Ranking Led Zeppelin albums

Ranking Led Zeppelin Albums

Ranking Led Zeppelin Albums – Ten Years of Amazing Rock

Our Cretin spent a week listening to nothing but Led Zeppelin, and after emerging from his blues-fused stupor, he had it figured out. Each Led Zeppelin album ranked from best to worst…

When Led Zeppelin smashed their way onto the rock music scene in the late Sixties, no one could have foreseen the amazing success the band would enjoy over the next decade. They owned the Seventies, and created hard rock that is still as relevant today as it was three or four decades ago. They were the godfathers of hard rock and one of the driving forces behind the emergence of album rock. And for that reason, we decided we needed to rank Led Zeppelin’s best albums.

When they formed the band as Led Zeppelin, they had already earned enough street cred with Atlantic Records to control much of the marketing of their music, including their penchant for releasing their music as albums and not singles. The strategy worked pretty damn well; they released nine albums, selling more than 200 million copies worldwide and placing six at number one on Billboard’s list.

38 Years since their last real studio release, In Through The Out Door, we have finalized ranking Led Zeppelin’s nine albums. Let’s look from worst to best. “Worst” is all relative, of course…

The #9 Album on our list


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