Glasvegas Returns to Roots

Glasvegas Album Cover
Glasvegas Album Cover

Glasvegas Album Review

After smashing onto the alternative rock scene with 2008’s fantastic debut album and grabbing the rock universe by the jugular, they almost as quickly disappeared from the landscape with the disappointing and erratic follow-up Euphoric Heartbreak. Fortunately, on  Later…When The TV Turns To Static, we hear the Glasgow natives back in the dark, tumultuous plane that brings such joy to our ears.

The band’s name, Glasvegas sounds like a combination of their home town of Glasgow and Las Vegas and stretching that connection, I can see similarities with the music of two stalwarts artists from those cities, Simple Minds and The Killers.  Glasvegas offers the same lush arrangements and fantastically layered songs which serve as the ideal backdrop for superb, distinctive vocals.

James Allan is the band’s primary songwriter and lead vocalist. His soul wrenching vocals are the constant highlight across the ten tracks of  Later…When The TV Turns To Static. The album, produced by Allan, is nicely orchestrated and not simply a collection of ten good songs. Listening to the tracks, I’m not sure there’s any one track with the same commercial appeal as their 2008 hit single, “Geraldine,” but the album does not have a weak offering.

It’s an album that quite frankly is probably best listened to on a nice stereo, speakers cranked, while sipping a glass of Glenmorangie 18 Years Old. It’s just one of those albums. The songs are all incredibly creative; often featuring dark introspective lyrics, typically enveloped in lush optimistic musical landscapes.  It’s quite refreshing, and quite good.

The band’s first single from the album is the captivating “If.” It’s a great glimpse into what you’re going to find throughout the album. Heart pounding drums, killer guitar licks and Allan’s pristine vocals and thought-provoking lyrics: “If not for fear, hope is nowhere near…”

Other highlights from the album include the stirring “All I Want is My Baby,” where we hear Allan lament “It’s All About the Money, I hope it makes you happy,” as he laments about the travails of a man dealing with the challenges of child support. “Secret Truth offers a hypnotic, trance-like guitar from James Allan’s brother Rab which briefly steals the spotlight.  “I’d rather Be Dead Than Be With You,” features stirringly exposed vocals from James Allan accompanied by a perfectly arranged haunting piano duet.

Grab the album on iTunes beginning September 3rd here: Later…When the Tv Turns to Static (Deluxe Edition) – Glasvegas

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Central Florida September Rock Concert Calendar

Central Florida Rock Concert Calendar

Labor Day Weekend is pretty much a dud, but the month really picks up with a slew of great shows all over the Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa areas. RARA’s Farm’s favorite live band comes to the Plaza in Orlando, and there’s a killer festival in St. Augustine with one of the most creative line-ups all year.


9/01 – Robbie Krieger, Plaza Live. Yup, the Doors guitarist is on the road again.

9/06 – Switchfoot, Universal Studios. Rock The Universe.
9/06 – The Supervillains, Jesse’s (Winter Haven)

9/07 – Blue October, House of Blues
9/07 – Casting Crowns and Relient K, Universal Studios. Rock The Universe.

9/08 – Rancid, House of Blues. Always a great show for punk rock fans.

9/10 – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Hard Rock Live

9/11 – Steely Dan, Hard Rock Live

9/12 – Pepper, House of Blues. Read RARA’s Farm’s review of the bands latest album: Album Review

9/13 – The Vaccines, The Social. These English Alt-Rockers have a cool garage rock vibe and this is the one show this month we don’t want to miss.
9/13 – Joe Satriani and Steve Morse Band, Hard Rock Live

9/16 – Hunter Valentine and Girl In A Coma, Wooten Park (Tavares) – All Girl rock band that absolutely rocks. Check out our review of Hunter Valentine’s last album: Album Review
9/16 – Title Fight, BackBooth

9/17 – Matisyahu, Hard Rock Live

9/18 – Stone Temple Pilots and Filter, House of Blues. This show is absolutely intriguing. STP has jettisoned  the troublesome Scott Weiland and brought in Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. And, Filter is a fantastic bonus for an opener.  Don’t miss this one.

