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Echosmith Puts Their Young Talent on Display

Sydney and Noah Sierota of Echosmith at The Social Orlando
Sydney and Noah Sierota of Echosmith at The Social Orlando

Echosmith Concert Review

Half of this band is still in high school, and until a few months ago, none of these four siblings could legally grab a drink. Still, Echosmith has managed to quickly establish themselves as a pop rock band just dripping with rock star potential and worthy of being on your Alt-Rock radar.

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(See a link for photos and the setlist below the review)

These four musicians are talented professionals honing their craft in front of packed rooms filled with dedicated (typically young) fans. As I witnessed Friday night, they still offer a few glimpses of their youthful and developing stage presence, but it is abundantly clear that they are all already becoming seasoned performers. The sold out Social in downtown Orlando was the perfect venue, offering the band and their fans to get close in an intimate environment.

17 year-old Sydney, the lead vocalist is the pretty focal point commanding center stage, but all three brothers were engaging and entertaining, as well. 16 year-old Graham on drums is the youngest, and decked out in his fedora cap, was steady all night. Jamie at 21, is the elder statesman and dished out vintage guitar riffs throughout the show, while nineteen year-old bassist Noah bounced around the stage constantly.

Many of Jamie’s guitar riffs were reminiscent of the 80’s rock that I grew up listening to, including more than a few of which reminded me fondly of the unique stylings of Echo & The Bunnymen’s Will Sergeant. It’s clear that these relatively young musicians have a strong 80’s influence, as they also chose to cover New Order and Talking Heads. The Heads’ selection, “This Must Be the Place,” was creatively re-imagined and one of the early set highlights and a creative choice for a cover song.

The focus of their set was music they’ve written themselves, primarily off of their recent release Talking Dreams. The title track was a poppy rocker that found Sydney dancing around under a parasol. My favorite track from the album was “Safest Place” which had strong, hard-driving bass and drums, and featured an excellent guitar solo from Jamie. Additionally, the raw “Tell Her You Love Her” was a nice opportunity for Sydney to share her vocal range, on a song that eventually meandered into a nice crowd singalong.

The band interacted with the crowd all night, and seemed comfortable doing so. They pulled their grandfather and Lauren, a young fan from the crowd, onto stage to fete them with “Happy Birthday;” grabbed a selfie with the crowd as Noah slipped into a quick snippet from “Uptown Funk” and then really offered up a special moment during the playing of their new single “Bright.” Sydney stopped half way through the song and pulled up Kristen and her fantastically surprised girlfriend, Shelby. Kristen dropped to a knee, Shelby said ‘Yes’ and the band, huddled together, serenaded them with an a capella chorus. A very nice touch!

Jamie and Graham Sierota of Echosmith at The Social Orlando
Jamie and Graham Sierota of Echosmith at The Social Orlando

They closed the set with a highly interactive version of “Cool Kids,” and then for the encore, offered up “Bizarre Love Triangle,” the New Order cover. However, it was stripped down as I never imagined, and was an entirely different song – a different version that would have made Hook and Sumner proud. They kicked it up a notch and delivered a fun version of “Nothing Wrong” to close the show.

I left The Social feeling excited for this band. They still have some maturing to do as a band, but they have plenty of time to get there. In the meantime, they’re offering entertaining, original music and delivering passionate performances that should keep their fans happy for years.

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Ran Off in the Night
Let’s Love
Come Together
Talking Dreams
Safest Place
This Must Be the Place (Talking Heads cover)
Tell Her You Love Her
Come With Me
Surround You
Uptown Funk snippet
We’re Not Alone
Cool Kids

Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order cover)
Nothing’s Wrong

Titusville Adds Fuel to Local Music Scene

Titusville – From Rockets To Rockers

There’s been a bit of a resurgence for rock music along Florida’s East Coast this year. Still, I was surprised to see a notable rock music event targeted for Titusville’s Sandpoint Park… surprised, but absolutely excited by the prospects.

The park, which is known as a prime viewing locale for rockets, never struck me as a fitting venue for rockers, but it turned out to be an ideal location. The broad green expanse boasts a picturesque view along the Indian River, and it’s the perfect size for an outdoor rock ‘n roll celebration, and this inaugural event met all of my expectations and leaves me looking forward to more.

