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SOTD: Myles Kennedy – Year of the Tiger

Alter Bridge Singer Releases Sweet Solo Effort

For the past decade, Myles Kennedy has displayed the best voice in rock ‘n roll.  On his new single “Year of the Tiger” we see Kennedy breaking off into a jangly, acoustic vein.  The song demands attention the same way Chris Cornell’s “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart Did.”  That track went on to be our Song of the Year…

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SOTD: Mondo Cozmo – Automatic

The Big Ticket’s Mondo Cozmo With Our Song of the Day

Here’s a tasty track from the band who will be kicking off the festivities at this year’s Big Ticket Festival on Friday. Their music is infectious pop rock, as you can see on their recently released hit “Automatic.” The track is a pristine, soaring opus guaranteed to worm its way into your ears.

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New BJ Wilbanks “Don’t Fight the Feelin'” is Thick, Southern Soul

BJ Wilbanks is the kind of smoky soulful voice that has been lost in the realm of rock ‘n roll. His new song “Don’t Fight the Feelin’” demands that soulful voice to be heard.

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SOTD: Good Tiger

Grip Shoes – Good Tiger

It seems a rarity these days to have a cross-continent band, but that’s exactly what we get in Good Tiger, a talented quintet with members from the US and Europe.  They just released “Grip Shoes” the scorching lead track from their forthcoming album We Will All Be Gone and it is pretty damn solid.

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Whatever Happened to the Unicorn?

The Unicorn – The Continuing Story from The Irish Rovers

Fifty years ago, the Irish Rovers squeezed a last second single onto their seminal album in a move that unexpectedly defined their storied career.  The album was named after that quirky single, “The Unicorn,” which became their most iconic hit.  Everyone knows the fun tune, but now we learn what happened to the frolicking unicorns who missed the boat.

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TBT SOTD: Status Quo – Down Down

Getting Down Down with Status Quo

I didn’t know much about these UK rock icons until I watched them open up Live Aid on the big screen at a sweltering JFK Stadium.  They caught my attention when they opened with a scorching version of John Fogerty’s “Rockin’ All Over the World” that had the crowds on two continents singing along earnestly.

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