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Rock N’ Roll Hellfire at Fort Rock 2017

For those that don’t know, or are not hip to what’s going on in the land of the elderly in Southwest Florida, there was a festival last weekend called Fort Rock that rattled the dentures from the skulls of the retirement villages, golf courses, and old person sex in the STD capital of America. Fort Rock is the sister show of Welcome to Rockville that happened way up north in Jacksonville, FL. During the same weekend nonetheless. The two festivals swapped bands on Saturday and Sunday…

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Monster Energy Fort Rock Festival: 5 Bands You Need to See

Fort Rock is a 2 day festival at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL. The metal fest has made a name for itself in the past few years and the 2017 lineup does not disappoint. There doesn’t seem to be a dip in talent for most of the festival. Def Leppard, Soundgarden, and The Offspring will all make the city shake but, as we wait patiently for the festival to kick off on April 29th, here is a snippet of the 5 bands that you need to see at Fort Rock.

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The 2017 Lineup for the Monster Energy Fort Rock Festival is set

download-2Fort Rock, the sister festival to Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, has set the dates and lineup for 2017. Similar to Rockville, Fort Rock will see Def Leppard headline Saturday, with Soundgarden headlining Sunday evening. Other featured acts include a reunited A Perfect Circle,  The Offspring, Mastodon, and Chevelle. The fifth annual show sponsored by Monster Energy Drink will be held on April 29th and 30th at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL.

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2017 Rockville Lineup Announced

Welcome To Rockville Lineup Announced for 2017 Event

Rockville LineupEarlier today, the long-awaited 2017 lineup announcement for Welcome To Rockville was released.  This year’s featured bands include a few legendary artists and a slew of up and coming acts.  Early bird tickets go on sale Tuesday, December 6th for the April 29th and 30th event at Jacksonville’s Metropolitan Park.

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Fresh Music Worth A Listen from Pack AD, Krill, Mogwai and More

A nice crop of interesting new rock music in the RARA’s Farm fields. Each of the albums and EPs can be previewed and purchased in the snappy iTunes widgets to the right of our summary. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Pack A.D., Do Not Engage – A unique blend of captivating garage rock. The album features raw hard driving rock with slick riffs and catchy pop hooks. The vocals, at times reminiscent of Hunter Valentine, have an alluring edge which were nicely juxtaposed against tight harmonies.This talented female Canadian combo features Becky Black and Maya Miller. They’re two women who play with an edge and create passionate rock ‘n roll. The pair have been described as “a fantastically gritty rock duo” (NPR) and “the equivalent of a sonic knuckle sandwich” (Exclaim).If you only download one song: Animal – Do Not Engage – it’s a nice rocker and the only song available at the present time, but the best track on the album is “The Water” where you’ll be immersed in fuzzy distorted guitar and hellacious drumming.
Krill, Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts Into Tears, I was intrigued by the title of their first single off this their second album, as soon as I received “Turd.” The single is excellent. At times the lyrics are a a tad bit disturbing, yet at the same time quite compelling.  What we find on the rest of the EP, is a semi-diarrhetic. The EP is garage rock, that in its finest moments reminded me of early Replacements or current Cold War Kids; yet at its weaker spots was generally bland and forgettable. But, all that being said, I like it and love that the band is offering new interesting rock ‘n roll. These guys are a band to watch. Check out the album and make your own determination. If you only download one song: Turd – Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears – EP It’s a crappy song, in a the most positive sense. The lyrics surprisingly poignant as they reflect on a shitty day, and the music excellent. The title track is pretty damn good, too.
Mogwai, Rave Tapes – We don’t really have any experts in atmospheric music, and I personally don’t know what to compare it to.  What I can share is that this veteran Scottish quintet uses their talent to create unique interesting music that’s definitely worth a listen. Simply put, it’s an ominous foreboding sonic journey.  “I think the feel of Les Revenants seeped into Rave Tapes a little bit,” explained Stuart Braithwaite of the band’s recent score for the cult TV show in an interview with Mojo Magazine. “We were listening to an awful lot of horror film soundtracks – Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Morricone’s theme to The Exorcist II….”  If you only download one song: Remurdered – Rave Tapes – it’s a dark addictive seven minute journey that I can’t stop listening to.
Modern Baseball, You’re Gonna Miss it All – From Andrew Corbett’s review on RARA’s Farm: Front man Brendan Lukens sings with a distinctive voice, one you could pick out in a crowded basement. Nasally and rushed, the lyrics come across as inner thoughts put to music, not always fitting into each measure. But that doesn’t mean that they are not well versed, they are sincere, coming from a real place of remorse.Most of the songs follow a similar construction, starting with a melodic verse, then erupting into a pop punk break that leads into a catchy chorus, before finally settling into a calm sectioned outro that leaves you feeling as if you have arrived somewhere.  If you only download one song: Rock Bottom – You’re Gonna Miss It All
A Perfect Circle, Three Sixty – This metal super group kind of disappeared for a few years, and we weren’t sure when, or if we’d see them re-surface.  Three Sixty is basically a Greatest Hits album which is often the death knell for a rock band, but on this one, there’s definite cause for optimism.  The new offering, “By and Down,” is a powerful track that leaves us craving for more. Read the full RARA’s Farm review here: Three Sixty Album Review.  If you only download one song: By and Down – Three Sixty – it’s the only new one and it’s a strong offering.


