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Earthday Birthday Set Times, Features and More

As if you didn’t know, Earthday Birthday 24, presented by WJRR, Orlando’s rock station, is this Saturday. WJRR has just released the set times for all of the acts on this year’s stacked lineup, except for the acoustic stage, which will be featuring prominent local acts like Soulswitch and Dark Summer.

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Catching Up With Red Sun rising

During a hellacious downpour at last year’s Welcome To Rockville we had our first chat with the founders of then up-and-coming rock band Red Sun Rising. Since that stormy afternoon, their career has been skyrocketing with back-to-back number 1 singles. We caught up with the band again this year at Rockville to see how things have changed.

Ryan Williams Earthday Birthday EDBD Red Sun Rising.
Ryan Williams tearing it up at Earthday Birthday.

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Checking in with From Ashes To New

Between their explosive sets at Earthday Birthday and Welcome To Rockville, we had a chance to chat with From Ashes To New guitarist Branden “Boo” Kreider.

From Ashes To New 09 (800x533)

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EDBD 23 – It’s A Chick Thing?

This year’s 101.1 WJRR Earthday Birthday was the most women-centric rock event I can remember, and the approach helped make it one of the best festivals I’ve experienced. We were treated to five female fronted bands, a key sponsor was breast health awareness non-profit organization Rock Pink, we had a chance to honor a local survivor, we saw plenty of Mel and LT, and of course, there were painted breasts celebrated everywhere.

Dorothy killed it at Earthday Birthday 23 EDBD23 WJRR
Dorothy killed it at Earthday Birthday 23

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EBDB 23 Announcement and a Killer Ticket Deal

The line-up for Earthday Birthday has been announced, and it looks like Central Florida is in for another great day of rock ‘n roll at The Central Florida Fairgrounds – and if you act right away, you can see this great line-up for half price!

EDBD 23 Earthday Birthday Logo

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Interview with Message to Venus


Message To Venus Interview

The following is an interview that took place in the midst of Earthday Birthday 22, under a tent behind the Full Sail University stage. It was the best place we could find to escape the oppressive heat that lasted all day

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Message To Venus backstage Paul McCoy 12 Stones
The guys from Message To Venus backstage with Paul McCoy of 12 Stones – photo: Philip Snyder

The following is an interview that took place in the midst of Earthday Birthday 22, under a tent behind the Full Sail University stage. It was the best place we could find to escape the oppressive heat that lasted all day.

Philip Snyder (PS):   So, how did you like the crowd?

Message To Venus (M2V):  The crowd was awesome! Everybody seemed pretty pumped, especially for being 11 a.m. You know, so we’re the icebreakers, there’s always that little moment where everybody came up to the stage, straight up to us. We were surprised. It was pretty cool. We threw out some free merch as well. The album, the actual album, you cannot get that on Itunes or Amazon. It’s a full length album we spent a lot of money on, do-it-yourself, a little something for the crowd out there.

PS: Yeah, I was going to ask you about that. So, are you going to see any of the other acts, mingle or anything like that?

M2V: Definitely, we just saw 12 Stones, our brothers over there. They always do a badass set. Pretty stoked Flyleaf is playing as we speak, Sevendust after them as well.

PS: You big Sevendust fans?

M2V: (Chorus of yeahs, and oh yeahs from all members) we love Sevendust! We are looking forward to seeing Tremonti, you know! Slash. Nothing More. Five Finger death Punch, the whole lineup!

PS: So, do you prefer this kind of a festival scene? Or do you like the club scene?

M2V: It’s a lot easier to play a stage at a club. Smaller stage, there’s a lot easier communication, less crew members, everything just flows easier. On big stages, bands like us, who are do it yourself, it’s a lot harder. We don’t have so many hands on deck. You know, it’s just the four of us orchestrating and giving the performance. It’s really difficult to have great communication onstage when there’s a crew of about twelve. Plus everything happens so fast, it’s like in and out, we really don’t have time for a sound check, everything is done during the performance. It becomes like it (the performance) is the sound check, it is heat of the moment. There’s no practice, we have to go, then get out, and that’s how it works during a festival. But we always have fun, it’s awesome!

PS: Okay, do you have any other Florida dates, so the fans who just discovered you can see you again?

M2V: We’re working on that. The next dates are in New York. We’re going up there, then coming back to Miami, so we might work something out for north Florida for May.

PS: That’s good, I think you got some fans today, if you make an Orlando date, I’m sure it will fill up.

M2V: Sure! Definitely!

PS: I was going to ask you, when is the new album available?