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Barefoot Productions put on the show and did a killer job with just about everything. The line-up was a great mix of Active/Alternative Rock artists with national and local appeal. One of the biggest names in Alt-rock, Fuel, headlined the event, and were joined by red hot Birmingham, Alabama rockers Within Reason. Two talented Orlando-based bands who I had not previously seen, A Brilliant Lie and Leaving Haven kicked off the night, as well.

A Brilliant Lie in Titusville
Tara Lightfoot of A Brilliant Lie performs in Titusville

A Brilliant Lie, is a young female-fronted five-piece who are just dripping with potential and they were a great choice to open the event.¬†Their melodic rock was a guitar-driven feast, as they’ve recently added Matthew Movens as their third guitarist. Bass player Zachary Treman was a whirling dervish on stage and was an early highlight. ¬†But, the focal point of this band is vocalist Tara Lightfoot. She boasts a fresh, engaging rock voice and was comfortable and interactive with the very appreciative crowd. (see our A Brilliant Lie photos here).

Leaving Haven in Titusville
Trevor Hastings and Leaving Haven on-stage in Titusville

Next up was Leaving Haven, a quintet from across the country who came together in Orlando a few years ago. ¬†They’re a talented outfit who have played numerous shows with key names from across the rock universe, and are supporting the release of several recent singles. ¬†They also boasted a more polished sound featuring catchy guitar riffs and versatile vocals from lead singer Trevor Hastings. (see our Leaving Haven photos here)

Both of the “local” acts were very well-received by the crowd, and are likely destined for bigger and better things in the near future. ¬†No doubt that you’ll be reading more about them on our blog, and social networks throughout the next year.

Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville
Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville

Next up was a band that we at RARAsFarm are very familiar with. ¬†Birmingham’s Within Reason impressed us on the festival circuit earlier this year and were the primary reason we decided to attend this show. ¬†They play a powerful brand of rock ‘n roll that is perfect for hard rock radio, and they always tear it up on stage. ¬†On this night, they did it again with an entertaining forty-five minute set that was the highlight of the night. Read our full review of Within Reason’s set here and see their photos here).

Fuel took the stage last and did a decent job closing out Titusville’s first night of rock ‘n roll. Original vocalist Brett Scallions, the heart and soul of Fuel is back leading the band. He strolled onto the stage, grabbed the mic and addressed the crowd, “Shall we rock? Let the party begin” and the band kicked into a rollicking version of “Last Time.” ¬†Scallions with a smile plastered across his face throughout the set, was an engaging front man.

Fuel Performing Live in Titusville
Guitarist Yogi Lonich of Fuel Performing Live in Titusville

There were some nice moments throughout the set, but the performance was a bit underwhelming, especially after the first three bands. But, Scallions was true to his word, “Today we’ll hear a little old, a little new and everything in between.” ¬†The band offered up great versions of “Shimmer” and “Bad Day,” the latter track featuring impressive singalong vocals from the crowd. I also enjoyed two new tracks “Time For Me To Stop,” a song about addiction and “Puppet Strings” which was one of several songs to feature pristine guitar solos from Yogi Lonich. My personal highlight was a long meandering interactive duet between Lonich and Scallions.

Fuel closed the night with a rousing version of their 2000 hit “Hemorrhage.” It was a big way to end a big night of rock ‘n roll in an ideal outdoor venue on the Titusville shores of the Indian River.

Parting thoughts:

  • The city of Titusville was very welcoming. The first person I met at the front gate was a city council member who seemed truly excited to see us there, and¬†the residents and police supporting the event might have been the most friendly I’ve ever come across.
  • The backstage VIP area under the pavillion was a great set-up, and the subs were amazing. (anyone know where the subs came from?)
  • Barefoot Productions nailed the production of this event. All four bands were excellent and complemented each other well. ¬†And, every act started exactly on time.
  • The mix was a bit messy at times but overall sounded good especially considering it was the first event of its kind in this location.
  • All four artists went out of their way to thank Barefoot Productions profusely. Sounds like they were treated as well as the VIP guests.
  • The only real negative was that the crowd was smaller than it should have been. ¬†Many of the fans we chatted with noted that the advertising and promotion before the event were ineffective. Sure, we’re not exactly Rolling Stone, but we feel we’re a meaningful music outlet in the area (we are, right?), and we had no clue about this event until we stumbled across it ourselves on a Within Reason’s website a few days earlier.