9/19 – Fun. with Tegan and Sara, UCF Arena. Nice double bill at UCF.  We loved Fun. at last year’s Big Ticket: Festival Review and Fun. photos.

9/21 – Eddie Money, Downtown Orlando. The latest installment of WMMO’s Downtown Concert Series. Free classic rock ‘n roll!

9/22 – Yellowcard, House of Blues. Check out our review of their excellent show last year: Yellowacard Rocks HOB

9/23 – Imagine Dragons, Paper Route and The Neighborhood, UCF Arena. Imagine Dragons is the big draw, but The Neighborhood is a big appeal for us.

9/24 – Alt-J, House of Blues

9/25 – Colin Hay, Plaza Live. The front man from Men At Work from the land down under…

9/26 – Cowboy Mouth, Plaza Live. The unofficial band of RARA’s FARM – we all love Cowboy Mouth, because they put on the becy live shows on the planet.  Come join us for our annual dose of Fred LeBlanc, JTG, and their unique blend of rock ‘n roll. Here’s a glimpse inside the head of front man Fred Leblanc.
9/26 – Ra Ra Riot, The Social. If not for Cowboy Mouth playing down the street, this would be the place to be.
9/26 – Brett Michaels, Hard Rock Hotel’s Velvet Sessions

9/27 to 9/29 – Starship Feat. Mickey Thomas, Epcot Center. Still a great performer with a catalog worthy of his stellar voice. Want to get an idea of what you’re in store for? Check out our show review.

9/28 – L.A. Guns Feat. Steve Riley and Phil Lewis, Green Parrot (Casselberry)

9/29 – Enter The Haggis, The Social. A unique blend of Indie/Folk rock.

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9/06 – Black Flag, The Roc Bar. Four decades of thrash from this prolific hardcore punk band.

9/08 – Steely Dan, St. Augustine Amphitheatre

0/13 – The Supervillains, The Standard (St. Augustine)

9/13 to 9/14 – Mumford & Sons and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Francis Field (St. Augustine). Cool festival with a limited run across the country. This stop includes Fun. and The Vaccines. Check out their website for details.

9/18 – Title Fight, The Roc Bar.

9/26 – Colin Hay, Ponte Vedra Music Hall
9/26 – Enter The Haggis. Cafe Eleven (St. Augustine)
9/26 – Rick Springfield, Florida Theatre. Cretin just read his autobiography.  Definitely a recommended read…

9/30 – Sick Puppies, Redlight King, Charming Liars, Freebird Live

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Tampa Area

9/01 – Eddie Money, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

9/06 – Blue October, Jannus Live (Saint Petersburg)
9/06 – The Supervillains, Jesse’s (Winter Haven)

9/07 – Authority Zero, Ruth Eckerd Music Hall (Clearwater)
9/07 – John Mayer and Philip Phillips, MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre
9/07 – Rancid, Jannus Live (Saint Petersburg)

9/11 – Joe Satriani and Steve Morse Band, Ruth Eckerd Music Hall (Clearwater)
9/11 – Pepper, Jannus Live (Saint Petersburg)

9/12 – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Jannus Live (Saint Petersburg)
9/12 – Matt Pond, New World Brewery

9/13 – Pet Shop Boys, Mahaffey Theater
9/13 – Rick Springfield, Ruth Eckerd Hall(Clearwater)

9/14 – Depeche Mode, MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre – the only area appearance for these stalwarts of new wave…
9/14 – Steely Dan, Ruth Eckerd Hall (Clearwater)

9/15 – Kid Rock, ZZ Top and Uncle Cracker, MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre. Great triple bill – all three acts put on excellent shows.

9/24 – Colin Hay, The Largo Cultural Center
9/24 – Imagine Dragons, Paper Route and The Neighborhood, USF Sun Dome. Imagine Dragons is the big draw, but The Neighborhood is a big appeal for us.
9/24 – Ra Ra Riot, Orpheum

9/26 – Blues Traveler, Floyd’s at Hard Rock Casino
9/26 – O’Brother, Crowbar

9/27 – Enter The Haggis, Skipper’s Steakhouse

9/28 – Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck, Ruth Eckerd Music Hall (Clearwater). The legendary mind behind the original Beach Boys, paired with Jeff Beck!

