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SOTD: Reckless 4 – Hell Bent

“Hell Bent” – Reckless 4

Thank God for the Canadian rock scene.  Our friends North of the border seem to still appreciate good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll, as we hear in today’s Song of the Day. “Hell Bent,” a bluesy rocker from Ontario’s Reckless 4, has many of the traits that made American rock ‘n roll great a few decades ago.

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Said The Whale – Step Into the Darkness

Song of the Day – Said The Whale

said the whaleVancouver’s Said The Whale have recently pared their line-up down from a quintet to a three-piece, but they’re still making ridiculously catchy pop rock.  “Step Into the Darkness” is the first song off of their forthcoming album As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide and it’s a delicious treat for our ears.

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Bleeker Erase You

Bleeker Erase You Album Review

Bleeker Erase You Album ReviewIf the Black Keys and Cage The Elephant had a charming baby boy, he’d enter the world with a bounce in his step and a bit of snarl plastered on his face. He’d be a pugnacious rocker dripping with grit and passion. And, he’d sound a hell of a lot like Bleeker.

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Monster Truck Interview

Monster Truck Interview Backstage at Rockville

I caught up with Jeremy Widerman and Steve Kiely of Monster Truck backstage at Welcome To Rockville and we had an intriguing discussion centered on breaking through on the American rock scene, and a few other random items of personal interest: Florida heat, NASCAR, Video games and more…

Monster Truck band logo

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The Start of Something Good – Bad Reed

There is a wealth of wonderful music that has come from The Great White North of Canada: Matthew Good, The Tea Party, The Tragically Hip, and of course Rush. With that being said, some have come to see Canadian rock in the states as the minor leagues compared to the US. Not sure why that is, but it is…. And it’s just dumb. Bad Reed from Ontario is seeking to change that perception releasing a 3 song EP offering a sonically diverse and challenging rhythmic venture serving as a nice entrance onto the national scene.

bad reeds ep

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Rah Rah – Be Your Man Review

How could I not love a band named Rah Rah?

Let’s face it, they’re the perfect fit for RARA’s Farm, right? In reality, with or without the homophonic similarity, this quintet from North of our border continuously delivers interesting compelling pop rock and their new single “Be Your Man” is yet another prime example.

Rah Rah © Chris Graham Photo 2014
Rah Rah © Chris Graham Photo 2014

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In-Flight Safety Debuts Destroy Video


In Flight Safety. Photo credit: Meghan Tansey Whitton
In Flight Safety. Photo credit: Meghan Tansey Whitton


Excellent New Music from Canada’s In-Flight Safety

They’ve established a strong track record over the past decade North of the border, but truly haven’t achieved tremendous success here in the United States… yet…

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As legend has it, back in 2003, they received a two word email from David Bowie. “Nice Album,” it was the impetus they needed to pursue their rock music dreams. Now, more than a decade later, they’ve released their third full-length album, Conversationalist. “Destroy,” the second single from the album has just been released, with the accompanying video hitting the streets yesterday.

“Destroy” is a stylistic rocker that’s just a blast to listen to. From the first dulcet notes to the rousing finish, the song envelops you and pulls you into a vivid musical journey. The song kicks off with lush, soothing harmonies before building to a crescendo and exploding through the speakers. The music is comfortably reminiscent of in their prime Echo & The Bunnymen – soaring vocals, catchy atmospheric guitars and hard-driving, freight train drums. Yup, it’s pretty damn good, and it’s a rock song that fits wonderfully in 2015.

It’s a polished hit waiting to happen and an infectious song worth a listen or twelve.

Check it out here:

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Hedley Wild Life Album Review


Hedley Wild Life Album Review

This hard-working Canadian quartet has been making waves in their homeland for a decade, and it’s only a matter of time before they explode South of their border.

Their latest offering, Wild Life offers up precisely engineered pop rock that will appeal to the masses; and let’s be perfectly clear here, this stuff leans a lot more towards the pop side of that spectrum.

While we witness a theme of pure pop slicing through the album, it’s actually quite diverse stuff, at times making me think of 80’s one-hit wonder Scritti Politti, at times it’s Foster and The Peopleish, and yet others, the music evokes horrible flashbacks to the Toto-Age of rock music. Fortunately, at the other extreme, the band demonstrates some cutting edge talent.

“Heaven in Our Headlights” is a Fun. (see what I did there?) song that reminds a little bit of Avici and has a very timely feel to it. The song features absolutely everything it takes to be an Alt-Rock hit. Jacob Hoggard’s tender vocals are highlighted in a powerful, melodic performance that carries the hit-in-the-waiting. The opening track “Anything” is another catchy offering that absolutely belongs on today’s radio playlists.

My favorite track is the grittiest offering on the album. It’s a dark dirty ode to life South of the border, “Mexico.” It’s a violent powerful collision of musical instruments that’s just a blast to listen to. It was a welcome expedition, listening to the band journey into their darker side.

But, it’s not all great stuff; there were a few songs that epitomized mediocrity, and were just too pretty and tight – not what I’m looking for in rock music.  Of course there’s the obligatory power ballad or two and they’re decent but really nothing special.

But, what the hell do I know? Their first single “Crazy For You” has absolutely exploded on Youtube, and it grows on me everytime I hear it.  Check it out yourself here: Hedley: Crazy For You

At the end of the day it’s a nice, well produced album – probably one better suited for the teenage rock fans out there. the ones with the 2 X chromosomes more likely. But, there’s enough variety, that there’s something for any rock fan to enjoy, something that will appeal to everybody. Take a listen and let me know what you think?

Rock On,