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Hands Like Houses – New Dissonant Music

Australian rock band Hands Like Houses is set to release Dissonants, their third studio album, this Friday February 26th, and it’s a sweeping rock ‘n roll album worthy of attention. I love the apt title, Dissonants, a phrase that refers to two music components that don’t seem to be in harmony with each other. From a fan of innovative rock, dissonance often leads to fantastic creative music.

hands album

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Atreyu Tour Dates

Southern Cal metalcore rockers Atreyu have just announced their Winter Tour, including a brief trek into Florida.  This talented sextet put on a killer live show that shouldn’t be missed.

Full tour dates below:

Alex Varkatzas Atreyu photographed RARAs Farm Kinkfest 2015.
Alex Varkatzas pf Atreyu photographed by RARAs Farm at Kinkfest 2015.

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Earthday Birthday Roars Into Orlando


WJRR Brings Killer Rock Festival Back To Orlando

WJRR’s annual celebration of rock ‘n roll is about to storm back into Orlando, and as the renowned festival turns 22, it’s as powerful and enticing as it’s ever been.

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For a locally produced festival, Earthday Birthday always boasts an amazingly stacked line-up of hard rock stalwarts, and usually delivers a nice mix of classic rockers and fresh new faces on the scene. This year is no different, with a lineup that features hard rock legends Five Finger Death Punch, Rise Against, Slash with Myles Kennedy, Sevendust, and also offers up-and-coming acts like Nothing More and Soulswitch.

Earthday Birthday is a can’t miss event for local rock fans. The festival takes over the Central Florida Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 25th, and are a fantastic bargain at $59. You can also check the following link for option to but service fee free tix an area locations: EDBD 22 Tickets.

Aside from the music, the festival also has a few other cool touches.  Rides at the Al Capone Cigarillos Midway, Mel’s Bad Girls Club Art Walk, Kickstart by Mountain Dew BMX Demos, Professional Wrestling from I Believe in Wrestling, a vendor village and over 20 local charities. All good stuff for sure, but this event is all about the music, and it’s a line-up tailor made for rock and roll animals, like us!

101.1 WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 22 will feature twenty bands spread across 20 stages, including something for anyone who appreciates their rock music delivered loud and hard.

Full Line-Up

We’ll have our six can’t miss bands in the next few days, as well as additional coverage and photos before, during and after the event.

Rock On!

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Super Bob – Killer Album Review

Matt Santoro of Super Bob in Orlando
Matt Santoro of Super Bob in Orlando

Killer New Music From Super Bob

This Virginia-based quartet is one of the most hard-working, charismatic and energetic rock acts touring these days, and they’ve finally carved out the time to record a new album, and it’s been worth the wait.

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The new album, Killer, immediately explodes through your speakers with the high-energy “Capt Crunch.” It includes all of the Super Bob elements you’ve grown accustomed to in their live shows, sans four maniacal performers flying around the stage. But trust me, you crank this up, and you’ll be flying around your place. It’s their trademark sound, which is a hyper-hip Rage Against The Machine / Rob Zombie / Nine Inch Nails kind of thing… Kind of, but not really, it’s probably best to slip on some good headphones, clear some space on the floor and as the chorus implores: “Let the mother fuckers know who their fucking with!”

Killer is part hip-hop, part hard rock, and 100% loud, invigorating, shake your ass dance music.  The songs feature generous samples, a bouncing, aggressive rhythm section and vibrant vocals from frontman Matt Santoro. It’s edgy, aggressive stuff that is a blast to listen to.  It doesn’t exactly capture the amazing live experience the band delivers, but nothing could; nonetheless, it’s an album worth listening to for any fans of hard dance-infused rock.

Highlights from the album include the title track, which is also the first single; a thumping anthem laced with samples and an excellent canvas for Santoro’s vocals.  “F.T.W.” features powerful drums from Chris Faircloth and “Guns Drawn” a more stripped down song (well, by Super Bob standards) is a nice showcase for Adam Smith’s guitar work.