9/29 – Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Twenty One Pilots, USF Sun Dome. This is just a killer line-up. Three phenomenal live acts.



Black Sabbath – 13

Black Sabbath – 13 Album Review

Black Sabbath haven’t made original music with the original line up in quite some time, but, in all honesty, they never went away; given that their pioneering metal sludge influence can be heard from bands as diverse as Slayer to Queens of the Stone Age to Black Flag.

43 years after their first record together, 1970’s Black Sabbath, the lineup, sans drummer Bill Ward, sounds as fresh as the first devilish chord from Tony Iommi’s guitar. 13 is a triumphant return for Sabbath. Mega-producer Rick Rubin has a knack for taking hugely popular artists back to their roots, see Metallica’s Death Magnetic, or the slew of later Johnny Cash records, and this record follows that formula.

13 sounds like it’s 1971…before all the drugs, band member arguments, and eventual firing of Ozzy. These are three guys from Birmingham, trying to make music that sounded like the factories they all worked in. The sound of metal…..heavy metal… The record begins with the obvious tongue in cheek title of “End of the Beginning” where Ozzy asks the question; “Is this the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?” The song is one of the best on the record and offers the listener the signature Sabbath bluesy, thud omelette with time change half way through.

“God is Dead,” the first single from the album, offers more of the thunder cloud heaviness. The mellow, congo-infused, “Zeitgeist” is reminiscent of the classic “Planet Caravan.” Ozzy’s voice, for all the abuse it has taken over the years, adds dimension to the song, even if he struggles to reach the higher ranges, we all know what he is capable of. The song also casts light on Tony Iommi and his guitar playing. Iommi is often left off of the list of greatest axe men, but here his solos flow effortlessly over Geezer Butler’s melodic bass. Arguably the best track on 13 is “Age of Reason”, a 7 minute ditty that combines all the things we love about Sabbath including the aforementioned guitar work -listen to the last two minutes- as well as blistering drums courtesy of Rage Against the Machine’s, Brad Wilk.

With that being said, the trite “Live Forever” is a low point on a record that offers the listener a batch of Sabbath songs that hold their own against their classics. Die-hards will complain about over-production and a newer sound, but for guys that are all in their mid-60’s, and trying to live up to their moniker, 13 is a strong effort.

Mayor Peach

Underground Lovers – Weekend – Album Review

Underground Lovers – Weekend Album Review

This is all speculation, but after listening to Weekend, by Underground Lovers, I think I have an idea from where their name was derived.  Are they big fans of The Velvet Underground? I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to them. The music would imply as much.

Underground Lovers are the illegitimate child of Nico and Thurston Moore, caught between two worlds.  One of post-hippy, art-centric, weirdo goodness, and the other of, uhh… post-disco, art-centric, weirdo goodness.  Either way, this album will take you to the once-dangerous streets of New York City, but when you land there is a matter of your interpretation.  In 1964 a young Lou Reed and John Cale are hustling the East Village art scene, trying to get their band, the Velvet Underground, started.  Meanwhile, down the street, a 6 year old Thurston Moore is taking notes and waiting patiently for 1981 and his turn to come.

Weekend starts off slowly with “Spaces” which is a relaxed number that induces a spaced-out frame of mind.  I pictured myself opening all of the windows in the house and just wandering from room to room, aimlessly, in a trance-like state until the song was over.  Not many songs I encounter create such a vivid idea in my head.  Following that, the band kicks up the tempo on “Can For Now,” which, on first listen, made me play “Teenage Riot” by Sonic Youth just to make sure that copyright laws weren’t being trampled.  Honestly, they don’t sound too incredibly similar, but the guitar tone and tempo certainly seem borrowed.

