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SOTD: Milky Chance – “Ego”

Milky Chance is a multi-platinum German pop duo that writes the most infectious melodies that sting like earworms on a Spring morning.

They continue this pattern on their newest song “Ego” from their highly anticipated second album Blossom, out March 17th on Republic Records. The song is a soulful, energetic, mixture of electronics and glittery guitar that is instantly infectious.
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Punk Rock TBT – White Riot

TBT Song of the Day – White Riot, The Clash

In 1977, while the rest of the world was listening to Fleetwood Mac and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, four London punks were about to turn the rock music world upside down.  The angsty debut single, “White Riot” was a ferociously raw track that grabbed rock fans by the balls and screamed for attention.

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Bokito – An Intriguing Song of the Day

SOTD: Bokito – Better At Getting Worse

London five-piece Bokito have delivered one of the most interesting and compelling songs of the new year.  Their music is almost impossible to pigeonhole, as you’ll hear on our Song of the Day, “Better At Getting Worse.”  The band classifies themselves as Tropical-Indie.  It’s not a perfect description, but we’ll go with that since nothing else really makes sense.

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SOTD: Rough Church – 5 AM Shadows

Song of the Day: Rough Church

Rough Church formed in 2005 in Los Angeles. The band is a throwback of sorts to the forgotten 80s sound of melancholy and
nostalgia. They were signed to New Zealand’s PowerTool Records in 2006 and released their first five albums in the states on their own label Beautiful Workhorse Records.

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SOTD: Amaranthe – Boomerang

Amaranthe – Boomerang Our Rock Song of the Day

In honor of their new album and tour, Amaranthe have released a new video for their track “Boomerang.”  They have just kicked off their North American headline tour in support of their latest album Maximalism with Rarasfarm favorites Citizen Zero opening up for them.

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TBT Rollins Band – Liar

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is a badass. I try to listen to him every chance that I get…. He’s fucking hilarious, and mostly on point. As in the 1994 single “Liar” from his stupidly underrated album Weight. The song, and it’s accompanying video, tread the line between absurdity and terror. Rollins poetry is front and center and is only usurped by his gawkish growl. The video is the same with Rollins parading around in red devil paint and yelling “sucker” at the tv screen.

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Godfathers – You Don’t Love Me

Godfathers – You Don’t Love Me – The Un-Valentines SOTD

Happy Valentine’s Day you hopeless romantics out there. In honor of this lovely holiday, it seemed appropriate to celebrate with a song about love. Oh, this is not a love song, but rather an opportunity for the heartbroken to lick their wounds and make room for their next romantic foil.

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Elbow – Gentle Storm

Song of the Day: Elbow – Gentle Storm

Elbow has been around for the better part of 15 years pushing their brand of melancholic Brit-pop to the masses. The band recently released the album Little Fictions and with that album they released the single “Gentle Storm.” The song is an instantly danceable track with a soaring chorus that yearns for a nostalgiac first-love with the words “Fall in love with me  /  every day.” I love this song and have had it on repeat for the better part of a week.

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