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The Church of Ghost: Hard Rock Live – Orlando

Ghost Show Review – Orlando

Ghost Show ReviewPeople were baptized in the church of Ghost  on November 2nd in Orlando. The Swedish metal outfit gave communion to 500 + fans at the Hard Rock Live clamoring to be within the breath of the band, and they delivered one of the best shows I have seen in 2016. Ghost has spent most of the year traveling the festival circuit on their critically acclaimed Popestar EP behind the lead single “Square Hammer” a pop ditty, banger that hails satan in the process. Papa Emeritus III and the Nameless Ghouls play up the shock rock, but behind the robes and masks is a metal band with great songs, and an even greater live show.

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Ghost’s Popestar: Preview of What’s Coming?

Ghost’s Popestar Album Review

I have been a fan of Ghost since I first heard a song called “Ritual” off their debut album Opus Eponymus about four years ago. So naturally, when the chance came to review their new e.p. Popestar came up, I was super excited. New Ghost, I thought, this is gonna be great!

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Welcome To Rockville: Day Two

Myself and another RARAs Farm contributor were going to cover Welcome To Rockville 2016 (day two), but he had a last minute emergency, so I unexpectedly found myself with an extra media pass to Sunday’s event at the world’s loudest rock festival.

Sick Puppies - Welcome To Rockville

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The Mysterious Lost Poets

Sweden seems like a slick place to live. The people are relatively happy, the government offers programs to assist the masses in the form of relatively cheap, or free education and healthcare. I can’t say that I have ever seen an ugly Swede, although my contact with the population is limited. And… they have the best music. I tend to gravitate more towards the blistering effects of Swedish death metal stalwarts Meshuggah, and the artistic orchestration of Ghost rather than pop heavy, more soothing comfort of ABBA and The Cardigans, although both tremendous in their own right.

lost poets 2

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If You Have Ghost

*The views and opinions expressed by the authors on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of RARAs Farm’s Rock Music Blog, any employee, or other contributor thereof.*

A disclaimer? Yes. I thought a disclaimer would be appropriate because this article is about the band Ghost, and their material, themes, and message are completely satanic. I know this may offend some people, so if you are one of them, here’s where you click the back button.

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