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Hey Mercedes – Everything’s Fine at The Social

IMG_2351Hey Mercedes are a punktastic, jolly good time of a band from the Chicago / Milwaukee area. Raked from the ashes of the understated Braid, the band formed in 1999 and released their most notable album Everynight Fire Works in October of 2001. The band released one more album, Loses Control, two years later and called it quits in 2005. They burned fast and bright, and left some really great material behind, great enough for a 15 year anniversary tour of the Everynight Fire Works record.

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Hey Mercedes’ Damon Atkinson Chats

Hey Mercedes’ Damon Atkinson Interview

22619-everynight-fire-worksHey Mercedes is in the midst of a nice resurgence in popularity, as they prepare to cruise into Orlando for a very special night of Alternative rock on this Friday, August 12th. Learn about their favorite Orlando ritual, who the vinyl nerd in the band is, and when you can expect new music from the guys…

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