A few of the artists mentioned that another similar event was headed to this area in March. That, if true, is great news, because this night absolutely showed the potential for this area. Hopefully we’ll see another meaningful rock event at the venue soon, with a line-up just as good as the one we enjoyed on the inaugural concert.

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Within Reason Rocks Titusville

Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville
Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville

Within Reason Rocks the Florida Coast

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and I happen to be cruising through Facebook, when I see a surprising announcement: Within Reason is headed to Central Florida for an outdoor show that weekend with Fuel at, of all places, Titusville!

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I caught these talented Alabama rockers early this year at Welcome to Rockville, and they performed a quick, blistering set to open the main stage (see our Festival review here). Since that Spring trip to Jacksonville, they’ve released a few singles, garnered some well-deserved airplay and toured relentlessly. They were a major act on the RockStar Energy Drink UpRoar Festival. Over the past six months, they shared the stage with bands like Godsmack, Seether, Skillet and Pop Evil and created quite the buzz.

Needless to say, I was excited to see that they were playing a new venue practically in our backyard, and playing with current rock stalwarts Fuel. The location was Sandpoint Park, a beautiful park on the Indian River.

The event was presented by Barefoot Promotions and was the first such event at the park. ¬†We’ll have a review of the full event tomorrow, but I’ll briefly share now that they did one hell of a nice job, and I hope they’re back with another event soon.

The quartet took the stage and lead singer, Chris Dow, decked out in a black hoodie grabbed the mic. “We are Within Reason from Birmingham, Alabama, Let’s do it!” They kicked into “Enemy,” the first single off of their current EP, After The Crawl, and the party was on. Next, Dow grabbed a megaphone and they ripped into “Control,” another crowd favorite which featured bass player David Koonce bouncing around the stage and dishing out nice riffs.

Dow and his bandmates just wrapped up a tour of the North and were quite happy to be playing under the stars on this comfortably warm Florida stage. Sipping from his omnipresent RockStar cup, Dow offered, “Here’s a song for you all about fucking up relationships,” and they jumped into another excellent selection from the EP, “Well Have It All” which featured a brief solo from drummer Griffin Zarbough who powered the band all night.

At one point, Dow shared, “Titusville this is…Jordan on guitar.” I chuckled, because this band seems to have the same effect on guitarists that Spinal Tap had on drummers. I think I’ve seen three different guitarists in the three times I’ve seen the band. Fortunately, every one of them was pretty damn talented.

George - the guitarist
George – the guitarist

Jordan (Foster), the guitarist, was a welcome addition. He was steady all night, dished out a few tasty solos and chimed in with strong vocals. He played a more prominent role on the newer songs, so I’m wondering whether he’s playing a more creative role with the band.

Other set highlights included a rollicking reimagined version of the 50 Cent / Justin Timberlake hit “Ayo Technology” and their forthcoming single “Here Comes The Light,” which energized the crowd as a strong cap to a powerful forty-five minute set.

See our Concert photos here

The band will be doing a little mini tour with another fantastic live band Nothing More in mid-December. If you are in Johnson City, TN, Augusta, GA or Birmingham, these are two can’t miss bands.

A few other notes:

  • “Here Comes The Light” will be released as the next single in January, but you can grab it here on iTunes now: Here Comes the Light – After the Crawl – EP.
  • The quartet must have had some of their sponsor’s energy drink in those cups, because they were tremendously energetic, right on the heels of driving straight through from Birmingham to Titusville.
  • The band had nice kudos for Barefoot Productions and for the Titusville location, and for good reason, but you can read about that in our review tomorrow.
  • I interviewed bassist David Koonce a few months back. Interesting, energetic guy. Learn more about the talented bassist here.
  • The best merch table I’ve seen in a long time. A bunch of the T-Shirts were $10, and they came with a free CD, and the band was willing to sign everything. Good guys…

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Smile Empty Soul Refine Their Success Formula

Smile Empty Soul's Jake Kilmer - rarasfarm.com
Smile Empty Soul’s Jake Kilmer – rarasfarm.com

Jake Kilmer (Smile Empty Soul) Interview

A decade ago, three brash young Californians exploded onto the Alt-Rock scene with a smashing breakthrough single “Bottom of the Bottle.” Their first release peaked inside the Top 10 and they were on everyone’s list of band’s to watch. ¬†But then, they seemed to slip off the Alt-Rock radar.