My favorite track is “Public Execution,” which kicks off with throbbing Drew Recny bass chords before growing into a filthy dancy rocker that is absolutely addictive and already better than just about anything else gracing the airwaves today.

Santoro shared a bit of the challenge recording an album when your band is on the road 250 nights per year. “We’ve been working on it for two years because we are on the road so much. When we started, our producer lived in Pompano Beach, then be moved to Madison, Wisconsin. So now, we tour up to Madison, spend a few days in the studio, tour in the area, record for a few more days then head back out… he met us at a house in the middle of nowhere, Illinois… he met us in Myrtle at a house we rented there… we just brought him wherever we were going.” (You can see our recent Super Bob show review here, which includes additional quotes from Santoro.)

Grab the album here:


(Check out our recent Super Bob concert photos on our Facebook page)

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Blaine The Mono Interview

Blaine The Mono Group Photo
Blaine The Mono: Eric Joseph, Chris Culverwell, Randi Stickles and Clifton Garner

Blaine the Mono Chats About Their New Album

When we naively started this website a few years ago, one of our first reviews was Vices And Verses from local Orlando rockers Blaine The Mono. Since that time, we’ve grown up a bit, and as we see on their excellent new album Jellyfish, this quartet is maturing into one hell of a band.

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On a chilly Florida night, I recently had the chance to sit down with this affable and talented group at Rock & Brews in Oviedo. Huddled around an outdoor heater, we sipped a drink or two, talked about music and life and then took a deep dive into the new album.

Today, I’ll share the early conversation, and provide a deeper look into “Capsize,” the first single and first track from the album, and then follow it up with a deep song-by-song look into the entire album on the day it is released in Orlando, February 28th. It should be a cool accompaniment for you as you take your first tour through the seven new rocking tracks. Make sure you Like our Facebook page so you don’t miss a thing.

We started out talking about the songwriting on the album. As it turns out, and as you’ll read in our track-by-track immersion, this is a true collaborative effort. Many of the songs start off with a riff from guitarist Eric Joseph. From there, they go through an evolution as all of the band members provide their input, before vocalist Randi Stickles polishes it off by penning the typically provocative lyrics, leaving all of the band members sharing songwriting credit.

We chatted for about an hour, and these four are all passionate about the excellent music that they’ve created, and it was nice to see the way they interacted. They like each other and truly seem to enjoy their time working together.

Cretin: So, we’re sitting here at Rock & Brews, where the walls are plastered with images of larger-than-life legendary rockers. Were any of these artists influences for you?
Eric Joseph – Guitar: Zeppelin, Stones and The Beatles, I really came up on The Beatles. I liked the 60s and 70s, and a lot of 50s stuff and the 90s obviously. But, I kind of skipped a lot of stuff in the 80’s, the New Wave rock.
Clifton Garner – Drums: Doors, Hendrix. For the 80’s, I only really liked the Cars, and somebody bought me a Warrant album once.
Randi Stickles – Vocals: (smiling) I really liked the Scooby Doo soundtrack in the 80’s. My dad listened to the Box Tops and stuff like that, but nothing that really stuck out; I listen to a lot of Nirvana and The Distillers.
Joseph: The Used, Deftones, The Yeah, Yeah Yeahs.
Stickles: Royal Blood is a new one I listen to a lot.

Cretin: That was one of our Top 5 albums of the year last year. (See our list here)
Stickles: They’re awesome.
Joseph: That’s a major break out band. Truly awesome.
Garner: When we went to South By (Southwest), they were all over the place. I think they played eight or nine shows in five days, it was great. I’ve got to throw Primus in there, because Irv is one of the greatest drummers. Everybody just thinks of Les Claypool, but in order to play with a bassist of that caliber, you have to be the greatest drummer in the world.

Cretin: Chris, what about you?
Chris Culverwell – Bass: Classic stuff? I’m a big Pink Floyd guy, Doors, Zeppelin, Hendrix. I’m the only Floyd fan here.
Stickles: That’s weird shit. I feel you need to be high, I don’t know.
Culverwell: (unfazed) As far as newer stuff, I’m a big Tool and Radiohead fan.
Joseph: (as “Somebody To Love” plays in the background) I’d like to add Queen to my list
Garner: Yeah, yeah.

