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Blue & Lonesome Review

The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome Review

Blue & Lonesome ReviewThe Rolling Stones have gone back to their roots, their deep bluesy roots.

When the Stones broke through more than five decades ago, they were a bluesy outfit inspired by legendary bluesmen.  They were fond of playing early hits from Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed and Howlin’ Wolf, and actually featured covers from those artists on their debut album, The Rolling Stones.

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The Pretty Reckless Album Review

Pretty Reckless Album Review – Who You Selling For

Pretty Reckless Album ReviewTaylor Momsen has the blues – and I don’t mean she’s sad, or melancholy, either, I mean she’s got rhythm, she’s got soul, hell she even has a little funk; but above all Taylor Momsen has the blues. This hard rock heroine and her band, The Pretty Reckless, have just released an album, Who You Selling For, that is the embodiment of all of those conditions she has.

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Album Review: Phil Gammage – Used Man For Sale

thv91u59ztEvery now and then a change in the winds of the music industry brings forth genres to the mainstream that become hot for a minute and then dip back underground. Think the swing movement of the mid-90’s. I only bring this up because of all those genres you never hear about the blues just popping up like a kiosk in the mall. The blues is rock steady constant and ingrained in every genre of music, from R&B to metal. The chord signatures, attitude, sorrow and wail of the vocals, it’s all there like our ancestors’ DNA, hiding just under the surface.

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Teens in Agnes Blue Dole Out Something Special

agnes blue 2

Agnes Blue Single Review

The first time I listened to this bluesy rocker, I loved it. When I went back and read the band’s bio and saw that the elder statesman in the band was a youthful 16 year-old, I was amazed.

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If you dismiss the youth of the band members and focus only on the energetic debut single, “All Around,” you’ll be impressed by the fresh sound from Queensland, Australia’s Agnes Blue. The catchy song is a refreshing, spirited rocker. But it’s just not right to dismiss the fact that guitarist/singer Jack Blandford is the elder statesman by two years, at a grizzled 16 compared to his younger sister, 14 year-old Frea on drums.

A duo this young shouldn’t be making music this unique, this edgy, this polished, this GOOD. The song is a sweeping blues-infused rocker, which should appeal to any rock music fan. So much of the music tossed around as rock these days is watered down, synth-driven pop, but not this track. No, this is everything that’s good about rock ‘n roll. “All Around” is guitar driven rock, with sweet riffs, a killer solo, nice drums and gritty vocals that nicely conjure up images of Velvet Underground era Lou Reed. The quality of the song-writing and musicianship belies the band’s age, and demands attention.

Jack Blandford offered “‘All Around’ was an old song of mine. When preparing to record our second E.P, I saw it in an old song- writing book and thought we should try it out. It is a simple song and it worked straight away with the band. It’s got a great feel to it and it has a bit of surf/rock groove. Our producer James Russell also liked it from the start and he worked hard to get it sounding amazing.”

Check it out and let me know what you think?

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Delta Saints Death Letter Jubilee Album Review

From the opening notes of the searing rocker “Liar,” you’ll be captivated by this bluesy rock quintet out of Nashville.  They call themselves The Delta Saints – the “Delta” component is apparent throughout the album, but listening to the lyrics you’ll quickly realize they’re not quite “Saints.”  They refer to their fans as Sinners and Saints; that definitely seems more appropriate.

These guys offer up a unique blend best described as Southern Rock on this, their debut full-length offering.  It’s a diverse album, parts Bayou Blues, Chicago Soul and New Orleans Funk. It’s a nice mix and well worth a listen.  The band has captured the essence of Mississippi roots rock in its many different forms throughout the thirteen tracks of Death Letter Jubilee. It’s a creative, fresh rock album that just oozes cool rock swagger.

The talented group evokes memories of numerous Southern Rockers, but the comparison I am drawn the most to is a more modern Little Feat.  If you were a fan of Jeff Beck’s 80’s super-group Box of Frogs, and their distinctive guitar work, you’ll definitely enjoy these guys, too.

Songs like “Sing To Me,” and “Death Letter Jubilee” are swampy rockers that would feel just perfect listening to them while kicking back on the porch of a bayou shack sipping your favorite beverage from a mason jar. Ben Ringel’s vocals are gritty and passionate and the band offers plenty of dobro and harmonica giving them a unique down home feel. “Devil’s Creek” is of the same vein and is a rocking Cajun jam.

My favorite track is the slinky “From the Dirt” which is just a cool groove, and also features dynamic vocals. The aforementioned “Liar” which kicks off the album is driven by a fantastic bass line and is another very strong offering.

It’s a diverse album, but it’s all good old fashioned rock.  You’ll get the soulful feel of “Chicago” and then travel South to New Orleans for “Nola” and the easy New Orleans swagger of “Boogie.”

It’s a good album and a nice way to start the year for rock music fans.

The album goes on sale today, Tuesday, January 15th. Check it out below on iTunes.

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