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Whatever Happened to the Unicorn?

The Unicorn – The Continuing Story from The Irish Rovers

Fifty years ago, the Irish Rovers squeezed a last second single onto their seminal album in a move that unexpectedly defined their storied career.  The album was named after that quirky single, “The Unicorn,” which became their most iconic hit.  Everyone knows the fun tune, but now we learn what happened to the frolicking unicorns who missed the boat.

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SOTD: Glenn Proudfoot – Broken

Glenn Proudfoot Delivers Killer Guitar Rock

Another day and another import rock artist delivering excellent new rock…  Today, we feature Glenn Proudfoot, a guitar master from Australia with his scorching, guitar-driven “Broken.”

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TBT SOTD: Status Quo – Down Down

Getting Down Down with Status Quo

I didn’t know much about these UK rock icons until I watched them open up Live Aid on the big screen at a sweltering JFK Stadium.  They caught my attention when they opened with a scorching version of John Fogerty’s “Rockin’ All Over the World” that had the crowds on two continents singing along earnestly.

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SOTD: Underground Authority

“Sundays At The Park,” our first Song of the Day from India

This track is a little different than our typical featured stuff here on Rara’s Farm, but what else would you expect from our first foray into Indian Rock.  At different times “Sundays At the Park” reminds me of two of our longtime favorites, Rehab and Black 47. And, that’s a great thing because they are two bands offering gritty music built around substance. Underground Authority fits right in that welcome mold!

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Hear the FXRRVST Through the Trees

If not for the fact that tonight’s chilly 50 degree lows seem nearly inhuman to me, I think I’d like to spend some time in Canada.  Our neighbors to the North keep delivering catchy, interesting new rock, like “Tidal Wave” the new track from Toronto’s FXRRVST.

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SOTD: Luna Covers “Friends”

“Friends” – Luna

Today’s Song of the Day is from an old favorite from dreamy alternative rockers Luna. They emerged from a long 13 year hiatus and surprised fans with the announcement of two new releases. They offered up A Place of Greater Safety which was an EP of instrumentals, and A Sentimental Education, an album full of creatively re-imagined cover songs.

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SOTD: Fireflys – Grace

New Americana from The UK: Fireflys “Grace”

I’ll admit that I first listened to this track because I noticed an endorsement from Mike Peters.  Those who read here regularly know that I hold a very a special place in my rock ‘n roll heart for  the former Alarm front man.  Of Fireflys, he described them as “a good mix of REM and The Gin Blossoms.”

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