) Probably more like the grunge era: Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, STP and stuff like that. I was so stoked to see Scott Weiland today but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Cretin: What’s the music scene like in Ohio?
Ryan Williams: Akron is great.
Mike Protich: The bands in Akron have a lot of camaraderie. We all support each other and it’s really cool.

Cretin: Any bands on the docket today that you are interested in seeing?
Ryan Williams: Korn, (Marilyn) Manson
Mike Protich: Manson, and I wanted to see Scott Weiland., but there’s so many great bands here.
Ryan Williams: My influences go way back, and those three bands alone are great. It’s nostalgia.

And with the winds ratcheting up a notch and lightning peppering the sky we quickly wrapped it up.  Kudos and thanks to Ryan and Mike, because they generously hung in there longer than should be expected.  Great guys with a catalogue of strong rock tunes, and a bright future.

Check out Tour Dates here – a few more dates with Seether and then a tour with the fantastic entertaining live band Nothing More: redsunrisingmusic.com

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Welcome To Rockville Storms Into Jax

Smashing Day 1 at Welcome To Rockville

It’s the premiere hard rock event in the country, and yesterday, Welcome To Rockville thundered into Jacksonville for the first of two powerful days packed with explosive rock.

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Unfortunately for the local rock fans, they also had to endure a thunderous show from Mother Nature, but in the end the story was still all about the rock ‘n roll.

The key word for the 2015 version of Welcome To Rockville was “More.”  More stages, more bands, more food trucks, more vendors, more space (a lot more space), more activities and more fans, and it all came together nicely.

Chuck Billy of Testament at Welcome To Rockville
Chuck Billy of Testament at Welcome To Rockville

For this year’s event, we were treated to four stages of music spread across the greatly expanded footprint.  The set-up this year was perfect for the sound, with very little bleed over from one stage to the others. The Reverbnation and Jagermeister Stages were side by side and located in the shadows of Everbank Field, an entirely new area for 2015.  In the slightly expanded original festival area, the Jack Daniels and Monster Energy Stages faced each other, but probably had an additional 100 feet or so of space, which came in handy for the headliners, Korn.

The first band we caught was Red Sun Rising, a quintet out of Akron, Ohio.  they delivered an energetic entertaining set that proved to be one of the highlights of the day for us.  They debuted “The Other Side,” the first single from their new album which will be released on June 9th. It’s a perfect fit for active rock radio stations that should be blasting through our speakers all summer.  We chatted with the talented band after their set and will have the full interview on this site in the next few days.

We caught powerful sets from Sangre, Stars in Heaven and Sons Of Texas before the first alarm went off.  Due to severe weather in the area, the crowd was asked to disperse back to their cars for about two hours while the storms cleared through the area.  The organizers handled it well, and with calm, and did a nice thing when they opened the VIP areas under the overpass to all fans. It was a nice touch and the right thing to do.

Queensryche at Welcome To Rockville
Queensryche at Welcome To Rockville

Unfortunately, we missed a few bands due to the rain, including Fozzy, Hollywood Undead and Scott Weiland and The Walkabouts. But, we did get back underway in time to catch the full set from legendary progressive metal rockers Queensryche. With Todd La Torre manning the vocals in place of Geoff Tate, they sounded pristine and offered a great sampling of tracks from their fantastic thirty year career.

From there, we trekked across the field in time to hear the crowd chanting for Testament, a band I had never seen previously.  And, they delivered a tremendous, fiery 30 minute set.  All of the band members flew around the stage, constantly connecting with the crowd, defying their age as thirty year veterans of the heavy metal scene. Front man Chuck Billy stalked the stage constantly playing air guitar on his mic stand. It was a great surprise and the highlight of the day for me.

We then sat through another hour storm delay, but were excited to see that the festival was able to squeeze in a late performance from Halestorm who sounded great and dished out a fun and engaging set.  We also saw Mike Muir and Suicidal Tendencies who dished out an equal serving of thrash metal and solid motivational life advice.

Halestorm at Welcome To Rockville
Halestorm at Welcome To Rockville

Marilyn Manson closed down the Jack Daniels Stage with an entertaining freak show.  His mobscene sounded great, but the show seemed a little sloppy.  I did, however enjoy his stories, particularly of the time he was arrested in Florida. From there, it was across the grounds to the fevered Monster Energy Stage, where Korn thundered through a set that had the remaining crowd headed to the streets extremely pleased with their fill of rock music.

It was a powerful ending to a turbulent day, but a day that ultimately was all about the rock ‘n roll, and a great way to kick off Rockville.

