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The Melvins – Basses Loaded – Album Review

Melvins - 2The Melvins can do anything that their little heart desires and us fans will all applaud with glee. They have been a go-to punk, metal, outfit for 30+ years and have influenced a dictionary of bands along the way. They invented sludge metal, brought a dry sense of humor to an otherwise gray region of the country, and remain music monoliths in a world of broken glass. I can’t say enough about the band except that The Melvins are the real deal and continue the tradition on their newest record Basses Loaded.

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Post Death Soundtrack – The Unlearning Curve – Album Review

Post Death Soundtrack 1Post Death Soundtrack is a trip-hop, psychedelic concoction from the vast spaces of Canada. Through the cheap travel of email, Post Death Soundtrack was able to piece together The Unlearning Curve, an ethereal, eerie, and abstract record that borders on an early industrial, new wave sound, albeit much calmer and sedate. The very tangible record walks a very thin tight rope, between uncomfortable and skittish beats, monotone vocals, and fluid orchestration. It’s an ambitious and challenging record that the listener can love and hate within the same verse chorus and verse of a song.

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Sweet Pop from Astronomique

Ever since Welcome To Rockville last month, I’ve been living off of a vicious nonstop dose of heavy rock ‘n roll – time for me to give my throbbing eardrums a break with something a little more melodic. Enter Astronomique and their new single, “The Shape You Take.”


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Album Review – Linchette Marcel

linchette-marcelThere is some really good rock ‘n roll coming from countries other than America right now, with much of it  from Eastern Europe. The Lithuanian duo Linchette-Marcel just dropped a 4 song EP that proves that point. The band comprises a little of everything that makes rock so good. It’s a little prog, a little trashy, a little grunge, and a little glam, but rocks pretty hard all the same, forging a distinct sound.

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New Chili Peppers Music

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to release their first album since 2011 and today we get our first taste of the new title track with the official debut of the catchy new single “The Getaway” which is provided in the Youtube audio clip below.

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Heaven’s Jail – Widow’s Work – Album Review

New York has a quintessential rock sound. It’s provocative, sexy, and witty, with a humor not found anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s Lou Reed, The Ramones, TV on the Radio, or any other of the menagerie of bands, from hip-hop to metal, you can point it out and hold it on a pedestal, or dissect it under a microscope and never find what it is that makes it from New York…. It’s just there.

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Grit, Glory, and The Magic Lightnin’ Boys Stealin’ Thunder

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys combine grit, glory, swamp, sweat, and Aunt Alice’s cold lemonade on the front porch after a long hard day in the hot summer sun. After I heard their new record, Stealin’ Thunder, I jumped out of my chair, yelled “hot damn”, and called my grandma in Kentucky to see if she would make, and mail, me her patented biscuits and gravy, complete with heart-attack sausage grease.

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The Start of Something Good – Bad Reed

There is a wealth of wonderful music that has come from The Great White North of Canada: Matthew Good, The Tea Party, The Tragically Hip, and of course Rush. With that being said, some have come to see Canadian rock in the states as the minor leagues compared to the US. Not sure why that is, but it is…. And it’s just dumb. Bad Reed from Ontario is seeking to change that perception releasing a 3 song EP offering a sonically diverse and challenging rhythmic venture serving as a nice entrance onto the national scene.

bad reeds ep

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