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SOTD: Glenn Proudfoot – Broken

Glenn Proudfoot Delivers Killer Guitar Rock

Another day and another import rock artist delivering excellent new rock…  Today, we feature Glenn Proudfoot, a guitar master from Australia with his scorching, guitar-driven “Broken.”

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Magic Man & The Griswolds Tear Up Orlando

On Wednesday night at Orlando’s cozy Social, myself and the rest of the fans crammed into the packed club on Orange Ave were treated to a night of unabashed pop rock fun. As one of the few post-college-aged geezers in the room, I felt a little bit like Thornton Melon at a Grand Lakes University frat party, but I loved every minute of the fun and chaos.

Chris Whitehall of The Griswolds with guest bassist Sam Lee of Magic Man.
Chris Whitehall of The Griswolds with guest bassist Sam Lee of Magic Man.

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Hands Like Houses – New Dissonant Music

Australian rock band Hands Like Houses is set to release Dissonants, their third studio album, this Friday February 26th, and it’s a sweeping rock ‘n roll album worthy of attention. I love the apt title, Dissonants, a phrase that refers to two music components that don’t seem to be in harmony with each other. From a fan of innovative rock, dissonance often leads to fantastic creative music.

hands album

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Mabel’s Psychedelic Pop Rock

When I first poured Mabel through my headphones, my mood immediately lightened and a big smile creased my face.  Hang in there with me for a second, but this energetic foursome actually reminded me of a cross between Dion and The Last Royals, yup both New York rockers who were separated by a mere 5 decades, but they both had that infectious jangly, distorted Gotham pop rock sound.

Mabel's new EP Rachel
Mabel’s new EP Rachel

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The Harlots – On Their Way


The Harlots “On My Way” Single Review

The more music I hear from Australia, the more convinced I am that the country is quickly becoming the hottest incubator for fresh rock ‘n roll.

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The latest band to catch my attention is Harlot, a talented six-piece from Melbourne, Australia.  They’re a group of twenty-somethings who are about to deliver their fantastic new single “On My Way” on June 26th.

The infectious rocker is in invigorating call to action. It’s a rare rock song that is both raw and exquisitely polished at the same time.  The single is a guitar-driven effort laced with sharp hooks, which are masterfully paired with catchy vocals from Tom Pitts (the nephew of Nick Cave of Bad Seeds fame).

Pitts’ vocals are vibrant and quite diverse and the song is a great landscape for his talents, but the lush musical bed is even more captivating. Hard-driving drums provide the perfect backdrop for a song that is drenched with excellent guitar work throughout.  It’s an catchy and generous 4:23 gem that wonderfully builds to a soaring close.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Rock On!

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Gang Of Youths Deliver Smashing Debut


The Positions Album Review

I really don’t know a damn thing about this band, but can tell you that their new album, Possessions is going to be on my playlist for quite some time.

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Gang Of Youths is an Australian quartet who have just delivered The Positions, a tasteful, creative debut album that just might find its way onto a few year-end “Best Of” lists. A band that kicks off their first album with a meandering 7:25 journey is clearly confident in their product, and for Gang Of Youths, that’s for good reason.

I checked out the bio provided by their publicist. It simply and succinctly states “I was in a four year relationship with a girl who had a terminal illness and then I made a concept album about it with my friends.”

The first track, “Vital Signs” is a well-produced and aurally stunning masterpiece. As the song twists and turns, the listener is treated to many precisely placed nuances that add distinctive flavor to the tasty offering. And, there’s plenty more to come including excellent distinctive offerings such as “Poisoned Drum” and “Magnolia” two absolutely different sounding cuts, but both linked together as creative, intelligent and stylistic rock music.

It wouldn’t be fair to pigeonhole their music into any niche, but if anything, it’s artful garage rock. Oddly for an Aussie band, they remind me of a few of my favorite New Jersey based rockers, and The Gaslight Anthem and River City Extension – good company!

Frontman Dave Leaupepe spews out tender, bruised lyrics with a gritty voice eerily reminiscent of The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg. The musical accompaniment features everything that’s great about Indie Rock. The band wraps the lyrics in a beautifully crafted bed of infectious guitar hooks and swirling keyboards. Harkening back to the theme of bio, the angst associated with his four year relationship drips through songs like “Knuckled White Dry” and “The Overpass,” two of a handful of rich compelling tracks.

