Album Review: BJ Wilbanks

When we talk about the term Southern Rock, there are many that conjure up the long-haired redneck hanging a confederate flag out the back of a beat up pick-up truck screaming “Freebird”. However wrong that picture is, Georgia crooner BJ Wilbank’s blows all those stereotypes out of the water. Whatever you think that term is, Wilbanks offers an augmented version. His mixture of gospel, R&B, Motown, and Skynyrd is infectious and it shows on his newest, self-titled freewheelin’ slow-roll; best for a backyard Barbeque, as it is dancing in a sweaty dive bar.

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Gabriel and the Apocalypse Interview

Gabriel and the Apocalypse are a rock ‘n roll band whose unique style of lyrics are making waves in the world of metal. It’s apparent that their newest album, Ghost Parade shocks the mind into thinking about how our world operates while driving hard issues in the realm of humanity and animal decency.

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Album Review: Anathema – The Optimist

Anathema began their career all the way back in the 90s as, believe it or not, a doom metal band touring with the likes of Cannibal Corpse. They have come a stellar long way. The Liverpool, England band have had multiple lineup changes and have experimented with multiple sounds moving from their metal beginnings to a progressive, atmospheric, often anthemic style.

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Dru Cutler Interview…

Normally, I would say this is an interview but since it was my first time actually interviewing an artist that wasn’t a friend, I learned that I had some technique still to learn.  Fortunately Dru Cutler is a true professional and a kind, caring musician.

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The Toadies – “Tyler” – Throw Back Thursday SOTD

A Rubberneck Gem from The Toadies

The Toadies are the band that released “Possum Kingdom” in 1994 with kids in the throes of grunge chanting the ear worm chorus “Do you wanna die”. But the band was, and is, so much more than that, and have flown under the radar for the better part of 25 years. Multiple labels, records, and constant touring have helped the band carve our a sound all their own; part punk, part metal, and all Texas.

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Bayside Show at The Beacham

This week I caught a killer show at Orlando’s Beacham Theatre. Baside is an American rock band hailing from New York created back in 2000 by front man Anthony Raneri and they are still going strong today nearly two decades later.

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Magical Moments at the 17th Annual NON-COMMvention

The array of performers in support of non-commercial radio is in excellent hands – and  hearts and minds and voices – as 28 bands descended upon the city of Philadelphia to celebrate the music and each brought their own unique sound, perspective, and magic.

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