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Ted Nugent Interview

Ted Nugent Interview with Leon Jonjock

Hello Ted Nugent Fans!

We are back on the road again, and this rock n roll road trip never ends.  Today I catch up with one of America’s favorite guitarists – TED NUGENT!  Michigan’s Motor City Madman, is back with a killer show loaded with classic hits.  Nugent is currently touring the USA – with yet another highly acclaimed tour in 2017.

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Guitar Rock Dominates at Guns N’ Roses Show

Florida’s Generation X rock fans got their long-awaited fix of classic rock when iconic 80’s rockers Guns N’ Roses brought stadium rock back to Orlando in a big way.

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Clear As Black And White

Gary Lazer Eyes are a talented quartet and intriguing new band from Melbourne, FL, who need to be on your new music radar.  They just released Black And White, their debut EP – Good news for local rock fans, as it’s a refreshing serving of distinctive rock ‘n roll.

Gary Lazer Eyes 2015 Florida Music Festival
Gary Lazer Eyes at the 2015 Florida Music Festival

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The Harlots – On Their Way


The Harlots “On My Way” Single Review

The more music I hear from Australia, the more convinced I am that the country is quickly becoming the hottest incubator for fresh rock ‘n roll.

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The latest band to catch my attention is Harlot, a talented six-piece from Melbourne, Australia.  They’re a group of twenty-somethings who are about to deliver their fantastic new single “On My Way” on June 26th.

The infectious rocker is in invigorating call to action. It’s a rare rock song that is both raw and exquisitely polished at the same time.  The single is a guitar-driven effort laced with sharp hooks, which are masterfully paired with catchy vocals from Tom Pitts (the nephew of Nick Cave of Bad Seeds fame).

Pitts’ vocals are vibrant and quite diverse and the song is a great landscape for his talents, but the lush musical bed is even more captivating. Hard-driving drums provide the perfect backdrop for a song that is drenched with excellent guitar work throughout.  It’s an catchy and generous 4:23 gem that wonderfully builds to a soaring close.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Rock On!

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Southern Rockers Molly Hatchet Come Home

Molly Hatchet Concert Review

Hello Fans, HappyJack is back with another concert review; this time, Southern Rock Legends Molly Hatchet. I got the call that the band was finally coming home to Jacksonville Florida, hometown to many Southern Rock legends. This band has special memories for me, as I have seen them in all stages of the band’s timeline. And, I really like the lineup they have now.

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Playing tonight to a packed house and a very enthusiastic crowd, Jacksonville’s Molly Hatchet hit the stage with full guns a blazing and the amps cranked up loud enough to hear all the way to Jacksonville Beach!  Right off the bat, they came roaring out with “Whiskey Man,” a fan favorite and a must have in your CD music collection.

When Southern Rock history is written, Molly Hatchet is a band no one can deny.  The band was rocking on this night, as the fans held their hands up in support on every song.  The classic tracks included “Dreams I’ll Never See,” “Gator Country,” “Bounty Hunter,” “Fall of the Peacemakers,” “Beatin’ the Odds,”  “Bloody Reunion” and the hell raisin’ “Flirting with Disaster” along with lots of new material that felt like old classics! I am really excited to get the new CD – grab one yourself and sit back and listen to what these guys have put together – one hell of an album.

I enjoyed the show and will be attending every time they return. This show felt like a showcase with each member bringing the hometown crowd some love through their music. Everyone is dancing and jumping tonight; it’s been a long time and we are glad the guys have came home for a few weeks. Soon, another German tour, and Benny the merchandise guy says the band loves to tour there.

I personally know a few members of this band (and also ex-members who have started new groups) and they all thank the fans for their support.

Let’s talk about the 2014/2015 line up

Dave Hlubek – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

The only original member in the current line-up, Dave has been in the band for a long time and is credited for songwriting most of the hits we all love today. He is known Worldwide as the man who made Southern Rockers jump for joy. The sounds he makes with his guitar are like no other player – he knows every trick in the book! His hands worked the strings like a fine tuned motor, playing with 2, 3 or four fingers, all going at speeds that make you blink. Hlubek knows chords that make your body move, and the crowd loved it. This guy is a true favorite of the fans who love him dearly. Just watching Dave is a schooling – a showcase of excitement with every note.

I have video’s of Molly Hatchet in Germany and this guy runs all through the crowd, having a blast with the fans and never misses a beat. We all give full respect to Dave Hlubek and will forever be amazed by his ability to make boogie songs that fans adore. I met him a few times and he is a true gentleman and passionate musician.

Rock on Dave !

