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Album Review: Red Fang Only Ghosts

Red Fang Only Ghosts Album Review

red fang only ghostsRed Fang is that rare band that mixes head numbing sludge metal coupled with a humor rarely found – levels only The Melvins and Mastodon can reach. The Portland, Oregon outfit have been around since 2005. They’re back after touring incessantly for three years with their fourth full-length record Only Ghosts. It’s a badass record from a badass group pushed by hilarious videos that have since gone viral on the interwebs. Red Fang and Only Ghosts have entered the upper-echelon of rock stalwarts with boogie rock that hits as hard as it does dances.

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Baroness – Purple

Brian Furman

Baroness is just…… pretty awesome…..

Their high-energy, pop sensible, Appalachia rock- metal finds new ways to cut a path in even the most saturated markets. Their last record, the brilliant Yellow and Green Records earned them high praise from various outlets, landing them firmly in the spotlight, on 2012 best-of lists, and a throng of followers marching to the swampy, sludge metal.


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