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Welcome To Rockville Set Times Announced

Welcome To Rockville Set Times

They’re here! Set times for the hard rock music event of the year, and as you will see below, there will be some tough decisions.

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First, I suggest you check out Philip Snyder’s preview on Six Can’t Miss Welcome To Rockville Bands HERE

The headliners: Korn, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Godsmack will have the grounds all to themselves, but earlier in the day it’s a different situation. There are a few challenging decisions right off of the bat, but that’s bound to happen with such an incredible plethora of hard rocking acts in one place at one time.

A few examples:

  • Saturday 2:00 – Hollywood Undead or Fozzy? We’re headed to the Monster Energy Main Stage for Hollywood Undead then hustling over for the last few Fozzy songs.
  • Saturday 5:00 – Halestorm or Testament? Check out the first few songs from Testament over at the Reverbnation Stage, then as much of Halestorm as you can.
  • Sunday 3:00 – Butcher Babies or In This moment? Start at Reverbnation Stage for Butcher Babies and catch their full set, then bust it over for most of In This Moment’s set at The Monster Energy Stage.
  • Sunday 4:00 – Breaking Benjamin or Hatebreed – Tough one, but strictly based on logistics, we’ll be hitting the Benjamins at the Jack Daniels Stage and then racing over for a few songs from Hatebreed.
  • Sunday 6:00 – Papa Roach and All That Remains – Well, we’ve never seen All That Remains, and want to. Papa Roach is excellent live so we’ll hustle back to the Monster Energy Stage and catch the encore, Jacoby Shaddix will probably find you in the far reaches of the crowd anyway.

That’s the beauty of this event, so many bands in one place, with four stages pounding out the rock ‘n roll. Good luck with your decisions, and make sure you Follow and Like Us to keep up to date.

Rock On!
Mike G

Set Times

Saturday, April 25

Monster Energy Fire Museum Stage
12:30 PM Stars In Stereo
2:00 PM Hollywood Undead
3:30 PM Of Mice & Men
5:15 PM Halestorm
7:10 PM Slayer
9:35 PM Korn

Jack Daniel’s Metropolitan Park Stage
11:45 AM Like A Storm
1:15 PM Nonpoint
2:45 PM Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts
4:15 PM Queensrÿche
6:15 PM Ministry
8:20 PM Marilyn Manson

ReverbNation Stage powered by Hundred Handed
11:55 AM Red Sun Rising
1:05 PM Sons Of Texas
2:15 PM Fozzy
3:25 PM Exodus
4:55 PM Testament
6:45 PM Suicidal Tendencies

Jägermeister Stage
11:20 AM World Gone
12:30 PM Sangre
1:40 PM Upon A Burning Body
2:50 PM Beartooth
4:10 PM Periphery
5:50 PM The Devil Wears Prada

Sunday, April 26

Monster Energy Fire Museum Stage
12:20 PM We Are Harlot
1:40 PM Surprise Guest
3:00 PM In This Moment
4:50 PM The Pretty Reckless
6:35 PM Papa Roach
8:40 PM Slipknot

Jack Daniel’s Metropolitan Park Stage
11:40 AM ‘68
1:00 PM Young Guns
2:20 PM Motionless In White
3:50 PM Breaking Benjamin
5:40 PM Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
7:30 PM Godsmack

ReverbNation Stage powered by Hundred Handed
11:10 AM Shattered Sun
12:15 PM ReverbNation Winner
1:25 PM Starset
2:35 PM Butcher Babies
4:05 PM Hatebreed
6:15 PM All That Remains

Jägermeister Stage
11:40 AM From Ashes To New
12:50 PM Islander
3:20 PM Tremonti
5:10 PM In Flames

Doors open at 11:00 AM both days, and the festival ends at 11:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00 PM on Sunday.

Here’s a link to a nice graphical view of the schedule: Welcome To Rockville Set Times

Full two day Schedule for Welcome To Rockville
Full schedule for Welcome To Rockville (click to expand)


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Welcome To Rockville Set Times and Recommendations

Welcome To Rockville Schedule Released

Well, the set times are out for the area’s primo Rock ‘n Roll festival, Welcome To Rockville.  The line-up is basically a “Who’s Who” of today’s hottest hard rock acts.  The full schedule follows, including our choices for the can’t miss artists performing April 26th and 27th at Jacksonville’s Metropolitan Park.