Check out the ten song, hour long album and see if you agree that we’ve stumbled across one of the early 2015 albums of the year.

Rock No!

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Sick Puppies Rock Jacksonville’s Freebird Live Cafe

sick puppies freebird
Sick Puppies at Freebird Live

Sick Puppies Jacksonville Concert Review

I had just finished hosting nine hours on my FM Radio show here in Jacksonville, and was ready for my day off to see Sick Puppies, Indie rockers riding a recent wave of popularity – a band I had heard much about, but one I had never took the time to really listen to.

I grabbed my phone, lined up a photographer and began to plan for the show at the legendary Freebird Live Cafe in Jacksonville Beach.  I did my homework and quickly realized that Sick Puppies has been working the rock music scene for fifteen years. They have a lot of talent and plenty of hit songs. So, this assignment was going to be a fun one, and I was ready to go.

I was impressed by the venue. The first thing you notice is how clean and professionally set up the design is. With an upstairs balcony that allows the fans to watch from above, it really makes it much more accommodating and fun to enjoy, versus a venue with a flat floor.

Sick Puppies at Freebird Live
Sick Puppies at Freebird Live

Back to the show; after the opening bands took their bows, it was time for the headliners. The lights went black and smoke bellowed out unto the excited fans on the floor. Sick Puppies took the stage and were immediately busting loose with a fast uptempo song that had everyone head banging and dancing to the hard-driving tune. No metal, just really cool rock and roll jams that I will be listening to on my MP3 player long into the future.

These cool sounding Australian rockers formed back in 1997. Sick Puppies consists of vocalist and guitarist Shimon Moore, who the crowd immediately adored, with his good looks, happy attitude, and showmanship that other front men only wish they could offer. He was an instant success with the energetic crowd. Moore played his guitar with enthusiasm, but took time not to rush the solo’s, which were very well-received by the fans.

He stopped a few times to chat between songs. With triple duties: singer, lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist; he showed no signs of wear.

The long haired beauty playing bass guitar is Emma Anzai. She had everyone’s eyes, because she commanded the stage like no other female in a long time. With the mounted fans blowing at full speed and her hair swirling, it was hard to take your eyes off the visualization of this captivating musician.

Sick Puppies at Freebird Live
Sick Puppies’ Emma Anzai at Freebird Live

The pulsating beats that she hammered out were mesmerizing to watch and a joy to hear. She played to the fans and they really enjoyed her, seeming down-to-earth and untouchable at the same time.  Stalking the stage, she assured the fans were getting complete access to her, which was refreshing to see from a veteran musician. And her perfect on-time bass playing just added to the experience.

Drummer Mark Goodwin, was the backbone of this trio with thunder-drums and pounding excellence that you typically only see in the studios. One thing I realized watching and listening to this show – They could have recorded the next live CD right there at Freebird’s – they sounded like they just came from the studio.

These guys are professionals at what they do. After enough concerts, reviews and shows I’ve been to, I respect seeing a professional band that will always be remembered for how good they really are – without engineers changing the sounds or producers taking over the controls on the soundboard to make the band sound better than they actually are. Sick Puppies is one of those rare gems. No need for any adjustments; they have their sound and act down pat!

That’s why they have pushed through with popular rock hits for years, offering up jams that really are hits and great songs for over 15 years now, and still rocking like it was their first tour. This trio is a can’t miss act who I’ll be catching any time they return to town, and highly recommend that you do the same.

I also appreciated that they gave many fans an opportunity to meet them after the show, and impressed by Moore’s humility, something rarely seen in this world of rock and roll. Thanks to Sick Puppies for a great show and for showing love to the Florida fans who flocked to Freebird Live to see you. At this point, I will put this show down as the best of 2013 and I have witnessed a lot this year in my hometown (Skynyrd’s hometown) of Jacksonville.

Freebird Live was an ideal venue for the show. The club is owned by the the wife of the late Ronnie Van Zant (lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd).  If you ever get to Jacksonville, get down to the beach and check out Freebird Live Cafe; you’ll be glad you did. It has a nice historical context, as well. You’ll see rare memorabilia from the Lynyrd Skynyrd family – Gold and Platinum albums everywhere; guitars adorning the walls , and many memories for the hometown locals are shared throughout. I highly recommend everyone to visit  this venue and witness some rock history – the atmosphere is overwhelming! 

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I’ll be back!

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