RARA’s Farm Rating System

We’ve adopted the U.S.D.A. rankings for the cuts we review here at RARA’s Farm. We figured you Rock And Roll Animals would get it:

RARAs Select (160x102)RARAs Prime (160x102)RARAs Choice (160x102)


RARA’s Stamps of Approval

  • Prime+ – Perfect – these rarities are 11’s on a scale from 1 to 10
  • Prime – Nearly Perfect cuts
  • Choice+ Great taste, bordering on perfection
  • Choice – Great selection
  • Select+ Good to Great
  • Select – Good tasty stuff

These ones are not recommended for RARA’s consumption

  • Standard – Standard stuff, mediocrity epitomized
  • Commercial – Much like Commercial radio – it’s below average and not to be sought out
  • Utility – Not good for human consumption, but safe for Fido
  • Cutter – Low grade junk, could be consumed if mixed with something else.
  • Canner – This is the lowest grade crap, it belongs in the can. Think of Alpo…


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