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The Cars Debut Album Turns 40

We Celebrate the Iconic Album by Selecting the Best Song

40 years ago this week, The Cars released their amazing debut album.  At the time, no one realized how timeless that 1978 release would be, but today it remains as relevant and compelling as ever.  The album featured nine songs, with no weak links to be found.

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Marching On – The Alarm Are Back

New Song, New Album, New US Tour

The Alarm just might be my favorite band ever.  It’s a painful admission, because the Welsh rockers were making meaningful rock ‘n roll music and surging in popularity, when in 1991, lead singer Mike Peters, literally walked off stage in a Blaze of Glory. That moment quickly and shockingly ended their ascent to the pantheon of rock bands almost as soon as it began.

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Meet Our Union of Dunces

Just Like Before, Only Totally Different

With all apologies to John Kennedy Toole, I wanted to introduce you to a new idea here at Rarasfarm.  We are a rock music blog who have been toiling around the rock music scene for years.  As it turns out, no one really cares about my long-winded reviews from the past, so we will be shaking things up a bit.

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Get Familiar with Joyous Wolf

California Quartet has a Bright Future

If you read my Welcome To Rockville recap, you already know that I was quite impressed with Southern California’s Joyous Wolf. The quartet is an infectious new band just oozing with talent, and they capitalized on the sweet opportunity to play in front of the sizable Rockville crowd by delivering a passionate and energetic set that left everyone in attendance impressed.

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Paul McCartney to Reissue 4 Albums this Month

Paul McCartney will release four reissues of previous albums on May 18 via MPL Capitol. Thrillington, Chaos and Creation in The Backyard, NEW, and Wings Greatest will be released on CD and vinyl. Limited edition, color-coded vinyl pressings will also be available for collectors. Each vinyl LP will be accompanied by a download card.

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EDBD 25 Set Times Announced

101.1 WJRR Offers Full day of Non-Stop Rock

Central Florida’s premiere rock festival is only nine days away, and today, we get our first peek at set times for this year’s impressive lineup.  13 killer bands rotating between two stages, with additional acoustic performances in the Service Experts AC Chill Zone.

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Welcome To Rockville Set Times

3 Days, 3 Stages of Scorching Hard Rock

Welcome To Rockville has announced set times and stage locations for this year’s epic festival.  Now that we have a few weeks of advance notice, there’s no excuse for missing any of you favorite artists.  I think you will like what you see.
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5 Can’t Miss Bands at Welcome To Rockville

2018 WTR Lineup Boasts Amazing Depth Across 3 Glorious Days

Before any festival, we typically share 5 Can’t Miss bands from deep into the lineup.  Everyone knows the headliners: Foo Fighters, Ozzy, Five Finger Death Punch, A7X, Billy Idol and Stone Sour, but there are so many other great bands playing earlier.

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