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Emarosa – October 6th – Tampa, FL

I went down to the wonderful Orpheum Theater in beautiful Ybor City, Tampa, I really do think that the Orpheum is one of the best venues in all of Tampa. I generally get there a little early, but not too early, because I don’t like waiting, but I like to see the opening acts.

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Album Review: Emarosa – 131

EmarosaThere are bands in the world that can take a hit and keep going. Bands like Deep Purple that have weathered whole lineup changes, and kept making great music, or Aerosmith who came back from the dead after completely imploding. Emarosa want to be one of those bands. Now, I am in no way comparing Emarosa to those 70’s hard rock darlings, but the group has been the victim of a carousel of lineup changes, as well as an overhaul to their core sound. This finds the band in awkward territory, but fans would never know as their new record 131 is one of their better, and most complete albums in recent memory.

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Fan’s Warped Tour – Lineup

While attending the Van’s Warped Tour national lineup reveal early this week, I realized how this legendary tour has truly grown into  a Fan-focused event for the dedicated, passionate members of the Warped Tour family. So, for this article, we’ll take a quick look at the “Fan’s Warped Tour.”

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