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Superheist – Ghosts of the Social Dead

Superheist Ghosts of the Social Dead Album Review

Superheist Ghosts Social Dead

Ahhh 2000….. The year that rap-rock peaked, nu-metal was a thing, and kids were still wearing JNCO jeans with bell bottoms as big as umbrellas. That seems so long ago, only 16 years, but with all things pre-September 11th, 2001 it really marks the end of a chapter of a history book. 2000 was also the year that Australian metal group Superheist released 8 Miles High cementing themselves as that country’s go-to metal band. In the vein of many of those late 90’s / early 00’s bands, they have laid the groundwork for a reunion record and tour. The same goes for Superheist, who after 13 years, have gotten back together to record Ghost of the Social Dead slated for released October 28th.

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