“Dream To Me” brings the tempo down again, and is a sweet jaunt in the park, hand-in-hand on a Sunday afternoon with a Korg keyboard and what sounds like a flute. Then you realize that there’s a a shadowy over-driven guitar following you in the shadows and get nervous, until you realize he just needs directions to the bus station and all ends serenely. Some of the songs are danceable, which is always a plus. Electronic elements are scattered throughout the record, but, in my opinion, often under-utilized.

The band had not played together since the 90’s when they got together in 2010 for a live performance at Homebake. They were reportedly well-received and it’s not surprising considering that this style (especially of the two bands I’ve beaten to death comparing them to) is rarely emulated, and has come full circle to sound fresh again. It’s a good record through and through, it just seems a bit dated, which is not always a bad thing.

Sounding a bit, also, like Yo La Tengo, and even sometimes, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, it hearkens back to a simpler time in music when artists knew how to rock AND roll. They weren’t just interested in screaming the loudest, playing the fastest, or being the most controversial.

If you’re looking for something cool that you can enjoy and will probably confuse, and intrigue your friends, give a spin.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned “Can For Now,” “Signs of Weakness” and “Au Pair.” I didn’t have a chance to try it but I bet this album will sound great turned all the way up on a good car stereo. That’s just an opinion, and we can not be held liable for blown car speakers. Rock at your own risk.

Broken Birdie

Ted Nugent Review- Who came 1st, Eddie or Ted?

Ted Nugent at HOB-Orlando
Ted Nugent at HOB-Orlando

Ted Nugent Orlando Concert Review

Attended the Ted Nugent concert last night at House of Blues for the 2nd time in 2 years and was pleasantly surprise. Last year, Ted was more of a politician, constantly complaining about the White House, freedom, liberty, etc., focusing more on politics than the music itself. This year was definitely more about the music.

Nugent is surrounded with a strong band.  The group was tight, the music on cue, and the moves well choreographed. You can tell that Mick Brown (drummer), Greg Smith (bass) and Derek St. Holmes (guitar) have been together for a while.  St. Holmes has been back with the band for a few years now, and does a fantastic job on vocals on many of the tracks, leaving Nugent to focus on his superb guitar-playing.

Sitting back and watching the packed crowd at HOB rocking to Uncle Ted was also an experience. Ted was a perfectionist in his sound and actions.  During the show, he realized that his guitar was not sounding just the way it should so he asked for the crew to change the equipment immediately just to get it right.  At 65, Ted still has what it takes to make his guitar sing.  This is what I wondered when listening to Ted.  Who developed their chops first, Ted Nugent or Eddie Van Halen? Both extremely talented guitarists, both professional and entertaining.  With Ted, what you see is what you get.  True hard core rock and roll.

Laura Wylde again opened the show and was a demon on stage, entertaining the crowd with excellent guitar and vocals.  The main set from Nugent lasted a little under 2 hours and the music was loud. Yes, Ted is a proud American and loves his roots and like he said, “this whole world sucks, but here in the US, it sucks a little less!” And, on this night with Uncle Ted, it was a nice escape for all in attendance.


Set List


Hunters pack the house in Jacksonville!

Hunters Live in Jacksonville - Credit: Leon Jonjock
Hunters Live in Jacksonville – Credit: Leon Jonjock

Hunters Packs the House in Jacksonville!

Last week, we had a chance to check out a very hip Indie Rock band called Hunters based out of Brooklyn, New York and touring in support of their new EP. I got the assignment to review and photograph the up and coming punk rockers while they were touring through Jacksonville. The location was Jack Rabbits, a downtown club, on a very hot muggy day. It was apparent that sweat was guaranteed tonight.

I arrived a few minutes early to set up, and the band soon followed in two vans, unloaded everything and went next door for a quick dinner before the show. The manager of Jack Rabbits was also the engineer of the soundboard, and was in great spirits, very excited about this particular show.

After the two opening bands, Queen Beef and Hank and Cupcakes had finished their high energy sets, the lights went out, and Hunters took the stage. The crowd was packed like sardines in this cool little Jacksonville club but despite the heat no one cared. They were all fired up and ready to see this energetic quartet, and you could tell right away that dancing was definitely gonna be happening this night!