A Perfect Circle’s Greatest Plus One

A Perfect Circle – 360 Album Review

This metal super group kind of disappeared for almost a decade, and we weren’t sure when, or if we’d see them re-surface. Three Sixty is basically a Greatest Hits album which is often the death knell for a rock band, but on this one, there’s definite cause for optimism.

Late in 2013, one of our generation’s preeminent hard rock acts offered up a powerful greatest hits collection that also included the band’s first new release in ten years. A Perfect Circle is the renowned hard rock super group begat through the long-term friendship of Maynard James Keenan of Tool and Billy Howerdel (Ashes Divide). The duo met when Howerdel was the guitar tech for Tool, and their friendship and creative allegiance quickly took off, spotlighted by Howerdel’s fantastically creative guitar work.

The band’s first two albums debuted on Billboard’s Top 5 and sold millions of copies, leading the band on numerous hugely successful tours that cemented their spot among rock music’s elite. On Three Sixty, the band offers up the best of these cuts on a nice chronological journey.

The album kicks off with the fantastic guitar-driven masterpiece “The Hollow” which also kicked off their debut album Mer de Noms.  The song, featuring masterful layered guitars from Howerdel, is a nice harbinger of things to come.  We also get a chance to hear two other powerful hits from their debut, “3 Libras” and “Judith.”

The second release, Thirteenth Step, still focused on hard rock, but this time with a bit more melody.  Highlight tracks form the second album include “The Outsider,” “Blue” and “Weak And Powerless.” The latter, being the band’s biggest hit, and a tune that reached number one on the rock music charts.

I always suspected that the creative juices began to wane, when they offered up their third album, eMOTIVe, as a selection of covers; and in all honesty probably never gave the album a fair shake. Listening to the eMOTIVe tracks offered on Three Sixty, we get to see absolute musical genius in the creative re-imagining of these classic tracks. This really was much more than a quick cover album, and we get to hear the best of these creations on Three Sixty. Their dynamic cover of Led Zeppelin’s bluesy “When The Levee Breaks,” and their creative turn at the iconic Lennon masterpiece, “Imagine,” are the highlight tracks from album three on Three Sixty.

To top off the album, we get to sample the band’s first new music in ten years. “By and Down” is probably familiar to hardcore fans of the band, as it has been floating around in various forms for a few years, but the recently revised version truly captures the essence of the song.  It’s an excellent offering, introduced with soaring keys, which make way for signature Howerdel guitar work and screeching  vocals from Keenan. The song builds to a powerful finish and is already making waves on hard rock radio.  Good stuff, and cause for optimism for fans of the band.

“By and Down” is a great way to wrap up the chronology of the band. I suspect this will indeed be the final chapter for these talented friends, but if it is, it’s one hell of a way to close out their recording career.

Grab the album below, and if you already have all of the original songs, you can grab the new single here: By and Down – Three Sixty (Deluxe Edition)

Rock On!


Puscifer Album Review

Puscifer All Re-Mixed Up Album Review

Puscifer’s remix record, All Re-Mixed Up takes the already superb Conditions of My Parole and turns each song on its end to spit out something completely original, and in some instances, better than Puscifer’s recorded versions.

The 12 songs are remastered, and in some aspects, re-imagined by a number of prominent musicians from Aaron Harris, drummer of post-metal band Isis, to “Baby Got Back” hip hop pioneer Sir Mix-A-Lot. I will admit, that I have never been a fan of remix albums. I will take my elitist stance that I like to hear the songs as they were produced by the original musicians, not someone who has come along to make cheaper and watered-down versions of songs that I might hold dear to my heart. With my opinions firmly set, yet with an objective stance, I listened to All Remixed Up and changed my mind.

It seems that all Maynard touches turns to gold, even if Maynard isn’t pulling the strings. I also have felt that sometimes the only way to review a remix record is to compare it to the mother record, I have also changed my mind on that issue with this album firmly standing by itself, and as a great companion to the original record. These musicians have taken already beautiful, jagged, landscapes and taken them to a whole new level. These songs are extensions of the originals with each remix feeling like a brand new composition.

Standout tracks include the Josh Eustis remix “Monsoons-JLE Motorik Mix” which offers electronic butterflies around a moving, and danceable bass-line. It helps that Eustis is one half of the ambient duo, Telefon Tel Aviv. The moving Alain Johannes mixed “Man Overboard-11AD remix” is a lesson in discomfort. The “Oceans-Green Mussels Mix” happens to be one of the most sincerely beautiful songs in the Maynard James Keenan library. Zac Rae from the rock band Pedestrian offers up a version of this haunting composition that, can be argued, is better than the original. Maynard’s voice floats over a lost piano anchored by what feels like solitude. I am impressed with the idea, and a little disappointed in myself that I did not give this record a fair chance upon hearing of its release.

The metal heads and Keenan elitists that are asking the question of what Puscifer is and how it relates to Tool and A Perfect Circle will be scratching their heads for some time, and I think that might be the point.

Mayor Peach