M2V: We actually have the album available on our website, messagetovenus.com, right now. We have our merch store, and you can buy it there, physical copy only. We are trying to do it old school, for a little more adventurous music lover. We wanted to take that whole initiative like when you used to have to stand in line at a Sam Goody store, back in the day, on a Tuesday morning. That was new release day. You are going to get something plastic to your doorstep, with real liners.

PS: So, you all are independent, right?

M2V: We are independent.

PS: Any record deals in the works? Anything lined up?

M2V: We have some communication with some guys, yeah. It’s all still negotiating talk, nothing physical, no written documents, nothing set up. We’re still freelance, but some things are starting to happen. We’re being selective, to be honest.

PS: That’s good. So, what is in store for Message to Venus? Do you have a bucket list? What do you want to accomplish?

M2V: Hadn’t really thought of a bucket list, but that’s pretty cool. But of course, we know what we want to do. We want to be an international touring band. We really want to get to that level. When you’re a do-it-yourself band, you are limited by do-it-yourself resources. It’s super hard to get to that level. That’s why we’ve had funds like indiegogo.com, which is backed by the fans, which is pretty awesome! We really want to get to Europe, which would be amazing. Definitely be able to get our music out, we got “Cold and Gray”, that’s hitting the charts right now, Over and Done right now is at #35 and climbing over at radiocontraband.com under the radar chart*, and also #48 on the BDS indicator. But you know, we’re getting some traction. There’s also a video coming out for “Over and Done”. It’s a video we shot in Miami.**

PS: Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

M2V: Keep discovering new music. Be open minded. Check us out. Get out of your comfort zone. Try to listen to new bands, and enjoy good music from Message to Venus, 21st century rock at messagetovenus.com!

PS: That’s all I have. Thanks for the time.

M2V: Alright, enjoy the rest of the bands!

*As of this publication, “Over and Done” has moved up the chart to #16. Congratulations, guys!

**The video has been released. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-mz6A415mE

Philip Snyder

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Earthday Birthday 22 Recap


WJRR’s Earthday Birthday Rocks Orlando

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Welcome to Rockville day one and Earthday Birthday 22 happened on the same day this year. So the dilemma for Central Florida rock enthusiasts was which show to go to. The obvious answer is EDBD followed by day two of Rockville, but that wasn’t an option for everyone, myself included. EDBD was held this year at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, and there was ample, but not free, parking.

I got there about an hour before the gates opened and joined the line, and overheard conversations about how lame the lineup was this year. If you heard this, and decided not to go, or abandoned Orlando’s only rock station’s annual festival in favor of Jacksonville’s little show, I’m here to tell you that you might have been mistaken. Every band I saw from 11 a.m., to Five Finger Death Punch, who closed the show around midnight, was awesome!

There were two main stages, the Bud Light Stage, at the northern end of the fairgrounds, and the Full Sail Stage at the south end. There was also an acoustic stage nestled in amongst the many great art vendors in the Mel’s Bad Girls Club Art Walk, featuring some local groups who were winners of a “battle of the bands” competition put on by WJRR, including hometown favorite Leaving Haven. There was also a midway with carnival rides, a BMX stunt show, wrestling ring, body painting, and tons of vendors giving away free swag, while selling their products and services.

Each stage packed enough speakers that people could hear all the great music easily while they took in everything the festival had to offer. Truth be told, I had a hard time finding someplace quiet to make a phone call, which ended up being near the centrally located restrooms. One of the only downsides to the whole thing was that it was hot, but thanks to Red Bull, there were large tents where anyone could sit down and get some relief from the sun.


So which acts helped me choose Earthday Birthday 22 over Welcome to Rockville, or staying home trolling the internet? Five Finger Death Punch, of course; I could do a whole story on their set alone, but there will be more articles to come this week breaking down their show, as well as Rise Against, Buckcherry, and All That Remains.

Which groups am I really glad I saw, that I might not otherwise have given a second thought to? Message to Venus, watch for my interview with them later, SoulSwitch, and Bobaflex, but every band I saw rocked!

What would I have done differently? I would have brought chargers for my phone and camera. My camera died shooting Slash’s set, my phone died shortly after, I had to pay to get my phone charged. Afterwards, I found a bunch of empty electrical outlets near an ATM. I also would bring some merch to get signed. Since I was worried about missing any music, I didn’t figure I would have time to do so. But since the music could be heard everywhere, I realize now this wouldn’t be a problem.

WJRR put together one hell of a show, the on air personalities made it a point to interact with the audience in every way possible, the staff was great, quickly responding to any incidents, as well as offering a squirt of ice cold water to whoever they could get to. I highly recommend you attend Earthday Birthday when it rolls around next year, also check out the articles I post about the event later for a deeper look into the bands as I saw them, and don’t forget to like RARAs Farm on Facebook where we will be posting exclusive concert photos.