We could instantly tell that this band was the real deal, as the crowd instantly came alive when they played their first song. The music was cool enough to keep everyone engaged and listening for the entire set, unlike some other bands that burn out after a couple songs.

The on-stage fog machine filled the concert hall cranking out cool air to the crowd, while covering the stage with a slick mist. The band’s talented lead singer, Isabel Almieda was instantly recognized by her luscious pink hair the moment she took the stage. She displayed a very smooth voice, and was a hit to everyone who watched her dance across the stage. She was joined by her primary collaborator Derek Watson, a hot shot lead guitarist with cool spiked hair.

This Brooklyn Indie rockers played a smart set, with three fast-paced songs right off the bat, to the delight of the crowd. Isabel was in complete control of the timing of the band and she had the crowd in the palm of her hand; at any moment, she had us in a frenzy, other times she slowed the pace, and the entire time, displaying her wonderful voice that connected to everybody in the room.

It wasn’t long before fans of the opening bands were captivated by her voice and they were quickly in the mix dancing to the beats of Hunters! The band played for 50 minutes and had everyone sweating for more.

Watson played his guitar like a seasoned pro and was a great entertainer, even playing upside down with his feet in the air at one point. The fast-paced finger work for this type of music isn’t easy for most guitarists, but he handled the show with grace, never himself to override his partners in the band and staying in perfect sync with the structure of the songs. Bassist Tommy played every solid note, without cheating the songs with sloppy work providing a cool vibe for everyone which was a pleasant relief from the doom and gloom bands that scream at you.

Hunters Live in Jacksonville - Credit: Leon Jonjock
Hunters Live in Jacksonville – Credit: Leon Jonjock

All the songs were handpicked by the band, and when record labels allow you to have that control it almost guarantees a better sound and show. The songs were presented in a way that brought attention to every song – great catchy hooks that kept everyone in attendance dancing. They finished their set to a very happy crowd and the fans were very excited when the band came out to hang with them after the show.

We reporters had a chance to talk to the band backstage, as they were heading for Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and other big time towns.

We got our photo’s taken with the band,  a nice wrap to a great night of rock at a place called Jack Rabbits – where the locals and the newbies go to rock!

This band is on my “TO SEE AGAIN LIST, and we’ll be back again when “Hunters” returns to town.

Thanks to “Hunters” management team, record label, and band members for a great show, and we can’t wait for the new album in 2014!  And Jack Rabbits of Jacksonville for always and for many years, putting North Florida on the map as the place to see cool Indie bands!

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Until then, stay cool !

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The Killers Entertain Orlando

he Killers at Hard Rock Orlando
The Killers at Hard Rock Orlando – Credit: Torey Mundkowsky

The Killers Concert Review

All Killer, No Filler! Yup, I know that was a Sum 41 album, but it’s also the perfect tagline for the fantastic rock show put on by The Killers last night.  Brandon Flowers and his band mates commanded the Orlando’s Hard Rock stage and blew the crowd away with a stellar set that quite literally was highlight packed from start to finish.

The Las Vegas based quarter (turned sextet for this tour) sounded superb from the opening notes of “Mr Brightside” to the last rousing flourish of “When You Were Young.” It’s nothing short of impressive that this talented band has turned out so many superb songs in their brief four album career and that they were able to fill almost the entire hour and forty-five minute show with hugely popular hits.

Guitarist Dave Keuning and drummer Ronnie Vannucci were rock solid all night, and bassist Mark Stoerner truly shined with his hard driving bass lines, but this band revolves around the charismatic Flowers, and on this night, he was damn near spectacular. His voice was superb on every song, his keyboards were excellent, and his showmanship top-notch. Permanent smile plastered on his face, he was all over the stage interacting with the fervid crowd constantly.

With the Who’s classic “Eminence Front” playing over the P.A., The Killers took the stage with all of the house lights on to Mr. Brightside, one of many cuts off of their impressive debut Hot Fuss. Playing the track with the lights on was one of a handful of nice surprises throughout the evening. At one point early in the show, Flowers slid behind the piano and played the first verse of “Human,” before the band kicked into “Bling (Confessions of A King).” From there they played a few other songs, before ultimately returning to finish “Human.”