Were they a one-hit wonder bereft of potential? No, far from it.  The rock music business is a fickle one, record companies are unpredictable, and radio stations schizophrenic.  While the trio still churned out excellent music, they lost some of their presence. But, fortunes are changing, and the trio is again on the cusp of big things.

We recently caught up with talented drummer Jake Kilmer after a rousing set in front of a few thousand rabid fans at hard rock’s premier music festival, Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville. ¬†The band symbolically kicked off the set with “Black and Blue,” the title track off of their latest release; then powered through a nice sampling of their past decade of music, both new and old.

We took a few moments to chat about the band’s latest project, and their plans for this summer, shortly after they left the stage.

RARAsFarm: So, you guys had a big crowd out there. What did you think of the Jacksonville fans during your set?
Jake Kilmer: I thought they were into it. There was some good energy there. I got an awesome picture with the guys in it and the crowd in the background, we had a lot of fun.

RARAsFarm – here’s the photo Jake referenced, and it is pretty damn good (we’ll provide our link to their show photos below)

Jake Kilmer crowd shot Welcome To Rockville
Jake Kilmer with his great crowd shot at Welcome To Rockville

RARAsFarm: You’ve been together for about ten years now, and just released your sixth album, Chemicals, how’s it doing?
Jake Kilmer: It’s going good and fans dig it. They know more and more songs each day. Our second single “Chemicals” is out on Sirius XM’s Octane and it’s being picked up on radio stations all around the country.

RARAsFarm: You mention Octane, and truthfully there’s parts of Florida with no good rock stations, so Octane is where I hear most of these Welcome To Rockville bands. Has it become an important station for a band’s success these days?
Jake Kilmer: Now it is, sure; Sirius XM’s Octane is bad ass, because it’s nationwide. If you’re on there, you are doing something right because you’re pleasing them.

RARAsFarm:  What are your plans for the summer?
Jake Kilmer:¬†¬†We’ll be touring. We just put a shitload of dates on our SmileEmptySoul.com site. We’re going all over.

RARAsFarm: Are you guys just focused on touring, or making new music now?
Jake Kilmer: We’re just focused on touring. Sean’s always been writing. Collectively we all work on the tunes together to put them together, but he’s the songwriter. I’m sure he’s been writing a bunch. It’s never been hard for Smile to get together and produce new material; it’s only been hard to get the right label team who aren’t douchebags, to become a part of the team and support us.

RARAsFarm: It sounds like you have a lot of company. A bunch of bands I speak to are facing the same challenges.
Jake Kilmer: That’s why it’s bad ass that we’re doing our own thing label-wise. We’re in control and that’s why we didn’t come back so fast. We got off that label because they didn’t do shit. We found a new opportunity with a friend of ours willing to invest. We put together this team, found a great radio team and publicist, and we’ve been working hard at it. ¬†And, we’re not going anywhere.

RARAsFarm: Well, the new stuff sounded great today and it was nice to hear, and you guys killed it live. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon on the East Coast.
Jake Kilmer: Cheers.  Thank you.

Check out the latest Smile Empty Soul album below. It’s jammed with solid straight-forward American alt-rock, and some of their best stuff in years.

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Our Smile Empty Soul concert photos are here on our Facebook (Like Us, please): Welcome To Rockville Photos

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Alice Cooper and Papa Roach Highlight Halloweenie Roast

Halloweenie Show Review – Orlando

WJRR’s annual rock ‘n roll Halloween Bash came tearing through UCF’s CFE Arena over the weekend. Simply put, it was a fantastic rock event, punctuated by a killer set from legendary performer Alice Cooper. This year’s Halloweenie Roast delivered nearly six hours of hard-driving rock, featuring a diverse line-up of talented bands.

