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Review of Bear Fight’s New Single Harlem

Harlem – New Indie Rock from Bear Fight

Well done. Bear Fight wins this round with their new single.

“Harlem” has everything needed to provoke the listener to listen to it over and over.  At first, the lyrics seem to suggest an unrequited love situation. But this is not the case. It is more about the hardships a band can experience just trying to get heard and understood, the hardships of a city.

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Alice In Chains – “Down in a Hole”: Throwback Thursday SOTD

April 5this the 23rd anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, which really sucked. But April 5th is also the 12th anniversary of the death of the equally iconic, and oft-overshadowed Alice In Chains frontman, Layne Staley. Staley’s voice is instantly recognizable as the wailing cry for help that it came to be. His rail thin frame moved the air in locomotive sized gusts and coupled with Jerry Cantrell’s baritone brought a harmonic tone to aggressive music that has yet to be matched.

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SOTD: Within Reason – No Home

New Rock from Within Reason – Our Song of the Day

Our old friends from Birmingham are finally back with some new music, and the first taste we’ve got is rather enticing. “No Home” is an early glimpse into what is in store on their new album Battlefields Life Love and War. The song features the same straight-forward rock ‘n roll that we love from Chris Dow, David Koonce and friends, paired with poignant lyrics.

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SOTD: Middle Fingers – Missio

New Music from Missio – “Middle Fingers”

Jackie discovered this one on Sirius XM’s Alt-Nation and shared it with us.  It’s an addictive song that’s probably not for everyone, but it’s destined for big things, starting with our New Music Monday Song of the Day.

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Love – “Alone Again Or”: Throwback Thursday SOTD

Alone Again Or Love, Arthur Lee, Bryan McLeanLove is one of those bands that never fully received their due. With crisp songwriting from Guitarist Arthur Lee and Singer Bryan McLean they found modest success in the late 60s. However, the band’s influence is part and parcel of their story. Musicians as diverse as Jim Morrison, Jesus and Mary Chain, Robert Plant, Television and Primal Scream have cited Love as major influences on their sound.

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SOTD: Skull and Bones- The 10x ft. Ben Schuller

“Skull and Bones” by The 10x, featuring Ben Schuller, incorporates an easy-going guitar rhythm, catchy beat, and thought-provoking vocals.

A refreshing addition to the pop-rock genre, “Skull and Bones” sounds almost to be a mix of a newer band, The 1975, with a classic sound, similar to U2. There truly is no comparison though—The 10x has created a sound that is unique to them only.

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Sir Sly – High: Our SOTD

New Music Monday SOTD: Sir Sly – High

Los Angeles pop-rockers, Sir Sly are back with a compelling follow-up to their 2013 smash “Gold.” Landon Jacobs’ showcases a more dynamic and exciting range on his vocals on “High” and Sir Sly demonstrates they’re a band that continues to grow.

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Jessie Early “Body Can’t Hold”

Song of the Day from Nashville’s Jessie Early

Indie pop artist Jessie Early is releasing her new EP Wild Honey on March 31. “Body Can’t Hold” is one of the debut singles. Early is from Nashville, where many great artists have emerged through the years. There seems to be a bit of musical magic in that place, and it looks like Jessie got a wave of the wand.

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