Cretin: You guys need to go on-line and look at my Top 25 albums ever, a lot of these bands are included. There’s no Primus on there, though.
Stickles: (sarcastically) best drummer in the world.

Cretin: So switching over to your new album, Jellyfish, do any of you have a favorite song from the album?
Garner: “Get Me Right”
Stickles: Me too, that’s what I end up listening to the most.
Joseph: I listen to “The Slip” the most.
Culverwell: Probably “Blue.”
Stickles: I think “Get Me Right” is one of the newest, and it’s got more of that sing-songy feel which is why I like it.

Cretin: Thinking about your creative process, what was the first song you created for the album?
Garner: I think “Tides” was the oldest, then “Blue.”
Stickles: I just remember playing “Blue” around the time we were recording Vices (and Verses, their last album).” We were like “why don’t we add this?”
Joseph: I remember when we were recording Vices playing a scratch track for “Blue.” Yeah, so the first song we recorded is the last song on the album.

Cretin: Which was the last one you worked on?
Garner: “Get Me Right,” we recorded it on this last tour in the van. That one’s fresh.
Culverwell: The last one we perfected, though, was “You’re A Ghost.”
Garner: Yeah, that’s probably actually the oldest song. You wrote that before we started recording Vices.

Cretin: Which was the first you recorded for the album?
Joseph: “Blue.” We actually recorded them in alphabetical order, because that’s the way the engineer had created the session…

So, let’s begin our song-by-song voyage with “Capsize” (OK – I’ll stop the corny sea references)


Cretin: Why did you choose this one as the first track on the album?
Stickles: Crowd response. The best crowd response for our songs.
Joseph: We wrote it before we went on tour, and it wasn’t on that album we were touring for. In all of the cities we went to we got a really good crowd response. I think we all felt it was more upbeat – kind of dancy, punky, high energy. And, it just seemed to have that nice strong chorus. I was into a lot of Arctic Monkeys at the time and I thought I’d write an Arctic Monkeys song that’s not an Arctic Monkeys song. (We drifted off on a brief tangent about the Arctic Monkeys. I won’t cover the dialogue here, but it’s safe to say the band members are big fans)

Cretin: The opening guitar on this one does not sound like the Blaine The Mono I heard on the first album. What was the inspiration for that?
Joseph: Just something different. Going and performing at South By Southwest really opened my eyes. A lot of the riffs I wrote for Vices, I wrote before I even met Randi. It was a lot of music that Cliff, Chris and I had and then she filled in a lot of stuff and I really wanted to do some music that I felt was more the four of us at the time. That’s how the whole albums is. I just think this is what we actually sound like as a foursome.
Culverwell: Your songwriting changed a lot. He played in an old band before called Atrophy and everything had that grunge vibe to it, and it’s less of that now.
Garner: It’s more Alt now, and less grunge. I think there’s still plenty of metal influences, though.
Stickles: Especially in the breakdowns.

Cretin: I also thought it was a really good drum song.
Joseph: Oh, yeah, it totally is. Love the drums. Absolutely.
Garner: When he wrote that riff, the first thing I heard was Arctic Monkeys and I wanted to make sure we had a really dancy song that you hear that hear that opening and you immediately want to have fun with it.

Cretin: What about the lyrics? They actually confused me a bit.
Garner: She’ll do that.
Stickles: It’s kind of a one night stand perspective and then somebody taking it further than a one night stand and just becoming ridiculously obsessed with you and you have no idea why.
Joseph: I hate when that happens,
Garner: (chuckling) It happens all the time, right?
Stickles: It happens all the time. Something’s got me locked inside your head and you keep that person a secret because you don’t want other people to know how obsessed they are. It’s embarrassing.
Cretin: Do you want to reveal the person?
Stickles: No, no, I’m good.

Well, that’s it for now – a little sample from our walkthrough of the Jellyfish album. Check back soon as we take a similar walk through every song on the new album on February 28th, the date it is released in Orlando.

