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Feeling That Way – TBT SOTD

Feeling That Way – Journey

As you have hopefully noticed, we’ve started a feature in 2017, featuring a song of the day, every day of the year. All of the songs will be killer new music with the exception of Thursdays, where we dig deep into our vinyl collections for an under-appreciated classic. Continue reading Feeling That Way – TBT SOTD

Nominee “Retrospect” – Song of the Day

Nominee “Retrospect” – Poignant new Rock

Led by former members of I Call Fives and Thieves, Nominee is on the cusp of releasing their debut EP, Drag Me Out on January 26th.  From the sounds of their brand new single “Retrospect,” the album is going to be worthy of our attention.

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Adelitas Way: “Tell Me” – Song of the Day

New music from Adelitas Way: “Tell Me”

Out first Song of the Day for 2016 comes to us from Adelitas Way. These Las Vegas rockers have been around for a decade and they continue to deliver addictive sweet rock ‘n roll with a sweet edge. Their new single “Tell Me” is another in a long line of excellent singles that characterize the band’s impressive decade of rocking.

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Los Bengala – New Rock from Spain

Los Bengala – Jodidamente Loco

Those of you who know me well realize that I don’t typically listen too closely to lyrics. I’m much more of a music first kind of guy.  And, that probably explains why I love “Jodiamente Loco,” a new single from Spain’s Los Bengala despite the fact that the entire song is in Spanish.  Based on a quick Google search, I believe “Jodiamente Loco” means ‘fucking crazy.’

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