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All of Our Warped Tour Covearge Links

Vans Warped Tour 2016 LogoThe Vans Warped Tour still has another three weeks of killer shows planned, but we are all out of material. This year was our first Warped Tour, and we loved it, as you can see in the attached links. Interviews, Photos, Tips, Reviews, and more…

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Warped Tour Interviews: Dash Ten

Dash Ten Interview

“The Army’s been great and I would never try to subtract this chapter from my life, and it’s been a really great chapter…”

Corrin Campbell Dash Ten Warped TourThere are not many groups of individuals who I generally have more respect for than aspiring musicians, but one of those groups are the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces.  When I learned about Dash Ten and their blending of both traits, I was instantly drawn to the band.  Before their fun pop rock set at Vans Warped Tour, I sat down with lead singer and bassist Corrin Campbell to learn more about the band, the US Army, her mentors, and purple hair… shocking, bright, purple hair…

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