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You can check out our Festival Preview here: Welcome To Rockville

Here’s your key to the schedule and our recommendations:

RARA’s Prime – These artists are “Can’t Miss”
RARA’s Choice – These artists are highly recommended

Saturday, April 26

Monster Energy Fire Museum Stage

11:15 AM         Digital Summer
12:30 PM         Rev Theory    RARA’s Choice
2:00 PM           Adelitas Way    RARA’s Choice
3:30 PM           Hellyeah
5:15 PM           Chevelle
7:15 PM           A Day To Remember    RARA’s Choice
9:40 PM           Avenged Sevenfold    RARA’s Prime

Monster Energy Metropolitan Park Stage

11:45 PM         Gemini Syndrome
1:15 PM           Middle Class Rut
2:45 PM           Chiodos
4:15 PM           Alter Bridge    RARA’s Choice
6:15 PM           Volbeat    RARA’s Prime
8:20 PM           The Cult

Jägermeister Stage

11:15 AM         World Gone
12:30 PM         Silvertung (Jägermeister Band)
2:00 PM           Evergreen Terrace
3:30 PM           Smile Empty Soul
5:15 PM           Memphis May Fire
7:15 PM           We Came As Romans    RARA’s Choice

Ernie Ball Stage

11:45 AM         Cathercist (Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands Winner)
1:15 PM           Monster Truck
2:45 PM           We As Human
4:15 PM           Devour The Day
6:15 PM           Fozzy    RARA’s Choice

Sunday, April 27

Monster Energy Fire Museum Stage

Noon                Within Reason
1:15 PM           Sick Puppies    RARA’s Choice
2:35 PM           Black Label Society
4:15 PM           Seether    RARA’s Prime
6:25 PM           Five Finger Death Punch
8:50 PM           Korn     RARA’s Choice

Monster Energy Metropolitan Park Stage

12:35 PM         The Pretty Reckless     RARA’s Choice
1:55 PM           Black Stone Cherry     RARA’s Choice
3:25 PM           Theory of a Deadman
5:15 PM           Staind
7:35 PM           Rob Zombie      RARA’s Choice

Jägermeister Stage

Noon                Ghost Of War (Jägermeister Band)
1:15 PM           Kyng
2:35 PM           Lacuna Coil
4:15 PM           Emmure
6:25 PM           Motionless In White

Ernie Ball Stage

12:35 PM         Twelve Foot Ninja
1:55 PM           Nothing More    RARA’s Prime
3:25 PM           Butcher Babies
5:15 PM           Trivium

Jacksonville is About to Become Rockville

Welcome To Rockville, Florida!

Florida rock fans are in for a tremendous rock ‘n roll experience this April, when The Welcome To Rockville Festival comes storming through the city previously known as Jacksonville.

The festival boasts one of the best hard rock line-ups in the country (see the bands below) with an all-star line-up of diverse hard-rocking acts coming to Metropolita Park on April 26th and 27th.  Avenged Sevenfold and Korn are the featured headliners on their respective evenings, but they have plenty of impressive company throughout the two days.

The Saturday line-up features two veteran hard rock acts near and dear to our heart, Motorhead and The Cult, as well as two acts featured in our 2013 Albums of the Year edition, Avenged Sevenfold and our featured act of Day 1, Volbeat.  Aside from those four powerhouse acts, we highly recommend checking out Sacramento rockers Middle Class Rut, a dynamic dup who always put on a great show.

Day 2, Sunday the 27th offers another killer day of rock, with an even more impressive line-up.  Korn, Staind, Rob Zombie, Theory of A Deadman and our featured act of Day 2, Five Finger Death Punch are the highlights, but there’s plenty more.  Seether is a great live act, and RARA’s Farm favorite Sick Puppies are another act to catch.

Of the thirty plus bands invading Jacksonville for this huge event, our “Can’t Miss Artist” of the festival is Nothing More.  This quartet from Texas are an extremely promising band and a blast to watch. Their explosive rock is creative and distinctive and their stage show is absolutely fantastic.

Check out the full line-up here: Welcome To Rockville Artists

The Metropolitan Park venue is one very familiar to RARA’s Farm and one of the best festival grounds in the state.

Tickets are on sale now.

Here are the RARA’s Farm favorites in the line-up:


Avenged Sevenfold
The Cult
Hell Yeah
Adelitas Way
We Came As Romans
Middle Class Rut
Rev Theory
We As Human
Smile Empty Soul
Devour the Day

Five Finger Death Punch
Rob Zombie
Theory of a Deadman
Black Stone Cherry
Sick Puppies
Nothing More
Lacuna Coil
Twelve Foot Ninjas
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