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Imagine Dragons Release First Single from New Album

Imagine Dragons Offer New Single

Well, this is one hell of a follow-up.

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Our favorite Las Vegas Alt-rockers are back with “I Bet My Life,” the first single off of their forthcoming sophomore album release, and I’ll predict right now that this becomes their fourth #1 single (“It’s Time,” “Radioactive,” “Demons”)

The album is not targeted for release until 2015, but if this single is any indicator, the talented quartet has another smash release in the offing. On “I Bet My Life,” we hear Dan Reynolds and crew taking their identifiable sound to another level.

After starting out with a few seconds of chaos, it’s three minutes of hard driving pop rock with excellent vocals, boisterous harmonies and an addictive vibrant beat.

Vocalist Dan Reynolds explained how this hopeful uplifting song reflects on his relationship with his parents. “This song is about the relationship I’ve had with my parents throughout the years. At times it’s been strained and difficult, but in the end, ‘I Bet My Life’ celebrates the bond that we still hold on to.”

You can buy “I Bet My Life” here, and get a sneak peek through the video provided below.

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Fort Lean Releases Catchy New Single

fort lean

Cut To the Chase – Fort Lean

We’re a bit late to the party, as this Brooklyn-based quintet released EPs in 2011 and 2012. The received plenty of critical appreciation, but thus far, no huge breakthrough hits. That just may be about to change.

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“Cut To The Chase,” is the addictive first single off of their upcoming 2015 release, Quiet Day on Ooh La La Recordings. Ooh La La has a habit of mining superb talent from the New York Alternative Rock scene, and they’ve got an intriguing act in Fort Lean.

It’s a dreamy synth-driven hit just waiting to explode on the alt-rock scene. The track boasts an intoxicating retro rock feel juxtaposed against artful modern twists. They sound nothing like Milky Chance, but this song has that feel, and I’m sure the infectious lyrics and catchy hooks will be bouncing around in my head for weeks.

Check out the song below, and keep on the lookout for their 2015 release, Quiet Day, and if you happen to be in New York for CMJ, these guys will be all over the city as noted at the bottom of this post after the music link.

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Buy: Cut To the Chase – Cut To the Chase – Single on iTunes

Tuesday October 21 @ 9:15PM
158 Ludlow St
New York, NY
CMJ Official: Banners Showcase
admission: free w/ CMJ badge or $10
ticket link:

Thursday October 23rd

Piano’s @ 7PM
158 Ludlow St
New York, NY
Siren Sounds PR Showcase
admission: free

Radio Bushwick @ 10:45PM
22 Wyckoff Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Out In The Streets and Bushwick Daily Present
admission: $5
ticket link:

Friday October 24 @ 3:10PM
The Living Room
134 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Buzzchips and Myfreeconcert Present
admission: free

Saturday October 25 @ 3:45PM
Brooklyn Night Bazaar
165 Banker Street
Brooklyn, NY
The Wild Honey Pie presents The Bee Hive
admission: Free w/ RSVP
RSVP Link:

Hillary Hand and The Roseliers Dash Onto My Radar

hillary hand

Hillary Hand and The Roseliers Release New Video

This song is absolutely addictive and I can’t wait to hear what’s next from this talented fivesome from Colorado Springs.

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So, I’ll admit; although this Colorado-based artist has been toiling around the music scene for a few years now, I just stumbled across them this week. Hillary Hand is a classically trained pianist who just a few years began toiling around the local club and coffee room scene, and just drips with potential.

She released her first EP, Paper Doll, in 2012, and saw nice success, especially on the small screen. Two songs made it onto MTV shows, “Domino” (Awkward) and “Say Goodbye”(Finding Carter). More recently, a newer single, “Tameless Tongues” was featured on ABC’s Black Box. But I missed all of that đŸ™‚

The new release. “Run Like A Rabbit” is a synth-driven journey that is absolutely captivating. It’s danceable pop-rock that crosses several genres, and should be destined for regular airplay on Alternative and Indie rock outlets. Hand’s vocals are intriguing and authentic, and she boasts an impressive range. The music is nicely arranged, and chock full of mesmerizing riffs.

Check out the video below. While we wait for the 2015 release of the band’s forthcoming album, grab the single here on iTunes – you’ll be hooked, too: Run Like a Rabbit – Single

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Three Days Grace Release Killer New Single

Roland Wilhelm DSC_1351_V1_BB MEDIUM

Three Days Grace Release “I Am Machine”

Three Days Grace continues to show us why they’re one of the most successful active rock artists ever. This talented Canadian foursome simply offers continuous active rock anthems.

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This week, they follow-up the hugely successful hit “Painkiller,” their 12th #1 Active Rock single, with another song destined to reach that same impressive pinnacle.

“I Am Machine” is the second straight highlight offering from their forthcoming album release, expected to hit the streets in March, 2015. Judging from these first two singles, we’re in for one hell of an album.

The new release is available now on iTunes here: I Am Machine – Single; and you can check out the video below.

Neil Sanderson offers up: “Sonically, we wanted to create a ‘machine-like’ sound in parts of the song. We were inspired by the images from the opening scene of Tim Burton’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’…relentless machines turning and churning, never ceasing to operate. Lyrically the song is about how sometimes you feel like you are in an endless routine and cannot escape. Every day seems the same. No freedom from the vicious cycle that your life can sometimes become…no control, you begin to feel numb to the world around you, as you yearn to just feel anything, any emotion.”

The song was co-written by the band, produced by Gavin Brown and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. Three Days Grace re-teamed with Gavin Brown, who produced the band’s platinum-selling 2003 self-titled debut album. “We went back to our roots a bit and recaptured that collaborative feeling of being in a band and bringing out the best ideas in each other,” says Sanderson. “Gavin was a huge part of that in the beginning and we feel like we’re back in those days where we’re high-fiving each other with guitars in our hands.”

Check out our live concert photos here: Three Days Grace

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