Heaven’s Basement
Young Brits, Heaven’s Basement got the night started with a tight energetic set on what was their first ever large arena gig. The band certainly has the talent and charisma to find their way back to these larger venues in the future, with a brand of active rock that was both powerful and catchy and that put the quartet at ease on the big stage.

Pop Evil
Veteran Midwest rockers, Pop Evil, kicked it up a notch, and put on an excellent rock and roll show featuring superb vocals from Leigh Kakaty. ¬†The Michigan native put on a nice show with an active stage presence. One fun highlight from their set was the band actually succeeding in making Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” sound like a rock song.

Bullet For My Valentine at Halloweenie Roast
Bullet For My Valentine at Halloweenie Roast

Bullet For My Valentine
Front man Matthew Tuck has lopped off his signature long dark locks and now sports short blond hair, but the distinctive, powerful voice is still there. He delivered a strong, energetic set that had the crowd on their feet throughout. Featuring selections off of their latest heavy metal release, Temper Temper, these Welsh rockers had the fervid crowd on their feet throughout their entire 45 minute set.  

Tuck’s vocals were excellent and clearly a focus for the fans, but the band’s musical chops were more impressive. ¬†With Jason James’ driving bass and Michael Thomas’s thunderous drums providing a great backbone, the guitar work of Michael Padget stole the show. ¬†Padget offered up the best guitar solos of the night, and the band’s loud set sounded great in the CFE Arena setting. ¬†Check out our Facebook for more concert photos: Bullet For My Valentine Pictures

Papa Roach
These West Coast rockers were in reality probably the biggest draw for the crowd. ¬†They’re a talented band who have had their share of huge hard rock hits over the past decade, and resultantly brought out a passionate fan base for this show. ¬†Lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix had the crowd in the palm of his hand, including numerous singalong moments including an impressive rendition of “Forever.”

They closed strong with killer versions of “Getting Away With Murder” and¬†“Last Resort,” and offered up a crowd pleasing (and Cretin-pleasing) snippet of The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop,” but the clear highlight of the show was “Scars.” The song is the band’s biggest commercial success and one that clearly has deep personal meaning for Shaddix.

During the extended version, Shaddix jumped into the crowd and proceeded to tour the entire arena. He sang the “Tear my heart open…” chorus from at least six different locations throughout the arena, surrounded by his appreciative fans. ¬†Definitely the single most memorable performance of the entire show.

Alice Cooper at Halloweenie Roast
Alice Cooper at Halloweenie Roast

Alice Cooper
First let me state that there are a bunch of Central Florida rock fans who should be embarrassed. ¬†As the stage was being switched over after Papa Roach’s set, five hundred or so fans headed for the exits, missing the entire set from the Godfather of Shock Rock. Cooper is a legend with genre-defining music and a memorable, theatrical stage show. To those of you who skipped out early to beat the traffic, you missed one hell of a rock ‘n roll experience.

The stage was set up perfectly for this “Nightmarish” experience, festooned with eccentric freaky looking items and bathed in fog. ¬†Truly, the perfect setting for a Halloween show. ¬†Cooper has surrounded himself with a talented band, a quintet of accomplished musicians who are also engaging performers. I thoroughly enjoyed the three guitarists in the line-up, and their ability to trade-off solos numerous times throughout the evening.

Each song offered during the seventy-five minute set was a mini-rock opera. ¬†Cooper, still with his strong distinctive voice was a consummate entertainer. ¬†He sounded great, moved all over the stage and interacted with his band mates throughout the show.¬†Musical highlights included an early offering of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” featuring superb vocals from Cooper, as well as entertaining bass and drum solos during “Dirty Diamonds,” and dueling guitar solos before “Welcome To My Nightmare.”

Cooper and his mates sounded excellent and did a nice job offering up a visual for each of the songs. Some of the visual highlights included a ten foot tall Frankenstein stalking the stage during “Feed My Frankenstein,”¬†electric¬†chairs, the beheading of Alice, and his famous boa constrictor draped over Cooper’s shoulders during “Welcome To My Nightmare.” Despite the non-stop theatrics, the band sounded spot on the entire set. Check out our Facebook for more Alice Cooper Photos.

