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Blue & Lonesome Review

The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome Review

Blue & Lonesome ReviewThe Rolling Stones have gone back to their roots, their deep bluesy roots.

When the Stones broke through more than five decades ago, they were a bluesy outfit inspired by legendary bluesmen.  They were fond of playing early hits from Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed and Howlin’ Wolf, and actually featured covers from those artists on their debut album, The Rolling Stones.

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Fear City Album Review

Fear City Album Review – Surf Rock from NYC

Fear City Album ReviewEarlier this month, fans of guitar rock were gifted with a new instrumental album from New York City surf rock trio Fear City. The music on their new album is timeless and comfortable, yet distinctive and urgent. It’s like a journey into a world where Huntington Beach borders early 70’s Times Square.

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Streets Of Laredo – Wild Album Review

Streets Of Laredo – Wild Album Review

Streets Of Laredo Wild Album ReviewStreets of Laredo are the latest impressive Brooklyn act tantalizing our ear buds. With their soon to be released Sophomore album, Wild, they find themselves on the cusp of an impressive breakthrough. This intriguing New Zealand band has boldly shifted their universe to Brooklyn, and the relocation to the Big Apple has clearly added to the delicious flavoring we hear on their new album.

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Album Review: Wilco – Schmilco

wilco-2Wilco is one of the greatest bands of their generation. At this point in their career, they can put out just about anything, much like Radiohead, and it will be met with fanfare, and immediate classic status.

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Excellent New Rock from The Rival

The Rival Sands Album Review

The Rival Sands album coverPowerful and moving, indie rock band The Rival, bring their A-game to listeners on their new EP Sands.  The EP is the Nashville duo’s second in a planned three release set, and it is a collection definitely worthy of more attention.

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Turning Virtue – A Temporary Human Experience

TurningTurning Virtue are a quartet mired in progressive-style rock. The band offers the listener an album of decent, almost AOR type rock songs, with tight production, and A-list engineering. Their new record, A Temporary Human Experience, is not bad, it’s just not great.

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Album Review: Band of Horses – Why Are You OK

Band-Of-Horses-Why-Are-You-OK-ReviewBand of Horses are true rock nomads. Forming in 2004 in Seattle with numerous lineup changes and a swift move to South Carolina, the band never truly had a “home”. I don’t think you need one, but fans likes to lay that claim. Their rabid fan base never seemed to mind though, and with the Grammy nominated bands 5th album, Why Are You OK?, providing an easy feel, that is truly a moot point.

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Bear Hands – You Should Pay…

I recently traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana for a work function. I had never been there and had zero desire to travel back to the cold chill of the Mid-West. However, when I got there I found out that the unknown outpost in bum-fuck Indiana is a bangin’ town with a shout out to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, and the beautiful White River State Park hugging the outer edges of the Circle City.

Bear Hands You'll Pay For This Cover

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