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Taste of Rockville Day 1 Photos and Thoughts

Damn – that was one hell of a way to kick off a festival.  On a beautiful, warm Florida day, thousands of fans at Jacksonville’s newly arranged Metropolitan Park were treated to some killer live rock ‘n roll.

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HCTM Photo Collection

I saw eight talented and mysterious guys who call themselves Here Come The Mummies last weekend and loved their high energy funk-infused show.  Read below to see a handful of our favorite photos, which give you a taste for their electric live performance.

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Atreyu Tour Dates

Southern Cal metalcore rockers Atreyu have just announced their Winter Tour, including a brief trek into Florida.  This talented sextet put on a killer live show that shouldn’t be missed.

Full tour dates below:

Alex Varkatzas Atreyu photographed RARAs Farm Kinkfest 2015.
Alex Varkatzas pf Atreyu photographed by RARAs Farm at Kinkfest 2015.

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Big Ticket Through The Lens

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The Big Ticket Rocks Jax

It helps to have arguably the hottest rock band on the planet closing your festival, but The Big Ticket again delivered a fantastic day of Alternative Rock music that left Jacksonville fans impressed and pleased with a full day of excellent live music highlighted by a killer set from headliners Twenty One Pilots.

Tyler Joseph Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots The Big Ticket.
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots at The Big Ticket.

The duo from Ohio opened this festival three years ago and delivered one of the most memorable early sets in memory.  Now, on a beautiful Sunday a few years later, they’re closing the night out, but still delivering quality music and a spectacular show.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the talented duo from Ohio, are dedicated musicians hell bent on constantly refining and improving their stage show.  Sunday night, we saw them flying across the stage, leaping into the crowd and climbing the stage trusses.  And, all the while delivering their distinctive brand of rock music that is absolutely embraced by their passionate fans.

Most of the bands were well-received by the diverse crowd, but talking to concert-goers as they departed (or sat forever in the parking lot traffic), it was clear that the other crowd favorites included Walk The Moon, Robert Delong, Coleman Hell and X Ambassadors.

Robert Delong killing it The Big Ticket.
Robert Delong killing it at The Big Ticket.

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I’ve been to several prior Big Ticket festivals in the past, and don’t ever remember a line-up as talented as this years.  Simply put, from the opening island-infused notes of Colorado’s Lola Rising to the thunderous close of Twenty One Pilots, there was no let down on either stage.

I have to confess that more than a few people were frustrated with the new stage arrangement, including myself.  With both stages side-by-side, there was a constant sea of people rolling back and forth across the blanket covered fields.  Although the idea of two stages fairly close has some merit, these two stages were too close.

The Big Ticket crowd
The Big Ticket crowd enjoying the music.

On another positive note, the vendors and food stands were excellent, Despite a Sold Out crowd in attendance, the lines at the many food vendors never got out of control and there was tremendous diversity.

But, the truth is, everything other than the music pales in importance when compared to the artists who graced the stage, and on this wonderful day in Jacksonville, the 2015 incarnation of The Big Ticket nailed it.  Kudos to X102.9 and Danny Wimmer Presents for another excellent event!

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Twenty One Pilots


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Kink Music Festival In Photos

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Hank And Cupcakes Photos

Some early photos from the Hank And Cupcakes show at Will’s Pub. The review will follow later today, and we’ll have full size versions of these photos and plenty more coming on our Facebook site, so make sure you Like our page and don’t miss out on any.

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Red Sun Rising Interview

Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville
Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville

Red Sun Rising Quickly On the Hard Rock Scene

This talented band out of Akron, Ohio got our Welcome To Rockville experience off to a powerful and entertaining start last weekend.  Afterwards, we sat down with Mike Protich (vocals) and Ryan Williams  (guitar), the two creative minds powering Red Sun Rising, for a quick chat.

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See our concert photos here: Red Sun Rising at Rockville

Cretin: Where’s the name come from any way. I think of Japan, but that was probably not the impetus?
Ryan Williams: Yeah, many trips to Japan.
Mike Protich: We’re both part Japanese.
Cretin: Oh
Mike Protich: I’m just kidding. It’s actually the first line on a Black Sabbath album (“Sleeping Village” off of the 1970 album Black Sabbath). And there are some other meanings; a storm is coming. There’s some political stuff like blood has been shed the night before. We just thought it was cool and sounds great.

Cretin: What did you think of the Jacksonville crowd during your set?
Ryan Williams: It was great, they were really receptive and we worked up a mosh pit at the end, and we weren’t on the metal stage, so that works.

Cretin: Have you played Jacksonville before?
Ryan Williams: No, we have played Tampa, but we passed right through. But it was great to play today and I’m glad we beat the weather.
Mike Protich: Yeah, seriously it was excellent.

Cretin: On stage you talked about a new album on the horizon and you played some music from that album?
Mike Protich: Actually everything we played was on the debut album.

Cretin: And when will we see that?
Mike Protich: We’ll probably see the single June 9th with the album to follow.

Cretin: Who does the writing?
Protich and Williams: We both do.

Ryan Williams of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville rarasfarm.com
Ryan Williams of Red Sun Rising at Welcome To Rockville

Cretin: So, you’re touring with Seether?
Mike Protich: Yeah, the first show was last night.
Ryan Williams: A sold out show at The Fillmore in Charlotte. It was great.

Cretin: That’s cool. They get great crowds wherever they are.
Ryan Williams: They sure do.

Cretin: And they’re sounding great again.
Mike Protich: They killed it. They were awesome.
Ryan Williams: Yeah they were great and they’re such nice guys. We played with them once, and we partied with them all night. Our drummer has worked with them before, so there’s a connection there.
Mike Protich: I think it was a good fit crowd wise, because their crowd really liked us a lot, and we did well with their crowd.

Cretin: I think you guys have a sound that’s kind of built for radio anyway. It’s a good active rock sound and fits perfect with what Seether’s doing.

About this time, we were slammed by a powerful storm.  We moved to a slightly drier place and hustled through the rest of the questions.

Cretin: So how did you hook up with Seether?
Ryan Williams: We had the same producer in common. Bob Marlette did our debut record and I believe he did the first two Seether records.
Cretin: Bob Marlette is an iconic hard rock producer, Red Sun Rising is in good company (Black Sabbath, Saliva, Shinedown, Filter, etc…).

Cretin: So who are your influences?
Mike Protich: (as thunder crashes overhead) Probably more like the grunge era: Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, STP and stuff like that. I was so stoked to see Scott Weiland today but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Cretin: What’s the music scene like in Ohio?
Ryan Williams: Akron is great.
Mike Protich: The bands in Akron have a lot of camaraderie. We all support each other and it’s really cool.

Cretin: Any bands on the docket today that you are interested in seeing?
Ryan Williams: Korn, (Marilyn) Manson
Mike Protich: Manson, and I wanted to see Scott Weiland., but there’s so many great bands here.
Ryan Williams: My influences go way back, and those three bands alone are great. It’s nostalgia.

And with the winds ratcheting up a notch and lightning peppering the sky we quickly wrapped it up.  Kudos and thanks to Ryan and Mike, because they generously hung in there longer than should be expected.  Great guys with a catalogue of strong rock tunes, and a bright future.

Check out Tour Dates here – a few more dates with Seether and then a tour with the fantastic entertaining live band Nothing More: redsunrisingmusic.com

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Read our festival review here: Welcome To Rockville Recap
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