“Tiffany stole this from Tommy James, we’re stealing it back,” offered Flowers before the band launched into a searing version of  “I Think We’re Alone.” The band tore into a raucous, chaotic cacophony before melding into a slick version of “Somebody Told Me.” And on the opposite end of the spectrum, we saw a cool duet between Flowers and Keuning during a tender version of “A Dustland Fairytale.”

The crowd was vocal all night, whether prodded by Flowers or not, and truly shined during “Bling (Confessions of A King),” “Human” and “From Here On Out,”  But, the singalong moment of the night was clearly the main set finale of “All These Things That I Have Done,” where the 3,000 folks in attendance boomed the chorus “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier” for a full two minutes.

The Killers at Hard Rock Orlando
The Killers at Hard Rock Orlando – Credit: Torey Mundkowsky

The highlight of the night was the four song encore. Members of the opening band The Virgins joined The Killers on-stage for a cover of Neil Young’s “Albuquerque.” From there it was a great version of “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine,” that was presented with a much darker feel which fit the song perfectly. The final two songs, again had the crowd thoroughly engaged, explosive versions of “Battle Born” and “When You Were Young.”

The Hard Rock venue was perfectly suited for the band, and the sold out crowd was in rare form, dancing and answering every call with loud vocals throughout the show.  It was also nice to see such diversity in the crowd, with fans from the single digits to senior citizens – all of whom who left pretty damn happy.


Mr. Brightside
The Way It Was
Smile Like You Mean It
Human (Part One)
Bling (Confession of a King)
Change Your Mind
Miss Atomic Bomb
Somebody Told Me
I Think We’re Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells cover)
For Reasons Unknown
From Here On Out
A Dustland Fairytale
Read My Mind
All These Things That I’ve Done

Albuquerque (Neil Young cover)
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Battle Born
When You Were Young

Check out the entire The Killers catalog on

St. Augustine’s “Queen Beef” wows Jacksonville fans!

Queen Beef at Jack Rabbits
Queen Beef at Jack Rabbits

Queen Beef Concert Review

From the moment opening act Queen Beef hit the stage, it was a party!

The four man group, from the sands of St. Augustine Beach Florida, played for a SOLD OUT SHOW at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, Florida. Billed with 3 other bands from around the nation, this 4 band show was a sight to see, and wonderful music to our ears.

Opening act Queen Beef, played high energy songs that got the Jacksonville crowds a jumping. The band is led by lead singer Michael O’Hara who came out twirling in a little pink mini skirt and danced and jumped for 45 minutes straight!

Lead Guitarist Ryan Palm handled the fast paced riffs on a small neck guitar perfectly – every song was on time and the crowd roared with every solo, while bassist Nick Commodity sweated every note as he feverishly pounded on his bass to the super fast tempo of the set. Commodity wore a Misfits shirt that everyone loved the minute he came in the door, I thought he was the bouncer at first – then he grabbed the bass, plugged in his amp, and jammed to the delighted crowd at Jack Rabbits. Fianlly, drummer Matty Pius did not stop his barrage of thunder drums until the set was over. He played so fast that sweat was pouring from his soaked body like rain. High energy bands like Queen Beef, are always welcomed in the Jacksonville area.

After the show, the band graciously signed autographs and came back later in the evening to hang with the fans.  This show will be remembered by a lot of fans of the underground scene.  They came wearing ripped clothes, make up, wild hair styles, and a passion for Punk Rock Music!

We enjoyed this show and can’t wait to see them again soon, and recommend them to anyone if they are playing in your area!

See more Queen Beef show photos here: Queen Beef at Jack Rabbits

As always , thanks to Jack Rabbits venue in Jacksonville Florida , where concerts are happening every other week, and the locals love to come out to see the cool bands play their hearts out.

Also,thanks to for making this event coverage available to us die hard fans of Punk Music! Watch for my three other reviews from this 4 band event from Jack Rabbits coming soon on this website. Enjoy the pictures from the show , on this website from all 4 bands, and comments are always welcome in our blogs.

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