Dave Hlubek
Dave Hlubek


Bobby Ingram – Lead/Rhythm Guitars / Vocals

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Ingram started playing guitar at the age of 11. He then started a group called “Rum Creek” which gave Danny Joe Brown, Molly Hatchet’s original singer, his first credited gig. Bobby kept playing gigs with his Rum Creek Band while Danny started a new group, Molly Hatchet, and had a couple of hits.

Molly Hatchet was having some eternal problems with bandmates and for a short time had disbanded to clear the air.  The band needed a break after long days on the road to re-energize themselves.

Bobby and Danny Joe were friends and in 1980 they decided to create The Danny Joe Brown Band. The group released a great debut album and was doing OK – but the crowds were not what Molly Hatchet were bringing, so Danny Joe invited Bobby to Molly Hatchet with plenty of fans to offer support. Molly Hatchet was back in action with fresh attitudes and great guitars chops. The band was gaining popularity and then health issues suddenly forced Danny Joe to announce his retirement from the band, leaving Bobby the band’s new owner.

Bobby has been in the band for over 30 years and also produced over half of the band’s catalog of wonderful music. The fans are happy to have Bobby at the reigns of Southern Rock’s most Legendary Rowdy Band. Tonight Bobby’s playing was on fire – he threw picks and the crowd went wild with every lick.

Tim Lindsey – Bass Guitar / Vocals

Raised in hometown Jacksonville, the fans adore this man. He’s played and/or recorded for The Rossington Band, Skynyrd, and others. He has passion that is seen with every move he makes, always assuring the bottom line is tight and he has the ability to make every song sound like he is in the studio – perfect in every way.

The fans jump in front of him tonight showing him support for what he offers us. His white/silver/gray hair looks awesome on stage and he looks great and seems to be having fun playing for the dedicated fans. I met him many times when he played with The Randall Hall Band,  ex-members of Skynyrd Tribute Tour Band, playing at Paxon Lounge on the West side of Jacksonville.

We loved every moment with him. He is the man. He smiled and spent time with the fans afterward , we love him dearly. He is one of Southern Rock’s best Bass guitar players.


Shawn Beamer – Drums , Percussion

Known as “Thunder” to the fans, he is very dedicated to his work.  Playing song after song like he wrote them, we were all thrilled to see him again. He plays with a nice pro drum set that has powerful toms which bring the guns out – blazing beats that back the band’s wonderful song line-up. He did not miss a beat tonight and nicely added flare when needed to make the songs really stand out.

The drums sounded like cannons all night which everyone loved to hear. No tap tap tap, but rather boom boom boom! Beamer was in a great mood and smiled with the fans who came to see him. After eight years with the band, this band is really tight; we are happy to have him in the line up – forever!


John Galvin – Keyboards / Vocals

John has been with the band for a long time now coming from Detroit to join the Danny Joe Brown Band, then eventually joining Molly Hatchet in the early 80’s. John is great at adding wonderful fills on his keyboards to every song. Raised in Ohio, with 12 years of studying classical and jazz piano, he has been helping the band hit the heights we love musically.

I watched John and noticed him having the time of his life. John, we the fans had the time of our lives. Thank you for your dedication to the band and to the fans. You are home now.

Phil McCormack – Vocals / Ring Leader

He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, moved to Dayton, Ohio then Washington D.C. , and now calls Jacksonville his home. Playing Southern Rock for decades, he was on the road with The Dixie Road Ducks and other bands – making fans happy with each show. Joining Molly Hatchet in 1996, he has been a driving force to be reckoned with onstage.

This guy has the stage presence of a Southern General of the Southern Rock Army, with a cool looking cowboy hat, and solid leather boots that will kick the fire out of you if you cross the line. With his cowboy trench jacket he looks to have 3 shotguns hidden ready to fire at a moment’s notice. He is what we Southern Rock fans have been wanting to see onstage – all out rowdy! The fans flock to his feet when the first song kicks off, and they are happy, His gravelly rock voice commands the stage and everyone in a mile’s distance will remember him.

His ability to hit the range the songs need is amazing to see and hear. He struts the stage like a rooster, screaming above the loud guitars and thunder drums and the crowd doesn’t stop!

Thank you to the band management and Molly Hatchet for their undying love for the music – the fans can see it and feel it with every show. The current line up will be around for a long time and we’ll be here for them. The fans really came out tonight for this, and loved it.

Molly Hatchet is back – with guns a blazing!

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I’ll be back soon with another review of your favorite bands. Soon, Ex-members of Blackfoot with a new band called Two Wolf and a very hot band called Southern Steel is around the corner. And I even have a review coming for this years Grammy Award Nominee’s – “Blister” – Heavy Metals New Giants.

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