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Explosions in the Sky Rocked Jannus Live

Show Review: Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky, an indie rock band from Austin, Texas, gave a captivating performance April 12th at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg. With sounds that range from chill bass to exploding guitars and drums, Explosions in the Sky absolutely live up to their name. They are one of those rare bands that actually manage to sound better live than in a recording studio.

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First Look: MOON’s Sidewinder

Australian progressive rockers MOON, have delivered a raucous attention-grabbing instrumental that is definitely worth a trip or two through your ears. Their first single, “Sidewinder” is a guitar-driven rocker with roaring drum parts, that I found comfortably reminiscent of Deep Purple and Muse sans the vocals, of course. The song is catchy as hell and a good first glimpse at their forthcoming album The Orbiter, headed our way in early 2016.
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