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ELO – Rockaria

ELO – Rockaria: Song of the Day

ELO - RockariaIn my sweat-soaked, grease covered, white outfit, I toiled over a huge basin of filthy dishes. It was closing time at Lite Bite and my buddy Tim and I were cleaning up after a booming dinner, apparently served to sloppy diners by messy cooks. As was our custom, we started discussing our favorite bands and arguing over their best songs while we toiled away. On this night, ELO was in the spotlight. In honor of their recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, I figured I’d highlight them with this week’s Throwback Thursday Song of the Day.

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The Darker My Horizon – Dear Olivia

Song of the Day: The Darker My Horizon – Dear Olivia

The Darker My Horizon - Dear OliviaUK rockers The Darker My Horizon have delivered an anthemic new track that brings back fond memories of classic rock, in the vein of legendary 80’s hard rock bands.  “Dear Olivia” is the latest song featured off of the band’s new album No Superhero and it’s a track perfectly suited for rock radio.

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Four Star Riot – Beautiful Soul

Song of the Day: Four Star Riot – Beautiful Soul

Four Star Riot - Beautiful SoulIt’s always exciting to stumble across excellent new rock and learn that the artist is from right here in the Sunshine State.  Clearwater’s Four Star Riot released their sumptuous new single”Beautiful Soul” this past weekend and it’s a treat for our ears. The song is old school rock featuring soaring vocals, sharp hooks and effortless guitar riffs.

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Vista – Henchman

Vista – Henchman: Our Rock Song of the Day

Vista - HenchmanLet’s start our weekend off with a visceral, hard-driving rock track. Vista’s “Henchman” was released earlier today, and it has the promise to be a breakthrough track for this talented New York area trio.   The song is powered by slick catchy guitar riffs, raging drums and distinctive vocals, and it leaves us thirsting for more.

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“Elderly Woman…” TBT- Song of the Day with Pearl Jam

As you may know, Pearl Jam is being inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. This seems a bit weird as the band is one of those musical acts that have never really went away. What I mean to say is that they are  the rare entity that has remained relevant for the better part of 25 years. They perfectly melded the pure rock of Van Halen with the punky spike of The Ramones, with the earthiness of Neil Young. They came at a time when there was no apex, so they invented one, and did it well. The band has toured relentlessly, released numerous above-average records, and survived the music business with little to no marketing, which is no small feat.

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Coathangers – Make It Right

Song of the Day: Coathangers – Make It Right

Coathangers - Make It RightThis Atlanta trio puts an invigorating hard-edged spin on “chick rock.” They’ve been making music for a decade now, and their albums are a diverse eclectic mix of garage rock. On their latest single “Make It Right,” they dish out a frenetic punk-tinged tune that’s a blast to listen to loud. Check it out, and then see their acclaimed live show on tour this Winter, including six Florida stops in early February, highlighted by a show at Orlando’s cozy Will’s Pub on February 4th.

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Said The Whale – Step Into the Darkness

Song of the Day – Said The Whale

said the whaleVancouver’s Said The Whale have recently pared their line-up down from a quintet to a three-piece, but they’re still making ridiculously catchy pop rock.  “Step Into the Darkness” is the first song off of their forthcoming album As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide and it’s a delicious treat for our ears.

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Vertigo “Get Away”

Song of the Day – Vertigo “Get Away”

Vertigo Start off with a scorching guitar riff powered by a hard-driving bass line and freight train drums and then top it off with catchy lyrics and you’ve got the recipe for a hit rock song.  Brisbane, Australia’s Vertigo have delivered a rollicking new single that boasts all of those tasty ingredients and it’s an absolute blast to listen to. Their debut release “Get Away” is our rock song of the day.

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