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First, most radio stations suck and play crappy overplayed music.  Therefore, it’s hard to hear good new rock ‘n roll. Hence, many folks think rock ‘n roll is in its dying throes.  In this list, we will prove that assertion to be pure bullshit.  We scour the internet, youtube and satellite radio to find the best of what’s out there and present it here for your enjoyment.

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11/07/14  Waters I Feel Everything  The second time they’ve made this list. This one is a catchy pop rock track with a healthy dose of fuzz and distortion.
10/31/14 TV On the Radio Happy Idiot  The video features Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) which seems a perfect fit for this song about a man losing his mind.
10/24/14 Fort Lean Cut To The Chase
A dreamy synth-driven hit just waiting to explode on the alt-rock scene, with an intoxicating retro rock feel.
10/17/14 New Politics Everywhere I Go This band is an absolute blast but this song is a bit rougher around the edges. I like it, but there are a few fans who don’t
10/10/14 Young Guns I Want Out
The follow-up to “Bones,” the breakthrough release from these UK rockers might just be a little better.
10/03/14 Three Days Grace I Am Machine
They have had an even dozen #1 Active radio hits. That record is about to become a baker’s dozen. More catchy aggressive rock for your iPod.
09/26/14 New Politics Everywhere I Go
This band just pumps out fun, energetic rock ‘n roll, and this is another killer song.  Love the defiance in the lyrics, too
09/12/14 Walk The Moon Shut Up And Dance
They exploded onto the Alt-Rock scene a few years ago with the addictive poppy “Anna Sun,” this one just might be more addictive.
09/05/14 Black Keys Gotta Get Away  Everything this duo releases sounds good. This one is no exception, but it’s got more of a catchy pop feel while still retaining that classic Black Keys swagger.
08/22/14 Lacuna Coil Nothing Stands In Our Way
Italian goth rock – think of Parramore with a grittier rock edge. The video for this gives a good idea of how good this band is live.
08/15/14 New Pornographers Brill Brothers
Love this song, which is the first taste of the soon to be released album of the same name. It’s got a huge epic sound that will cross genres.
08/08/14 Wolf Gang Black River
It’s the title track of their soon to be released follow-up to Suego Faults. Can’t help to think that this excellent song is going to sound even better on the album.
08/01/14 Manchester Orchestra Cope
It’s a little more raw and dirty than most of their more recent songs, but no less endearing
07/11/14 Young Rising Sons High
Another song that is likely to define the summer. I absolutely defy you to play this catchy tune without cranking up the stereo for these lads from New Jersey.
06/27/14 The Griswolds Beware The Dog
This Australian band makes addictive, poppy, quirky rock music, and this one’s a tune with a nice summer feel.
06/13/14 Milky Chance Stolen Dance
I thought I found something new, uh not quite, seems like I’m the last to know, but just in case, this one is great. Silky, smooth, unique and memorable…
06/06/14 Waters Got To My Head
Another addictive song destined to dominate this summer’s playlists. Van Pierszlowski’s new band offers up a Grouplovish debut with big drums and catchy vocals.
05/30/14 Bleachers I Wanna Get Better
Absolutely addictive fun rocker. This one is from the little side project of uber-talented guitarist Jack Antonoff of Fun. fame.
05/23/14 The Hawk In Paris Freaks
This one was recommended by RARA contributor Kerri. It’s a slinky addictive song that’s just as catchy as hell.
05/16/14 Within Reason Enemy
We were introduced to this band when they opened Welcome To Rockville with a blistering set. This is their brand new single, and it rocks.
05/09/14 Smile Empty Soul Chemicals
This California trio exploded onto the rock music scene over a decade ago, now they’re back with a strong new release just begging for airplay.
04/18/14 Adelitas Way Dog On a Leash
The brand new single from these talented hard rockers from Las Vegas. See these guys next week at Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville.
04/11/14 Volbeat Dead But Rising
This album has been out for awhile, but the single was just released. Like most Volbeat songs, it’s hard rock with killer vocals. See these guys in a few weeks at Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville.
04/04/14 Great White Complicated
They’re back with another bluesy cut just oozing cool rock swagger.  Jack White is gone, but Mark Kendall and Company sound as good as ever. After you grab the song, check out a recent interview with the band (Great White Interview)
03/28/14 Kongos Come With Me Now
These South Africans now call Phoenix home, and although this gritty rocker was released a few years ago, it is just now enjoying a rebirth with a Sony re-release.
03/21/14 Daniel Ellsworth & Great Lakes Sun Goes Out These guys make catchy, supremely listenable feel good indie rock. This is one of the best efforts off of their excellent recent release, Kid Tiger.
03/07/14 The Pack A.D. Animal They’re two women who play with an edge and create passionate rock ‘n roll, and this track is one of the featured songs at SXSW for good reason. (See our Album Review here)
02/28/14 The Strypes What a Shame This Irish quartet just tear it up with this break-neck furious rocker.  Tight and out of control at the same time – It’s a blast to listen to.
02/21/14 Skaters Deadbolt The single has been out a few months, but the album is just now hitting the streets. It’s an aggressive alt-rocker that brings back memories of early BRMC.  This one is a great driving song.
02/14/14 Royal Blood Out of the Black  A bass, a drum and passionate vocals are the recipe for success and drive this powerful duo from the UK. Think Black Keys with a  grittier edge. Yeah, pretty cool stuff.
02/07/14 Mike Mains & The Branches Noises The first single off of their killer release Calm Down Everything is Fine. I love the vocals and the slick layered guitar and memorable riffs that absolutely demand your attention. (See our album review here)

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