As the concert drew to a close, they ratcheted up the excitement a bit with a raucous crowd-pleasing version of his signature hit “School’s Out” that had the crowd singing along loudly, including a tasty snippet of Pinf Loyd’s classic “Another Brick In the Wall.” ¬†After taking their bow, the band returned for an encore of the powerful rocker “Poison,” putting a fitting end to a killer night of rock.

Kudos to the folks at 101.1 WJRR. Aside from being Orlando”s only rock radio outlet, they continue to put on excellent well-run events like this Halloweenie Roast.

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Rock On!


Hello, Hurray
House of Fire
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Billion Dollar Babies
I’ll Bite Your Face Off
Under My Wheels
Hey Stoopid
Dirty Diamonds
Welcome To My Nightmare
Go To Hell
Feed My Framkenstein
School’s Out


REO Speedwagon Keeps On Rollin’ with the Changes

REO Speedwagon Concert Review

WMMO treated local rock fans to a cool free downtown concert with rock icons REO Speedwagon on a chilly night in Orlando. The band and thousands of fans braved the frigid temperatures for a hit-filled show that had everyone engaged throughout.

REO Speedwagon in Orlando at WMMO Free Concert
REO Speedwagon in Orlando at WMMO Free Concert

REO Speedwagon has been rocking stages across the country for many years, and still sound fantastic all these years later. ¬†At one point Kevin Cronin noted that the first time they played Florida was at a drive-in theater in front of 400 people. In the ensuing four decades they’ve entertained many thousands of Floridians and continue to provide a fantastic rock experience.

Keyboardist Neal Doughty founded the band 45 years ago and has played alongside front man Kevin Cronin and bass player Bruce Hall for around 40 years. ¬†All three still put on a great show and are joined by “newcomers” Dave Amato on lead guitar and drummer¬†Bryan Hitt, who have “only” been touring with the band for twenty years. As you’d expect with that much experience on the stage, the band is cohesive and tight, and feed off of each other well.

Despite a cold evening, and temperatures in the forties, the band members truly seemed to be enjoying their time on stage. At one time, Cronin offered “This can’t be Florida- you guys are crazy, it’s freezing!”

The set featured all of the band’s hits from over the decades (see the setlist below) kicking off with “Don’t Let Him Go” and closing the main set with “Roll With the Changes,” where family members joined the band on stage for a fun rollicking version. At one point, Cronin mentioned this summer’s upcoming tour with Styx and Ted Nugent and shared a story about how Nugent claims to have written the best rock love song ever, “Cat Scratch Fever.” Immediately after, we heard REO’s rebuttal with Doughty’s familiar keyboard opening to “Can’t Fight This Feeling.”

All of the band members had plenty of time in the spotlight throughout the night with a few nice solos from Amato and long solos from Hall and Hitt. Hall also took center stage for his turn at lead vocals on the searing rocker “Back On the Road Again.”

Highlights of the show were a rocking version of “Golden Country,” and a great approach for “Time For Me to Fly” where the song began with a subdued opening of just the guitars and keyboards, before exploding into the singalong moment of the night.

For the encore, Cronin offered “This is when we’d typically walk backstage and have you cheer for a few minutes and then we’d run back out for our encore. Since it’s so cold, how about if we just jump right into it?” With that, he slid behind the keyboards for a nice version of “Keep On Loving You” before the quintet closed with a rousing version of “Ridin’ the Storm Out,” the perfect way to wrap up an excellent night of classic rock.

As they’ve done in the past, the crew at 98.9 WMMO just put on a fantastic well run show for the rock and roll animals of Orlando.

Check out our photos on our RARA’s Farm Facebook page (and Like us while you’re there): REO Speedwagon Concert Photos

Rock On!

Don’t Let Him Go
Take It on the Run
Keep Pushin’
Golden Country
That Ain’t Love
Can’t Fight This Feeling
Like You Do
Time for Me to Fly
Bass Solo
Back on the Road Again
Drum Solo
Roll With the Changes
Keep on Loving You
Ridin’ the Storm Out