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FMF 2017 Showcase Highlights

The Artists Who Caught Our Attention at FMF 2017

We had most of the Rarasfarm team out at this year’s Florida Music Festival on Friday and Saturday.  There was a lot of buzz around acts like Fiery Sushi, John.K and Beemo, but the following are the artists who most impressed each of us.  Our apologies to the Thursday acts, but these are the bands who made an impact to our eyes and ears on Friday and Saturday.

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Intimate Night With Lacey Sturm

Lacey Sturm at The Haven - rarasfarm.com
Lacey Sturm at The Haven – rarasfarm.com

On Friday night inside a toasty Haven Lounge, Lacey Sturm delivered a passionate set of rock ‘n roll to her dedicated Orlando fanbase.

It was an intimate, personal and spiritual night of music, spotlighted by a handful of talented female-fronted bands pulled together by the fine folks at Maniacal Mojo Records.

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Lacey Sturm and Local Rockers Coming to Winter Park

Lacey Sturm earlier this year at Welcome To Rockville. Photo: Jackie Creedon.
Lacey Sturm earlier this year at Welcome To Rockville. Photo: Jackie Creedon.

Lacey Sturm is a dynamic rock vocalist with an impressive track record, both as lead singer for Flyleaf, and as a solo performer. She brings her solo show to Winter Park, headlining an impressive show produced by local promoter Maniacal Mojo this Friday, July 22nd in Winter Park.

And as a nice treat for local rock fans, the lineup features a slew of diverse and talented local and regional rock bands, as well.

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Tarable Thoughts

A Brilliant Lie Interview

So, I sat down to have a serious conversation about music with the five sharp, creative minds that collectively are A Brilliant Lie, we tucked ourselves behind a table on the cozy outdoor patio at The Copper Rocket, a Maitland joint that does more than their fair share when it comes to supporting the local music scene.

A Brilliant Lie Group Photo
A Brilliant Lie during a rare quiet moment at Copper Rocket

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Matt & Kim Get It

The normally quaint Main Street area in idyllic Downtown Melbourne was transformed into a lively, pulsing mass of joyful party-goers this weekend, when Matt and Kim commandeered the stage as the headliners for the annual FIT Homecoming Fest.

Matt and Kim at FIT Homecoming Fest in Melbourne
Matt and Kim at FIT Homecoming Fest in Melbourne. photo: rarasfarm.com

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A Brilliant Lie Interview

ABL’s View on Touring, The Rock Business and Other Tarable Things…

A Brilliant Lie Group Photo by rarasfarm.com
A Brilliant Lie Group Photo

I recently sat down with the five very talented and easily distracted members of A Brilliant Lie. We chilled on the patio of Copper Rocket in Maitland and had a thorough, captivating and rambling discussion. It’s far too much info for one interview, so I’ll break this into two or three hopefully entertaining chunks.

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Big Week For A Brilliant Lie


A Brilliant Lie Prepare for New Album Release

They’re one of the most exciting rock bands in Orlando and as July kicks off, this talented band is pretty damn busy.

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After a whirlwind recording session this Spring, they recently released the track listing for their forthcoming EP Threads: Cutter, which will be a three part series rolling out over the next year. They’ll spotlight the new music at House of Blues this weekend, and they provided the first peek at their new music with a preview on YouTube.

Let’s start with the Album Release show details. A Brilliant Lie will headline this month’s Orlando Rocks at the Downtown Disney HOB, with a show that you can see for a paltry five bucks through this link (Or Free with the promo code “Brilliant”): LiveNation – Orlando Rocks. The band was also recently offering their fans free tix via email at tickets@abrilliantlie.com, which may still be a possibility if you do not have a LiveNation account.

For those of you not familiar with A Brilliant Lie, this fivesome delivers guitar-driven rock fronted by charismatic lead singer Tara Lightfoot. They are a blast on stage and always deliver an entertaining set. On Saturday, they’ll also be joined by the engaging pop-punk of Hero’s Fate.  (They are also a blast on social media and I highly recommend following them for guaranteed chuckles and some damn good rock)

The first single from Threads is a gritty rocker that shows the band pushing themselves in an edgier direction. It’s good stuff, and a track that highlights Lightwood’s voice as never before. Check out “Circles For Sewing” below.

The EP, Cutter, is the first of a trio that we will see released over the next year. It can be pre-ordered here: www.abrilliantlie.com , or picked up at the event on Saturday night, or for you old school  iTunes fans, purchased on-line on the 17th.

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Rock On!

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Threads Cutter Tracklist:
1. Always at Odds
2. Pieces
3. Circles for Sewing
4. Drive til Morning
5. Bittered Bones