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Killer New Metal from Night Demon

Night Demon Single Review

More than twenty years ago, I hosted a late night 80’s Metal Show on our college radio station in the mountains of Western Virginia. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Krokus, you know the stuff; I loved it then and still do today, and when I hear one of those tracks it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside… then I crank up the volume and start banging my head against the wall. Ah, sweet memories.

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So, as I write this, and nurse my throbbing head, I do so with a smile plastered on my face, courtesy of Southern California’s Night Demon. The Ventura band’s aggressive new single, “Killer” evokes strong memories of all that was good in 80’s metal. It’s a catchy complete song with just enough rough edges to make it real and natural, and a song that absolutely demands to be played loudly.

The song immediately grabs you by throat with a scorching opening guitar riff, quickly followed by frenetic bass and powerful drums from Dusty Squires. Bassist and lead singer Jarvis Leatherby’s powerful vocals are gritty, yet absolutely easy to listen to, and Brent Woodward tosses in a few killer solos. Check the song out below and let me know what you think:

The trio is set to release their debut album, Curse Of the Damned on January 27, 2015 via Century Media, and if “Killer” is any indication of what to expect, hard rock fans are going to be pretty damn happy.

Rock On!

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Stuck On Adelitas Way’s New Album

Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way
Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way. Photo: rarasfarm.com,

Adelitas Way STUCK Album Review

I’m a sucker for melodic hard-edged rock. Sadly, it has become increasingly difficult to find in today’s vapid hard rock landscape. But once in awhile I come across one of those albums that absolutely nails it; albums like Adelitas Way’s forthcoming release, Stuck.

In the sweltering sun of Welcome To Rockville I caught their blistering set and counted down the days to the July 29th release of their third album. Then, we got a glimpse of what we were in store when they released “Dog On A Leash” the excellent aggressive lead single, which instantly ratcheted up my expectations.

I’ve come to expect to be disappointed with so many active rock albums that are weak – albums featuring one or two solid tracks surrounded by a sea of crap. But not this time. Nope, Stuck absolutely delivers. This is a masterpiece destined for year-end best of lists. It’s one of those rare albums that defines a band and jettisons them into the rock ‘n roll stratosphere. It’s Adelitas Way’s equivalent of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets or the Scorpions Love At First Bite, an offering that takes a band from solid rockers to bona fide stars.

The previous comparison to The Scorpions is an apt one, as these American rockers feature excellent hard rock guitar, at times gritty and raw and at others beautifully honed, and all of it masterfully layered throughout. Throw in thunderous drums and diverse balanced vocals from Rick DeJesus and it’s a killer combination. There’s a common hard rock thread through all of the tracks, and the songs are generally catchy as hell, but happily, they’re a diverse grouping of tracks that all stand on their own.

“Dog On A Leash,” like most of the tracks on Stuck, is sharply produced music that still retains a welcome gritty edge. The album offers a diverse glimpse into the Las Vegas quartet’s considerable talent.  There are a handful of killer tracks throughout the album, the best, “Different Kind Of Animal” is one of the most balanced, rich rockers I have heard in years. “Keep Me Waiting,” “Save The World.” “We Came” and “Blur” are all future active radio hits cut from the same cloth and excellent offerings.

On the other end of the spectrum is the keyboard driven “Something More,” the tender ballad “Drive” and the built-for-stadiums anthem “Undivided,” all tracks that scream for well-deserved attention.  There’s not a weak track on the album, and it’s a must buy for all hard rock fans.

Rock On!

P.S. As good as this album is, they also put on a great live show. You’ll be able to catch Adelitas Way touring this fall with The Pretty Reckless, including four September dates here in Florida. The full tour schedule follows below the break.

