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Band to Watch: Dorothy

New Music and Florida Tour from Dorothy

I caught Dorothy at Earthday Birthday 23 back in the Spring of 2016, when they were one of the best bands to take the stage on a day that was packed with killer rock music. Since that time, they’ve been on my new music radar, and my ears have been entertained with some torrid alt-rock as their reputation has continued to grow.

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EDBD 23 – It’s A Chick Thing?

This year’s 101.1 WJRR Earthday Birthday was the most women-centric rock event I can remember, and the approach helped make it one of the best festivals I’ve experienced. We were treated to five female fronted bands, a key sponsor was breast health awareness non-profit organization Rock Pink, we had a chance to honor a local survivor, we saw plenty of Mel and LT, and of course, there were painted breasts celebrated everywhere.

Dorothy killed it at Earthday Birthday 23 EDBD23 WJRR
Dorothy killed it at Earthday Birthday 23

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Wicked Good Music From Dorothy

Dorothy Offers Gritty New Single

No adorable blue dress and ruby slippers here. Nope, this talented Dorothy is pouring out her gospel decked out in leather and animal prints.

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Dorothy is a four-piece out of Los Angeles who are making a splash in the rock world despite the fact that they still haven’t released their first EP. They offer-up powerful, dirty rock ‘n roll with infectious hooks.

On their new single, “Wicked Ones,” we hear them at their thunderous best. The song features deep, soulful vocals that hearken back to fond memories of Janis Joplin and Nancy Wilson. The vocals command your attention, but are no more captivating than the music.

Powerful drums, hard driving bass and rhythmic handclaps dominate the song and make it an absolute blast to listen to.

Looking forward to more from this talented group as we wait the release of their debut EP. In the meantime, check out “wicked Ones” on Soundcloud below and let us know what you think?

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