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Check out our Adelitas Way Concert Photos

09/10/2014 Boston, MA House of Blues*
09/12/2014 Silver Spring, MD The Fillmore*
09/13/2014 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of the Living Arts*
09/15/2014 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade*
09/17/2014 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues*
09/18/2014 Jacksonville beach, FL Free Bird Live*
09/19/2014 St. Petersburg, FL Mahaffey Theater*
09/20/2014 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues*
09/21/2014 Fort Lauderdale, FL Revolution Live*
09/23/2014 Mobile, AL Soul Kitchen*
09/24/2014 New Orleans, LA House of Blues*
09/26/2014 Austin, TX Emo’s*
09/28/2014 Houston, TX House of Blues*
09/30/2014 Tempe, AZ The Marquee Theatre*
10/02/2014 Reno, NV Knitting Factory *
10/03/2014 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom*
10/04/2014 Seattle, WA El Corazon*
10/05/2014 Vancouver, B.C. Vogue Theatre*
10/08/2014 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom*
10/10/2014 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern*
10/11/2014 Anaheim, CA House of Blues*
10/12/2014 San Diego, CA House of Blues*
10/16/2014 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex*
10/17/2014 Denver, CO The Fillmore Auditorium*
10/25/2014 Indianapolis, IN Deluxe @ Old National Centre*
10/28/2014 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall*
10/29/2014 Cleveland, OH House of Blues*
10/30/2014 Toronto, ON The Sound Academy*
11/01/2014 Montreal, QC Olympia De Montreal*
11/04/2014 South Burlington, VT Higher Ground Ballroom*
11/06/2014 Portland, ME The Asylum*
11/07/2014 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom*
11/08/2014 New York, NY Best Buy Theater*
*Marks dates with The Pretty Reckless – additional dates will be announced throughout the summer.

Album Review: Devour The Day – Time And Pressure


Devour The Day Album Review

Formed from the remains of the Memphis-based Egypt Central, Devour The Day are part of the wave of American hard-rock bands that want to prove themselves as having somewhat of a harder edge, while also demonstrating the ability to be eclectic.

The album starts off with a contrasting one-two punch of “Respect”, and “Good Man”. Respect is a somewhat typical blend of staccato riffing and screamo vocals. It’s an impactful opener, but atypical of the rest of the album. Combined with “Good Man”, they’re the obvious choices for singles airplay, but after repeated listenings, to me they’re really nothing more than the gateway drugs for the rest of the album. They’re highly accessible so that the masses can get into it. Think of the album like an onion – you have to peel off the outer layers to get to the good stuff.

From “Blackout” to “Reckless” they display a variety of styles and influences, even if they are sometimes too overt. “Blackout is a tighter and more refined attempt at what they tried to do with “Respect”. “You And Not Me” is eerily reminiscent to me as sounding like coming from the latter-day All That Remains playbook. “Move On” unabashedly takes on the Linkin Park style. “Get Out Of My Way” would be one of the highlights of the album if not for the Disturbed-like trigger-sampled-background-barks plaguing its chorus. “Oath” brings the intensity down just a slight bit….

… setting up the money-shot of the album, “Reckless”. A perfectly constructed  piece of songcraft with an innocent-enough sounding verse in D-Major, so as to evoke optimism, one layer of harmony added on the quick pre-chorus, and then another on the chorus. Take heed of my word – this chorus ought to be the very definition of ‘hook’. Because I am a sucker (I mean, connoisseur) for well-done harmony and counterpoint, this one hit me real hard, even if on subsequent listens the impact was lessened because I knew it was coming.

What of the rest of the album after that lofty endorsement? Well they don’t quite match it’s height, but it’s not for lack of trying.

The album as a whole is a sign of promise.  The arrangements are tight (nothing over 4 minutes) without being trite. Virtually every song follows the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-out formula, with nary a solo and barely an interlude. Nearly every song had me thinking afterwards “if it were 30 seconds longer and with no breaks or bridges, I might’ve gotten bored”. At times, this would make me almost write them off for lack of exploration (though an occasional drum-pattern variation saves the day for me), but I do have to respect that they know how to keep the songs just concise enough. If they are willing to let loose, and free themselves from the conventions of tight pop-song structure, they’ll develop into a fine hard-rock band worthy of your further attention.